Some Republicans Who Shirked Impeachment Responsibility Pass Buck To Law Enforcement | Rachel Maddow 1

Some Republicans Who Shirked Impeachment Responsibility Pass Buck To Law Enforcement | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow highlights Republicans who voted to acquit Donald Trump of inciting his mob of followers to attack the Capitol, but then went on to decry Trump's guilt and the need for someone else to hold him accountable. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Some Republicans Who Shirked Impeachment Responsibility Pass Buck To Law Enforcement | Rachel Maddow


  1. The buck stops somewhere over there, behind that mess of dark political money and dark political demagoguery. Don’t look at me,look over there where there is more light. I channel my pets ,now I’m starting to Channel the thoughts of politicians.

  2. I know McConnell’s face looks like it’s already been busted in by a frying pan, but I think the person didn’t hit hard enough.

    1. You should watch Spitting Image (they haven’t used Mitch’s puppet yet, but somebody has released his puppet into reality)

    1. Frankly, people should hold companies responsible even after that show McConnell pulled. His remarks do nothing to fix what was wrong with the republican party and they deserve no money for it.

    2. So, they would rather keep the big buck donors but rather show themselves as cowards, lackeys, weak, no manhood than do what’s right.
      Ok so money over morality and integrity. Such a sorry state of affairs.

    1. @KnightWhoSpamsNi not no more, they gonna be in jail ( 5-10 years minimum )and their guns license revoked. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

  3. They want rid of him but they don’t what to do it themselves. They want someone else to look bad and take him out. Then they will blame that group for removing him.

    1. @jaffar1234 Jokes on you you voted him in i’m just good with math. Out of all the numbers in the world they could have chosen let’s pick the one that adds up to the number of the BEAST. Symbolism

    1. At the end of the day, the only reason McConnell and the others voted to acquit is out of fear. Not of Trump, but of Trump’s voters. Yes, there’s actually logic behind the Republican leadership’s nevertheless futile madness of acquitting Trump even when they admit that on the facts Trump was guilty, which is what McConnell said right after he voted to acquit.

      The inevitable calculation the GOP leadership was forced to make is that they CANNOT convict and expel Trump from the party, because they cannot expel the extremists who are Trump’s supporters, because the party can never win again without keeping the votes of the lunatic extremists within the Republican Party tent. And it’s true, the party can’t win without their votes.

      However, what the GOP didn’t anticipate is that the centrist and moderate conservatives would haemorrhage out of the party because of the move to keep the extremists within. So the end result is exactly the same. It will be many election cycles before Republicans can win again.

      Trump ended up injecting himself as the Catch 22 factor, no matter what, if he joined and became the candidate and president, he would destroy the party either way. And it was anticipated by everyone during the primaries.


      Lindsey Graham, US Senator for South Carolina, May 4, 2016
      “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.”

  4. Mitch, I don’t want to hear you talk about Trump after you voted to give him a pass, just like the first impeachment.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Grim Reaper thinks he can talk out of both sides of his Turtle snap and keep on zigging & zagging, and the American People will not notice !!

    2. @Catrasho well, Lindsey did say that if they support Trump then the party will be destroyed and they will deserve it. This is just the beginning

    1. He has not changed his mind for a second. Everything he sad in that speech is just BS he does not believe in so just so they have something they can use to lure back the money that left. Ted Cruse and allot of other GOP senators are as equally guilty as Trump for the insurrection. Also if they had impeached him the first time non of this would have happened, therefor all of the GOP share blame with Trump with the exception of Mitt Romney and a hand full of never-Trumpers in the house. But the GOP as a party has failed USA and everything they say they stand for. It belongs in the trash bin now.

    2. Don,t you mean Moscow Mitch the Russian collaborator who is getting a Russian factory being built in his State for the release of sanctions on the Russian oligarch let,s not forget that little deed by Moscow Mitch.

  5. Portman and McConnell must think their supporters are idiots.

    Well, I guess I wouldn’t argue with them about that.

    1. @mario Dias Mitch is the worst. No principles. Only cares about power. Just as bad as tRump, but in a different way.

    2. @magat exterminator ~ Why is anyone bothering to post BS here? Biden won – game over. No lie or sweeping ill-considered comment from a GOPQ-NAZI will gain a following among anyone capable of independent thought. So, why do ‘they’ bother? Handles aren’t the same as a fingerprint and one person can have multiple accounts. We might be dealing with a bot. Everything that I’ve read is bog basic gaslighting intended, over time, to cause people to doubt what they know and evidence of their eyes. Rather than rewarding their behavior with a response, we might simply ignore them. Starve behavior and they get no reward.

    1. @bh2020 : It truly is a physical reality, and in more ways than one (think about how time really does feel like it has slowed down since 2016!). Most of us have watched in disbelief as the Black Hole of Trumpism has grown, being fed by the surrounding matter of lies, disinformation, fear, hatred and ignorance. Surrounding bits of smaller matter coalesced to form smaller black holes (Qanon, neo-Nazis, Oathkeepers, Proud Boys, etc.) that pulled in the susceptible, grew, and also passed over the EH.

      In November, 80 million voters managed to collectively nudge the trajectory of the US star away from the EH and black hole of Trump-style fascism, but it will remain a threat for a long time before it collapses.

    2. @Sonya J Amazing! What a great experience to make contact with a kindred spirit. I’m with you at every step. It’s been a long hard road to get here (through this pandemic and quarantine I made a personal study of quantum mechanics, music, and wrote a lot of political comments), and it’s amazing to have made contact with such an eclectic person as you. I hope our paths will cross again.

    3. @Sonya J PS Republicans thought they could play with fire… too bad for them when they find out that what they thought was ordinary fire turned out to be gamma ray radiation!

    4. @bh2020 : Ha! I read books on quantum mechanics for fun (Brian Greene and more recently, Sean Carroll’s latest 2 books…the idea of a quantum many-worlds multiverse is the most mind-boggling thing ever!), since my educational background is in medicine and therefore more biological-oriented science disciplines.
      It sounds like you have an insatiable desire to learn new things (to wit: I’ve just started teaching myself the programming language Python) and a curiosity about the world – that’s me, for sure .
      I bet we’re both a real hit at parties – talking about books and going down the nerd hole about subjects that cause most people’s eyes glaze over…and I’m a-ok with that myself!
      It’s delightfully refreshing to see comments from someone that isn’t a Russian bot or an ignorant mouth-breathing Trump supporter that loves to troll news sites.
      Perhaps if there’s any practical, large-scale manifestation of quantum entanglement, our paths will cross again! Take care, wherever you are !

    5. @Sonya J Amazing!! I enjoy watching the World Science Festival all the time! Brian Greene, Sean Carroll and others… I think string theory is leading the way but the fact that it rests on a theory of 11 dimensions and a multiverse is unsettling. The foundation that a vibrating string is underlies all subatomic particles is intuitively sound. But I think the reason why Einstein and others can’t find a unifying theory is that going from general relativity to special relativity requires a change of state (like that of from a solid to a liquid and from a liquid to a gas) and the math has to morph (so to say) along with the physical properties of the element. I studied all the sciences for premed but then took a detour into business and did two years of law. Later received a BA in the social sciences. Did some programming, made some web sites. Now I’m looking into quantum biology. Hey Sonya, visit my facebook page. Search for:
      B Anthony Hart. Don’t really go to parties… am more of a homebody. Take care and I’ll catch up with you later!

  6. Bla, bla, bla..They still haven’t held accountable the instigators for the deaths on the hill. Shame on the GOP.

    1. @Lillian Matthews NOTHING changes the FACT you have chosen party over country…period the end….your cred is gone.

    1. They are telling big corporate donors “we want your money” But, they want to save their president. We are witnessing the true faces of GOPs.

    1. @Red Dwarf Agreed. Constitutional lawyers, ethics philosophers and historians will love to pour over this for times to come. They will think the world went mad that day.

  7. They are all cowards. They are talking to clear their conscience. What a shame, they let a killer get away with murder.

    1. @Sun Dial I dont think anyone is loving McConnell. They are just loving the fact that you have one of the major Republican members telling the truth that most of us already knew.

    2. @Chrisgerald Byrd
      I’m actually an Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at Stanford and a part time Neurosurgeon at John Hopkins……

    3. @Raymond Turpin
      But you Liberal NEVER believed him before and called him moscowmitch and turtle face..!!!!!!….Now your TDS is showing just because he critisized Trump….such hippocrites and proves that if its anti Trump then you are willing to forget the past so pathetic and clear case of TDS…..

    4. @Sun Dial Its not because he criticized Trump but because he finally told the truth. I have voted for Republic and Democrats in my life. I am not a party person. I have an issue with Trump not because he was Republican but because his life showed he wasn’t trust worthy. His self proclaimed life of greed was enough for me. Red flags. Like demanding loyalty to him. His love of dictators. Remember his statements of being in love with a dictator that has threatened to nuke us on several occasions. How about that tax brake that Trump said would make his rich friends mad and wouldn’t benefit him at all? I am amazed that so many cant seem to remember those are bad things. When I watched him call his own statement from the day before, fake news, I knew he should have never been president. ect ect ect

  8. Mitch isn’t smart enough nor does he have any integrity. His wife wrote the speech and made him share it publicly.

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