Some Black and Latino Americans remain hesitant to take a Covid-19 vaccine 1

Some Black and Latino Americans remain hesitant to take a Covid-19 vaccine


America's history of racism in medical research and a lack of trust in the federal government is making some Black Americans and Latinos hesitant to take the coronavirus vaccine. CNN's Jason Carroll reports health and community leaders fear vaccine hesitancy could result in some not being vaccinated as Covid-19 continues to batter their communities at disproportionate rates. #CNN #News


  1. I wanted to hug her. I know what she is going through. Especially the kidney stuff. 14 years on hemo-dialysis right here and yes, most of us are Native American or Black.

    1. @bngr bngr absolutely. And if you have a transplant team (even if the kidney is no longer because of rejection meds) contact them too. Reach out! And Good Luck!

    1. @Sociopathic Rich Socialist It goes beyond race. Illuminati is very real, & that vaccine is probably the mark of the beast. Ya know, Revelations.

    2. Damn right…you can never trust your government].. Russia never set a nuke off over america we did hundreds of them..

  2. I am not worried about it. We are pretty down in the list anyway. I hope there are vaccines left when its our turn

    1. Don’t worry. Obama, clinton, and bush have will have it taped. Lets pray nothing happens to obama. The rich white men can on the other hand-

    2. 99.6% Will be fine without it. You should look into the reality here. Vaccines take 10+ years to make. This one took months and no proper testing. Also ferrets got anti-bodies, but once they exposed them to Covid-19 they died.

  3. I work in healthcare and I’m not taking that crap. They want you to take a drug approved by CDC? Same CDC that let this crap get out of control in the first place? No thanks.

  4. It’s because we know better, we definitely know how it feels and what it means to be a guinea pig for a lot of things in the past and most of us have learned our lessons.

  5. This black woman does not speak for everybody God and the Lord have nothing to do with this believe your enemies when they show you who they are.

  6. The problem is, if they give it to the first line workers like the hospital staff, then if something goes wrong with it then there’s nobody to help keep us healthy!

  7. #diaperdon claims HE directed and created the vaccines himself. That alone should make one hesitant to take them.

  8. Trump pushed so hard to get these vaccines before the election-how can we trust he didn’t force the scientists to cut corners?

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