Some States Slow To Understand Dynamics Of Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Some States Slow To Understand Dynamics Of Coronavirus Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. I had to use alternative characters to type that because the j00z at j00-tμb3 have algorithms that delete certain comments. They dont want ₩#¡+3 people to communicate about what’s happening to their Г@©3 and their nations.

    1. @Phill M156 you mean the people making millions on this? I’m sure they’re completely honest

    2. @Phill M156 I never said anything about anything being fake. What I said is that while you are so quick to forfeit your rights, there are those of us who value ours, and you are trying to say we only care for ourselves, yet these rights that we fight for are not only for ourselves.

    3. Leon King I agree, never give up your rights. But there has to be some consideration when your faced with a virulent (more contagious than flu or cold). Plus a 2 week period where you are symptoms free but highly contagious. I’m not afraid of it, I just don’t want to spread it to my family or friends. I hope the same for you.

    4. Stupid is as stupid does. There is someone in the mirror you should meet, you two have a lot in common.

  1. The average American only watches mainstream news so you can’t have a real discussion about anything with most of them 😒

    1. Ruth Harris Never said that but you literally proved my point I’ve made about people downplaying ideas. At least I’m civil enough to respect others who disagree. Maybe you should learn to read and not make assumptions like a proper adult.

    2. @TovaShai Fox News lies far less fake then MSM. MSM has the gull to push every fake news story, just to attack the President. They are Kings of FAKE and BIAS.

  2. so you’re telling me that we get more cases when we start testing people at a rate much, much higher than we have so far? Who would have thought.

    1. The cases are already there though. The more testing we do, the better chance we have at limiting the spread that we cannot see.

    2. Right but they make it out to seem like “Oh no, we opened up and BAM! Just like we said!!”

    3. The ICU being overwhelmed doesn’t have much of anything to do with testing. You might as well test for IQ and the ICU will still be overwhelmed. Test for anything you like and the ICU will still be overwhelmed. Starting to get the point or do i have to type out again that the ICU is being overwhelmed. Smack…Mcfly…

    4. @eqgmrdbz an increase in testing ability and volume will show an increase in confirmed cases, as that’s the whole point of it. As more testing becomes available, more people get tested, more positives show up. Literally how it works…lol

    1. nateman10 Do you really think the old and sick can simply stay inside? Like us all, they also have jobs, they also have to get groceries, they also have to go out. What’s makes your comment worse is when you said “I’m not near any old people”, do you really not care about others? The fact that you’re just looking at your own family rather than thinking about the community, it shows how selfish humanity is. Just because your family is okay that doesn’t mean everyone else’s is. You’re willing to put peoples lives at risk just for your own enjoyment.

    2. @Yeehaw Partner That’s a very sweet attitude. I sure hope neither of u get this. We’ll all be fine, soon.

  3. Reporter: “we’ve got the largest epidemic on earth”
    The Black Plague: am I a joke to you

    1. @GamezAhoy You should really do some research on the bubonic plague if that’s what you think.

    2. MAAAAAATH TIIIIIIIIME! What’s 328.2 million divided by 101,000? I’ll tell you it’s not 25%!

    3. The quote is …………………..

      “we’ve got the largest epidemic on earth”.

      Which is in fact correct.
      Now if they had said “in history” that would be different.

      It is in fact the “largest epidemic on earth”.

    1. Defy Convention. Even if your figures are accurate, you have 350 million people in the USofA. Do the math, you will be looking at north of 800.000 dead by the time this flu 🤧 virus 🦠 runs its course.
      Have a nice day 😱

    2. @Defy Convention Again Wisconsin is 6 million of the 328 million. I think smaller population states carefully re-opening isn’t a bad thing but I don’t think extremely crowded and popular cities shouldn’t be trusting the people to make responsible decisions. Wisconsin is a very rural state. I’m more-so worried about states with tons of people in them or even worse extremely crowded cities.
      But I do agree with around you’re 2% number. My worry is that 2% of a big number will still be a really big number. It’s just there’s no actual numbers we can get to without effectively guessing for this topic.My problem with the 2% number though is how devastating it would be in extremely over-crowded cities like New York/LA/Boston and likewise places across the globe like London or Paris.

    3. @Thumbsupguy sure I hear you and agree, I’m just saying if you’re interested in seeing what happens when nobody is taking precautions watch WI’s numbers, though I’m sure there are other states in the same boat. I would hope densely populated areas like LA or NYC wouldn’t follow their model that could be disaster.

    4. @mrosenfeld7 Rosen Ya and there is good reason to assume it may be less, not more. It has come out that in many places non-covid deaths are being listed as covid deaths in order for States to beg for more Federal funding. The States are encouraged to make this seem worse than it really is, at least all the blue States who are begging for trillions of dollars while holding their people hostage and financially ruining them (I live in one of them, hospitals were nearly empty even at the very worst point).
      Out of millions of people in my State less than 2,000 ever needed hospital attention. At our city hospital they never had more than FOUR people being treated for Covid at a time at the worst point. Covid was going around, but almost no one needed treatment.
      My cousin and his wife work at the big hospital an hour away, she got sick (he got laid off temporarily because they shut down surgeries) and she was just told to go home until she was well again. No testing, no medication, nothing. My brother’s ex wife also got sick (she works at hospitals and medical clinics drawing blood), she was just sent home as well. Nothing was done, because the sickness is usually less serious than the flu in young healthy people. It is only more dangerous than the flu in really old people, really morbidly obese people, and really sick people like people fighting cancer (other than a few outliers, but the flu has outliers as well, everything does). It seems to be far less dangerous for children and teenagers than the flu. 40 seems to be the age where it becomes slightly more dangerous than the flu or about equal.

  4. I can report in Arizona, it looks like we’re wandering about like it’s before Corona ever happened.

    1. @Jay Morrison How? My town in Oregon is about 17k with even more just outside of the city limits. The highest number at the worst point in the hospital was 4 people being treated at once (not counting the veterans home that has it’s own medical staff). All of our deaths come from a single veterans home, and most of them survived including a 104 year old. Single digit deaths I’m pretty sure. And we were the first “hotspot” in my State. And people never stopped going out, half of the people have essential jobs because we do a lot of manufacturing, agriculture, and medical. I went out once during the middle of quarantine and people were still out buying energy drinks and such, no one ever wore masks, police never stopped people from going on hikes or never stopped kids from riding bikes near their home. they closed the trail heads, but then specifically said they wouldn’t stop us for still using them, they just didn’t want the parking lot filling up (because the State is run by tyrants and pictures of that would have caused them to crack down on us, I guess the parking overflowed at first because everyone went hiking to the same place to self distance). They told us not to go out if we didn’t need to, but that they wouldn’t stop us from doing so.

    2. Ugh…Governor Ducey put the kaybosh on reporting new numbers. Check it out in the local news.

  5. The re opening is great but feels different. I need a mask to go everywhere. On top of that its hard to even find good masks, all u can find are these cheap cloth masks from walmart. Anyone know of good places to get masks? so far i have found good masks on and but it takes a few weeks to get here. Stay safe everyone, have fun but be responsible as this virus is not fully contained yet.

    1. Expensive high grade masks are the only thing that will prevent you getting any dangerous virus. The rest are worthless.

  6. “This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.

    George Orwell, Animal Farm

    1. Orwellian, orwellian, orwellian. Blah, blah blah. All work is strictly voluntary, because mind-control hasn’t been invented yet.

    2. @House in Age of Empires II Like your voluntary work wit deez nutz on u chin lil’ bishhhh.

  7. People are looking at “doing the right thing” and they’re thinking, “Well, I need to go out and be around everyone else”, staying inside sucks. I’m going to go out anyway.

  8. Bruh what are these comments and replies, my brain HAS PASSED ON I REPEAT MY BRAIN HAS LEFT ME⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️.

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