Solomon: Pallister is ‘blaming the victim’ after his government’s failed COVID-19 response


  1. Come on, Premier Lieister is a fine, upstanding politician.

    Wait, I may have misspelled his name. Sorry about that.

    1. Yes, because the Marxist Liberal running Canada right now is so competent…… a competent criminal.

    2. Yep, the Prime Minister certainly doesn’t have any responsibility for the Covid outcome in Canada…..πŸ™„

      Trudeau supporters are so dumb, it’s unreal.

    3. True story. Always blaming the victim. Level 2 consciousness is not able to take responsibility for their own mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault.

    4. @glenn hankins Well said . The Commie hack Turdeau & his McGill frat girls have to go yesterday .

    5. go to my ABOUT pageLink #14… while everyone was distracted by this nonsense, it was passed in parliament that Canadian elections are now suspended indefinitely… WelcomeToCommunistChina… say goodbye to your lives

  2. raging dissident11 on youtube 7pm central live canadian patriots great info live every mon wed and friday great info see youu there

    1. Pure nonsense nothing to it everybody blaming . L.o.l. oh nust breath . It boring .yes but . Wait and see. Covid got TENTACLES. L.o.l.

  3. Just keep washing and cleaning and keep your home’s safe! 8 more months and we will be out of this mess!

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