Some States Unmoved By Trump’s Tepid Suggestions On Nursing Homes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Some States Unmoved By Trump's Tepid Suggestions On Nursing Homes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. This is one of the many problems with this Administration……they look for the easy way out. There is no solid direction coming from the top and that’s why these states have to make it up as they go.

    1. the big problem is every decision is filtered through “how does this ensure i’m reelected” right now it’s cause as much chaos so there is no election

    2. The governor’s made the decision. Why are they not the focus? Because saving lives isn’t the goal. Is it?

    3. How hard is it for governors to tell the hospitals and nursing homes in their state, “Don’t put C19-infected patients in with the demographic that’s literally the most vulnerable to this illness”?

  2. try to imagine what happened on 9/11/01 happening every day across the country with a new strike every day in another major city up until 10/11/01 wherein after 1 month a 100,000 Americans are dead and more to come. Now imagine the Bush Administration praising themselves at such a point!!

    1. @Just another day in the salt mine and think people thought Bush W would be the dumbest POTUS ever, the good old days

    1. @Hector Perez Trump says that states have the power. Then he says he has ultimate authority and will override states. He then says that its not his job and he takes no ownership. He then tweets that the states are screwing it up and should do something different, but gives no direction.

    2. I think he’s mad at the USA because of impeachment and he doesn’t care how many of us die.


    1. @David Hale they are. that’s why they say things like “I’m gonna shut down all social media cause they’re mean to me”

    2. howdareyou41 if they try and censor free speech. Like Twitter is doing then they need to be shut down.
      Those trying to censor free speech is the dictator not the one fighting for free speech

    3. howdareyou41 you leftist really are against the constitution and against freedom aren’t you? But you call Trump a dictator when he’s advocating for free speech and the constitution.

    4. @David Hale Maybe you should Google “Trump against free speech”… That way next time you won’t look so stupid! Just trying to help!

    5. Real American Hahahaha. So you think he’s against free speech as he’s fighting over his free speech with Twitter and joe Scarborough? Really?

    1. Trump has been told that if we get to a 65% herd immunity, it will go away! now we are at 10% maybe 5% we have no idea, cause no testing and with 100k dead, now multiply that by 5.5% and you will see up to 40 million american’s could die! So what trump is doing, is trying to do is get you infected!

    2. Killroy was here and we still don’t know if we develop antibodies to fend off the virus in the future, or if we do, how long the protection lasts.

  3. SMH .. Time and time again when are we going to learn this man don;t give a hoot about nobody but the poll numbers and his twitter and his votes

  4. Lukewarm guidance from the fed is Trump’s way of not wanting responsibility for the outcome.

  5. It’s staggering to know that coronavirus spread in nursing homes was a desperately serious issue in Seattle way back in early March

    1. It may have showed up end of last year. California had a really bad flu season.

    2. Imagine the intelligence agencies briefed Trump on a new deadly virus sweeping through Wuhan in November

  6. Trump gets tested each hour and the people that really need it don’t. So much effort keeping the Fascist Emperor alive…

  7. For every one thing that he does he does two things behind everybody else is back we’re all worried about this yes is a very bad problem but what about him releasing the state parks to be drill for oil

  8. If concern of residents was sincere, really sincere, caregiver in such places would not be the most overworked, understaffed, and underpaid.

  9. Let him play golf. Everything he does outside the course is making things worse and increases the death toll.

    1. He worked throughout the lock down. The democrats holed up and refused to come to work at all. This aversion to facts is why New York is dying. Along with most Democratically run cities. Appearance is everything. As long as they SOUND pretty, it’s okay.

  10. Republicans don’t care for our elderly. They volunteered them to work early in the pandemic. They figured they could get some work out of them and if they died that would less retirement payouts. Win/Win situation for Republicans

    1. Don’t throw them all under the bus:
      I have grown up with PLENTY of old-school Republicans who would never, ever vote for a man like DJT……don’t tell me, I know these people & they are not responsible for this shitstorm

  11. “Look these people are gonna die soon anyway and how else are we gonna trim the Medicare rolls?”

  12. That sound Rachel makes after 1:42 MEH!! is hilarious, playing it over and over…LOL

  13. If you met t’rump randomly on the street and talked to him for 5 minutes, you’d come to the conclusion that he needs to be in a elder care home.

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