Some Republicans Look To Have It Both Ways On Popular Covid Relief | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Some Republicans Look To Have It Both Ways On Popular Covid Relief | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow flags a political dynamic where some members of Congress work on popular legislation in order to be popular with their constituents, other politicians glom onto popular legislation despite opposing it when it was passed.
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    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords “America is the world’s” most indebt “country with the biggest wealth gap.”
      Fixed that for ya.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Really???? Reading comprehension is something you are incapable of?

  1. That’s always been how Republicans played the game. They vote against any bill that promotes economic and social growth, call it socialism, then, once it’s passed and their constituents benefit from the bills, act like they were the ones who brought the bill forward and voted in favor of it.

    1. @Josef Jerbils Ah, I see YT deleted my posts. That’s OK, you got the links in your notifications. And, that does not even matter. Anyone that know the facts and truths knows you are wrong. You will never fool anyone!

    2. @Gerald Berdynski Most right wingers would not know the truth if it was a rattle snake wrapped around their neck constantly biting them on the nose! :-p

    3. @netzoned And the vast majority of Democrats are Marxists with a totalitarian agenda. The fact that they rigged the 2020 election is proof. Open your eyes.

    4. @Sival Jinn What bills? the only thing that got passed during the former guys attempt at presidenting was a tax break for the super wealthy. The gop has no policies, Trump couldn’t even say what his policy ideas were for a second term. Owning the libs is not policy.

    1. Sounds cruel, but that may the only way to teach them. “Why didn’t we get any money?” Well, it’s because you voted for a representative who doesn’t want you to get any money. You reap what you sow.

  2. When there are crisis like the Covid one all around the world, politicians must unite and vote with intelligence and honesty. Be well and safe all of you

  3. Most of them have YT channels so why not pay a visit? Facebook go visit them there. Leave a message at their local and DC offices. Don’t rest on your rusty dusty’s waiting for Dem politicians to do it all. JOIN WITH SAWELL and REMIND THEM.

  4. What you really got to love is, how the last guy wants credit for the vaccine.

    Yet, none of his cult members want to take it!

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    1. @Harzard Freeman

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  6. If an emergency on the scale of Covid isn’t enough to move republicans to act as humanitarians,what is?Lawn weevil infestation at marlago?

  7. Hi Rachel Anne..
    Rachel, you made me laugh..
    Democrats, continuous public exposure of all of them(GOP)..

  8. We saw that in 09 when they went to ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate projects they voted against .. ain’t that supm.

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