'Solution in search of a problem': Smerconish looks at Georgia election law 1

‘Solution in search of a problem’: Smerconish looks at Georgia election law


In the wake of President Biden's win in Georgia and the flip of both its Senate seats, Republicans in Georgia passed a far-reaching overhaul of the state's election laws. CNN's Michael Smerconish speaks to Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein about the details.


  1. Obvious GOP is sick of losing majority votes so they have to suppress votes so their minority can win. They are hypocrites since how did they get elected on rigged elections?

    1. It’s not that hard to get a ID dude you literally need it for every alcohol purchase so what is your point here u show up to the pulling place pull out your Georgia ID that has your address on it and you fucking vote

    2. Who wants to get rid of electoral college to increase their votes? Who wants to add DC and Puerto Rico as a state to increase their votes? Who wants to allow people without IDs and signature verification to vote? Who wants to allow 16 year olds (who mostly vote Democrat because they’re young and stupid) to be allowed to vote? Get out of here with your rigged election BS. Also, notice how Dems don’t bring up getting rid of the electoral college right after they won the election under that system? Odd….

    3. What makes you think that people
      Who voted Republican may not have had voter ID ? Are you saying that people who don’t have ID only vote democrat? Makes no sense what your saying

    4. @N W I’m saying that people on the left are the only one complaining about the ID nonsense. I don’t care what party you vote for. If you don’t have an ID you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    1. @J S this is a non issue. People have IDs, they just didn’t ask for them. For some reason white people think that black don’t have IDs. It’s a racial stereotype and nobody seems to know where it came from.

    2. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya the people who watch CNN and similar news, don’t base their entire lives and personalities around it like FOX viewers. It’s not treated like an all knowing God. You people seem to pray to your tvs and Trump. And at least CNN(unlike FOX) hasn’t had to admit that they don’t actually report news and it’s just for entertainment purposes only.

    1. @Pixxie Twitt Yea. None of those things are real. The antichrist? You may be exaggerating a little huh? Get a grip. You are diluted af.

  2. We are going to do a full audit, oh wait my son in laws car exploded, never mind we arent doing an audit.

  3. Funny how the rest of the “civilized western world”, has figured out how to vote…
    But America (some parts) are still stuck in the eighteenth century.
    How in hell you managed to put a man on the moon is truly astounding.

    1. @Bass INC a lefty making gay jokes …..
      What’s next telling me go back to your own country………

    2. @NumberLover i voted in person. Trump slaughtered biden at the poles. Good thing biden has a good mail support. So who puts those votes in. Poles wanted trump. If im demo id change it. Seems you did. In person votes you cant change. Trump was right. If everyone voted in person trump would have took 40 out of 50 states. Dont worry biden is passing a law to allow everbody including immigrants and people in prison to vote for demo. Gotta take advantage of the 50/50 passing laws instead of bipartisan 60/40. Once demos change laws they will get it changed from 50/50 to 60/40. 2022 demos wont have contol anymore. Change everything to get around law

    3. @charlie golden Trump only beat Biden in polls done in places that Dems don’t go or by people that they don’t watch. Biden had a huge lead according to over 90% of networks that had at least the occasional Dam viewer. The only way that the GOP will last is by changing laws to allow them to pick who won even if they didn’t(like Texas now). The country is becoming more blue, and Trump helped to speed that up. Mist Republicans don’t want to be seen as mentally deficient racists who are in a Trump cult that cares more about what Trump than the Jesus.

  4. 1,851 comments out of 2,015 on this comment section as of 10:56 am Pac time are talking some sort of crap to CNN about how terrible that are…

  5. Don’t worry Stacey could care less about any of these regulations she is just gonna work harder to make sure everyone is ready to vote! Good luck GA!

    1. @Helen Smith You are absolutely correct! Kemp should’ve been required to leave GA Secretary of State (overseeing state elections!) BEFORE running for Gov.
      Was crooked as all hell.
      This should have been included in the “corrections” laws recently passed.

    2. @Deb Well NO Deb Well…YOU present your “evidence” …nobody’s going to chase a wild goose just because what YOU say…
      “look it up”…yeah….ha ha to you

  6. They keep talking about food and water , I have never seen folks handing out food and water

    1. @nosuchthing8 your right and if you spent 8 hours in line you should have brought your own food and water , next time bring your babysitter with you

    2. @D G water would only be an excuse to ask you to vote for their candidate, because where I vote nobody is allowed to come close to you while in line. Bring your own water, just as when you go to the gym.

  7. Bangladeshis in the moment of need of this military rule
    The overall situation in Bangladesh is very bad. Send a blue reporter to Bangladesh and collect news on an urgent basis.Bangladesh is in a terrible situation now

  8. Director James Mangold (“Girl, Interrupted,” “Logan”) tweeted Friday, “I will not direct a film in Georgia.”
    CocaCola, Homedepot, … speak up.

    1. @Mark Simpson Thank you for saying that, especially since cancel culture was invented by the very people who complain about it; enter the Republican Party. White conservatives are the real architects of cancel culture. Here are a few examples: Black Lives Matter movement, the world health organization, blue states, Democratic governors, USPS. If that’s too recent for anyone to want to accept let’s start at the very beginning.
      The Salem Witch Trials, the Confederate States of America, Jim Crowe Laws, injustice against the LGBTQ community, Interracial marriages, Kathy Griffin, Taylor Swift…etc. I’m glad you called it out.

  9. Smerconish: “I don’t want fraud.”
    Rabid MAGA (1.2K downvotes at last count): WE WANT ELECTION FRAUD!

    1. Smerconish is a ridiculous little septic tart spiraling into brimstone eternal with all the brainwashing disinformants

    2. . . Let’s talk about record breaking democratic corporate beast system election fraud and the serpent judges posing as human in the Supreme Court gutting humanity from the inside after the issue of all the fake KOVID tests allowing the serpent bloodline to exterminate humanity through lockdown that they orchestrated for full beast system Demonic tyranny while they exterminate humanity thru assorted genocide programs.
      You’re not invited to the puppeteer ped 0 phile party, sucker, wolves eat other wolves in the demonic cycle of chaos

    3. So, did you spray paint the kiddie pool the same color as your hair after endless reruns of Inside Edition?


  11. You hit the question on the head, why do we have long lines to vote? Eliminate the opportunity for line warmers by eliminating the long lines. Should it really take hours to vote? That’s the issue we should ALL be pushing.

    1. @Private jen why cant everyone just be giving a voting ID because they want to have everyone vote with a driver’s license but what if you don’t have a driver’s license.

    2. @Cathy W some people have to take the whole day off work and take a bus to the voting center

    3. @mathman43 They changed Election Laws AS A RESPONSE TO A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Whether or not anyone AGREES with the severity of the pandemic, fact of the matter is that for some states their situations dictated that they find safer ways to hold their elections for their constituents. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what YOUR solution would have been? Don’t give me an opinionated answer stemming from a political bias. I want know a viable solution YOU could have enacted in time and successfully for our most recent Election.

    4. @charlie golden How exactly are identities verified for EACH State? My state allows me to vote by showing my Driver’s License and I’m good. How does one verify that my physical face is supposed to be me? Do they reference physical data from my last doctors visit, like height, weight or ethnicity? Do they have an updated photo database to compare features?
      The kind of things you’re asking for means that PRIVACY would be all but eliminated. At which point would it be sufficient for a Republican to feel as if a complete strangers identity is rightfully theirs? After DNA has been taken and tested against a non-existent Federal Database of voters? That’s 50 databases that would be ever changing with deaths and birthdays of old and new voters. That would also require we as Americans to give all identifying information of ourselves to our government before we are allowed to vote. Is that a Constitutional Crisis that YOU can solve?

    1. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
      +•1•6•4•6•5 •1 •3•5•6•2•1
      B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H….. .. … ..

  12. Georgia had 3 recounts and trump** lost all 4 times… He lost the first count and all 3 of the recounts. What a loser.

  13. America going around the world fighting killing in other countries and losing Americans in the name of democracy but killing American demogracy the the definition of arrogance and stupidity ooh my good God

  14. You disenfranchise more than two hundred thousand genuine voters if unidentified ballots are allowed to be counted.
    Places like Georgia need to get their act together and update their electoral rolls while they’re at it.

  15. Ban coca cola. McDonald’s, Carl’s jr. and any other group that makes $$ of it.hit them where it hurts

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