Solomon: Political squabbling over CERB changes is ‘an embarrassment’ during COVID-19 pandemic


  1. theres allot of companies that are having problems getting workers too come back because they are getting more collecting the CERB than going back too work.

    1. Majority of provinces’ minimum wage FULL TIME pays more than what CERB gives out. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

    2. Preston Fontana yup those companies have no right complaining. Pay your workers better and they will actually have incentive to come back.

    1. Exactly, I say cancel the wage and rent subsidies for businesses, cancel the ridiculous forgivable loans, heck cancel all corporate bail outs, including bail out for the oil industry.

  2. Government shall never give out free money. Give the unemployed loans rather than free money.

    1. Agreed, give the free money to the teachers staying at home, half the government works drinking beers at home. but those private sector scumbags need to suffer. Hand out money to companies and government works! O sorry that is business as usual in Canada.

  3. The bloc weighing in on CERB is a joke, can we equalize transfer payments so Quebec doesn’t get a CERB handout more than 2k per citizen every month on top of the normal funding provinces get.

  4. According to Evan Solomon, all opposition parties should just agree with the Liberal minority government, they just gotta.

  5. Pippen enters the comments………
    Pippen: What about CERB?
    Aragon: you’ve already had it.
    Pippen: we’ve had one yes, what about second CERB?

  6. i like to them to stop doing it just over with okay guys and no more covid-19 and donig okay.

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