Some States Nowhere Near 70% Vaccination Goal 1

Some States Nowhere Near 70% Vaccination Goal


Dr. Kavita Patel joins Kasie Hunt as President Biden's goal of vaccinating 70% of adults by July 4th looks increasingly unlikely. There are some parts of the country where there is still only 50% vaccinated and that's too few," says Dr. Patel.
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  1. Even if it does not reach 70% , I m very happy that it even reached close to 50% . If it were the previous administration it would have still been 20% with some more fat a*** people ranting of not taking the vaccine

    In 1 month , I think most probably it would reach 60 percent of the population which is very close to the goal given that there are many misinformed people roaming around in this country .

    1. @Tonito Rodriguez when one person kills over a half of a MILLION Americans, trust me teabaggr, he’ll NEVER be forgotten. This pandemic will be his legacy!!!!! Death, destruction and debt!!!

    1. @willy Joll CDC reports 33,224,075 cases in the U.S. If the fatality rate were .1 percent (as you say) we would have 33,224 dead. We have 596,625 dead (about a 1.8 percent fatality rate). A big difference to 563,401 Americans and their loved ones.

    2. @G lol you actually believe those numbers? Do you have any idea how many people have been sick with mild covid symptoms and never went and got tested

    3. @G also you clowns should go to other places besides your far left tv programming and you will see many people not just in America but all over the world think this coronavirus is BS along with the cure

  2. I am proud of Massachusetts, home of science and medicine. We know that this vaccine works and want to get back to normal. We were hit hard by the virus and don’t want it to exist. For those who worried about what is in the vaccine, you shouldn’t worry. It works!….

    1. What are the long term side effects of the experimental vaccine? And why should I take a vaccine that has killed people when I’ve made it a year without getting sick from this scary covid virus

    2. @willy Joll It’s you’re right. But those of us who got vaccinated by an experimental drug are like hero test pilots. We deserve to gather in public and get on with our lives. You can continue your selfish life in your bunker. Just don’t come out. Ever

  3. My state is doing okay. Like many other states, we no longer need an appointment. That’s kind of sad.

  4. Now I just go into stores without a mask and no one doesn’t say anything… You might get nasty looks but I’ve been vaccinated

    1. You get used to the looks. I’ve was unmasked and unvaxxed all of 2020 and into today, it becomes fun to see how angry some idiots become. Prime gaslighting opportunities! protip if you want to really freak people out, start coughing and using kleenex while walking around.

    1. Stay locked down, depressed, and juiced up. They’ll all stick to the fridge eventually.

    1. Here are the current stats from the CDC’s own website for deaths by coronavirus for 0-17 years of age (Years 2020- June 2021):
      Total Deaths All Causes: 46,240
      Deaths By Pneumonia: 765
      Deaths By Covid: 314
      Deaths By Flu: 183

      The total population in the US for children 0-17 is 74 million.

      Now why would you do this? There is almost no risk to those aged 0-17 from coronavirus. But you are willing to give them a new mrna technology that has no long term studies. Its never been used before. What happens if this affects them 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 50 years from now?

      Your children have not had their own children yet. So you are potentially doing something so foolish, that you can eliminate the next generation if you get this wrong. And for what? 314 total deaths over 18 months?

      Can no one even do basic odds making? Who would take such a risk?

    2. @Jennifer Cuddy I just laid out fact. Search “CDC deaths by age from coronavirus” and look at their own chart. I’ve done my part. My conscience is clean.

    3. @Frank Lloyd You don’t understand the field of medicine. I suggest you learn how this innovative vaccine actually works from reputable sources.

    4. @Jennifer Cuddy I’ve researched it. My facts above are 100% directly from the CDC’s own website. You do what you want. As I said, my conscience is clean.

    1. Seems to me like the South is leading the country right now, FL has become the model of what America ought to be doing – and I live in the PNW! I’m just jealous tbh, I wish my gov was as good as DeSantis.

    1. @Phong Nguyen But he’s absolutely right. Many people in those states who did get vaccinated may get covid because the vaccine’s only 91 percent effective. It was an ugly and evil thing to say. Very typical rhetoric from msnbc viewers

  5. Just look at the map… that speaks volumes …it’s like the state of California numbers would be much higher it Republican districts weren’t dragging now the numbers …

    1. Yeah… It pretty much breaks down to Republican v. Democrat districts. I simply don’t understand Republicans and the denial of COVID-19 — they prefer to believe a president who lied to them every day of his administration, rather than accept the science.
      I guess this is how natural selection works.

    2. @Peter L It’s those people that could potentially set us back to square one if a variant with resistance to the current vaccines pops up. That could happen anywhere in the world though which is why it’s important for all humans to get the shots.

  6. Go to worldometer and see all those light blue states are the same ones that are near the top in deaths per thousand.

    1. Yep. In Liberals states that have the most guidelines and vaccines yet STILL have the biggest covid numbers

  7. Please spend more on edumacation in the red taker states! We could have saved a couple hundred THOUSAND American lives

    1. Red States? You mean Traitor Confederates who tried to burn the American Constitution and destroy our great Nation.

    2. @J N-A Acting as if you care so much about the constitution when you completely ignore the tenth amendment.

    3. Just a ridiculously bad take by Dawn here, smh. Completely wrong in so many ways. Honestly, wow, its surprising how badly the education system has failed people like Dawn.

  8. Oh yeah Donald Trump got the virus in January and kept it a secret. His whole family is fully vaccinated and kept it a secret. Looks like they’re survival instincts are much stronger then are a lot of their followers

  9. Bible belt states — lowest GDP, welfare through the roof, under-development, last in education.

  10. My thought on this is, ever since pandemic started I’ve been wearing a mask not to protect myself but to protect others that I come into contact with. That’s called being kind to your fellow man or woman or child. At this stage in the pandemic, I’ve already gotten my two shots on moderna so I’m about to start going out in public around all of you that refuse to get the vaccine or wear a mask and I’m simply not going to look back. You want to spout all of these conspiracy theories so here’s one for you to spout. Have any of you in the last year taken say aspirin or Tylenol or Advil or Ibuprofen? If you have how do you know that those ingredients printed on the boxes are actually in what you took? They could simply be printing those on a box while filling the caplets or tablets or whatever with sugar to where you’re taking nothing more than placebos that makes you think that you got rid of that headache or that pain in your back or that pain anywhere on your body. A famous person once said you can’t cure stupid and I wholeheartedly agree with him. Maybe if they’re nice enough when you end up in the hospital on a ventilator they’ll make a free selfie for you as you say you don’t have a fake virus and instead say something idiotic like it’s got to be cancer or leukemia or yellow fever or small pots or measles just so that it will fit your own narrative.

  11. All you people took an experimental vaccination and watching the long term affects makes it POPCORN TIME!

  12. And when the red vs blue counties within the states are charted, the GOP dragging down the numbers is QUITE APPARENT!!

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