Some GOP Senators ‘Worried’ About Personal Safety If They Vote To Convict Trump | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Some GOP Senators 'Worried' About Personal Safety If They Vote To Convict Trump | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


    1. Like this reporter says herself even if they brave enough they’re still wouldn’t be enough numbers to convict….Only reason these senataors leak to the press under cover is this classic drip feeding to media to make parts of the GOP at least appear human & moral…which they never were but always use the ‘but for our fear of Trump’ argument like we’re meant to feel sorry for what a usually alreadly wealthy but self serving career politicans who love nothing but power at all costs

    2. @Charlie yeah. Anyway, their self interest isn’t even in the party’s interest. Trump has a large base, but not quite large enough to win swing states as was proven in the last elections, and the latest antics will alienate even more moderates from the party. The spineless jellyfish cling on to him to avoid being primaried, and that might well keep them in power for solid red states, but since Trump’s influence will trigger a strong turnout to vote against him, it will just keep federal power out of GOP hands for that much longer.

    1. Don’t republicans all have guns though. Why so afraid. Maybe Eugeen Goodman should be president he has more balls than all of them.

    1. @T D We all want to be decent people in these indecent times. But violence is looking more and more like the answer. We certainly can’t continue to allow one side to resort to violence while we keep trying to do things the right way. We may have to fight fire with fire.

    2. Nothing will happen an acquittal is what should have in fact never shouldn’t be impeachment , F Democrats and this BS !

    3. @Kevin no, violence has led to more change than anything not necessarily solving problems. As a “history teacher” you should know the difference and should teach your kids the difference too…

    4. @Kman8962 I’m not saying bend over and take it, but no terrorism like they’re doing is never ok and will be dealt with now that we have a real DOJ. Today numerous trolls who actively spread disinformation were arrested in the US, and I imagine many in our allies borders might face similar prosecution from their own coutries for acts of espionage.

    5. @kraken Stomp I’m sorry you think throwing a coup was ok, this was about getting Republicans on the record so in a couple years they have to explain why they stood up for a president inciting an insurrection and even bigger for history to reflect what happened…

  1. The historical characters in JFK’s Profiles in Courage were prepared to take such risks. Today GOP Senators show absence of balls and backbone. Profiles in cowardice.

    1. The irony is, the only GOP leader with the balls to stand up to 45 was Cheney, who literally didn’t have balls.

    1. @Helene Flamand My point is mass media conglomerates pushed a fairy tale about mobs beating a man with a fire extinguisher, and the truth is now out that coroners dismiss that as false, and say there was no evidence of physical harm from outside sources to his body. What’s the point?? The point is people are fed lies time and time again, and they brush it off as “So, what? What’s the point?” Hilarious when people actually want to be sheep and feel no outrage at being manipulated.

    1. Words have consequences. If you tell a person in a bridge to jump and that person gets killed, you are responsable for murder!!! Fight Fight fight old videos is the only defense of Donald Trump’s lawyers???? Non of those “Fight Fight fight” Old Clips led to a Terrorist attack on capitol Hill and dead people!!! Words have consequences and we are here to punish those who put gasoline words on a fire…and conspiracy dude Alex Jones was there in the crowd on the 6th doing his evil speech to get people angry.

  2. Why would they be afraid of the maga cult mob? I thought their whole defense is that there was no violent mob. 🤔😅😂🤣

    1. The violent right wing extremists all voted for them.
      They are representing their constituents.
      Any of these Republican senators that tell you they don’t stand for bigotry, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia, are straight full of bs.
      That’s exact what they stand for and they would not have gotten elected without it.

    1. Totally, Benjamin. Whatever food they buy with the money they corrupted themselves to keep should choke them. The disrespect for the people that died and were terrorized is staggering. So, MAGA wins. Geez…maybe go after the terrorists like they did on foreign soil. If MAGA wants to play rough, oblige ’em.

    2. @Rodney Caviness Many midwestern states don’t seem to mind.
      McConnell won in a landslide against a courageous articulate smart woman at the last election.

  3. If you lack the courage to discharge your duties without prejudice fear or bias you should resign… They won’t, because they have no integrity left…

    1. Its the failure to act that has resulted in almost half a million lives lost, catastrophic economic suffering and a national debt exceeding the entire US economy.
      Republicans in Congress are completely responsible for the death and suffering their lying orange puppet has brought to America. He showed us all exactly what he was five years ago. He’s never going to change.
      He was impeached a year ago and they kept him in there.
      Show up to vote in every election.
      Vote against every single individual who made it possible for him to occupy the white house.

    2. @kathi That would be one solution.
      If they are too gutless and venal to vote openly…they should quickly develop possible covid symptoms and abstain.

    1. Remember when Trump said he wanted “herd mentality” during the campaign? Well his mob is definitely making governing for the best of the country near impossible. The GOP has an offramp now, it won’t be easy but they have to tear that bandaid off and admit they made a huge mistake but the quicker the better…

    1. @Mark Flajsner So you are telling me Democrat members of Congress – who are targets of hate for the people GOP members are afraid of – are braver than the US Military.

  4. The sad thing about it is they had to fear for their lives regardless on January 6 2021. People of Color and black people live with these peoples threats everyday. That excuse is Lame asf.👿😡😡😡😡

    1. @marguerite Gastanaga While I’m not big on conspiracy theories, the fact that most politicians are corrupt and dirty combined with Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin makes your comment very plausible indeed.

    2. Right? And also, that’s what happens when you let someone get away with small things at the beginning, it eventually lead to bigger things. They didnt keep Trump in check and now look at them, cowering in fear and cant do the right thing.. He’s just throwing a tantrum they said, it’ll pass they said, just let him be.. And here we are.. If there’s ever a case for putting someone back in his place, Trump is that case.. They could of unanimously band together and purge Trump, that would of made the hard core Trumpers retreat. Anyways, that’s not the type of people we’re dealing with here, they’re spineless.

    1. May intelligence, reason and justice reign and predominate our politics , values and ethics ! This god if he / she / it exists seen either impotent or disinterested to do anything about it !

  5. So they are worried about their safety, but they won’t impeach him to stop this bs? If they do not convict him, a coup is guaranteed in our future.

    1. @kraken Stomp Unreal you have issues did you contract the Trump virus? Your brain turns to mush and leaves unable to think clearly.

    2. @Gary Barrett Yes the magic word EVIDENCE Trump and the crime family can not produce because there is no voter fraud.

    3. Nah just defund the police and call social workers to solve the problem 😂🖕🏻 Dems and the MSM are outspoken supporters of defunding the police when it’s the police that protect the little guy.

  6. If they don’t have the courage to stand up for the constitution and our country, they don’t deserve to be there!

  7. If they are worried about their personal and family life now IMAGINE what will happen if they don’t stop them NOW WHEN THEY HAVE THE POWER TO DO SO

    1. Good luck with that. To them it’s not about doing any kind of job or work, it’s about stuffing their pockets with corporate kickbacks as much as possible and abusing their power for their own benefit as much as possible and keeping their freeloading going as long as possible. It’s about piles of free money, that’s all.

    2. Like this reporter says herself ‘No one still believes even if they were brave there’d be 17 votes to convict’…The whole segment & only reason they spoke to her is this classic dribble GOP feed journos in a desperate attempt to portray the GOP as at least partly sane & moral all whilst hiding under the covers like cowards.

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