Some in Ontario are region hopping for earlier vaccination date | COVID-19 in Toronto 1

Some in Ontario are region hopping for earlier vaccination date | COVID-19 in Toronto


Beatrice Vaisman has the latest from Ontario, where some residents are region-hopping to try and get vaccinated.


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    1. @Agent 39 covid and the current grey zone lock down doesn’t allow Toronto residents to book elsewhere in Ontario.

    2. Yes that’s why the case count keep sorry because torontonians won’t stay put They should be fined heavily if they leave the area

  1. I thought Canadian Citizens have the right to live, work and travel anywhere in Canada as they please. Has this changed??

    1. @claudio Corleone The problem there is all the opposition parties have voiced approval for most of the same policies. There are no meaningful alternatives.

    2. @D W That’s not fair. A bucket of water can at least be of some use. Opposition parties, not so much, evidently.

  2. making a big deal out of nothing . here ill help you, i dont care if im the very last person in the world to get it. so ill not go anywhere to get the shot.

  3. Look up the charter of rights. Go where you want in this country, these idiots in government need to be removed.

    1. @Kris Gill Sec33 does not apply to mobility rights (section 6).. Is that how you see it, or am I missing something?

  4. Her reaction to the information is my reaction to the information until the masks are gone and everything reopens.

  5. I clicked on this video because I thought that was my shoppers drug mart. It wasn’t, it but looks similar

  6. You would think with all the dislikes they would stop posting on Youtube where public feedback is possible. But they continue, their arrogance truly amazes me.

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