Some turn down shots after finding out they will get Moderna | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Some turn down shots after finding out they will get Moderna | COVID-19 in Canada


Some Torontonians who lined up for a COVID-19 vaccine Thursday walked away after learning they would be receiving Moderna.

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  1. They turn them down when they find out they are unapproved unlicensed and don’t prevent transmission.

  2. Not a concern for me as I am turning down ALL the COVID vaccines regardless of manufacturer.

    1. @Jeremias Perez Clinical trials are not the same thing as true medical trials. You can have clinical approval and still have something thats considered untested by the FDA and HC. “Medical” skin care items come to mind when I hear the word clinical.

    2. none of TheVaccines are approved… they are merely authorized for emergency use; and it is a fact that Pfiser skipped part 2 of animal testing (m on keys), which is an ESSENTIAL step, meaning that they haven’t even completed the animal test phase, and phase 4, rare or long-term effects will not be completed until 2023, so until then — YOU are the m on keys

  3. They’re will always be new variants before vaccines in the end they wont be able to catch up

    1. it’s been long documented that viruses are capable of evolving far faster than we can produce vaccines for them, which is why the concept of a super bug has been long debated and still remains to this day, one of the greatest fears of the medical community, a deadly virus that has evolved to infect humans at a high rate and is highly resistant or perhaps even completely immune to all our current antibiotics!

    1. It’s not just their health, in this case. It’s not like them getting diabetes, or cancer, or something, this is something that _they_ will get, then they _will_ spread it.

    1. @Pickled Sausages cease your investigations, maybe the cabal won’t microwave you with 5g, WE’RE WATCHING YOU

    2. @E vod Game Hunter If you can’t figure out what is really going on, I suggest you should do some research. If you are capable of knowing what to look for, you might surprise yourself.

  4. What we are witnessing with this whole “pandemic” thing is the greatest social engineering experiment since the a certain regime in Europe during the 1930’s

    1. Of course. The VACCINEs contain dihydrogen monoxide, an industrial solvent and used in production of almost everything

    2. genetic engineering would be more accurate. expert millions to be dead, impotent or sick after this debacle.

  5. The American politicians and big pharmaceutical companies must be mad from this news. On the other hand, the Canadian politicians and institutions worry about what they think.

  6. They just found out you ran out of ice-cream cones and or lollipops to give out after they got it. 😆😅🤣😂

  7. I can hug who I want, see who I want… dont need the goverments drugs or permission to do so. Last time I checked I was an free adult, capable of making my own decisions.

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