Some Americans feel pain at its most extreme — or not at all. | USA TODAY


    1. ​@First Last if you really got pain then the medicine is just doing it purpose and not bad at all I never felt high or anything even that I had many strong medicine, is when use it in wrong purpose it is bad, my nerve pain doctor told me this, have spinal cord injury. but sadly as doctors at another place accused me for be drug addict and even to give out to others, which I never would do, I choice stop have medicine. horrible doctor we got here in Sweden hope yours are better because my life been horrible since then

  1. Chronic pain affects every aspect of a persons life. It makes family and friends leave you to deal with your pain in your own while going on living normal lives. Doctors don’t believe you in the amount of pain that your in. Addicts that make people desensitized to them and chronic pain sufferers.

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