Some Vaccines Expire Tomorrow: ANXIETY Builds Among Jamaicans – April 12 2021


  1. They need to evaluate the 14 year old’s history…its not a normal act…he may have been molested too. My God…nowhere is safe. Even so come Lord Jesus…this is too much.

  2. If I am correct, these vaccines came in the island last week. Were the relevant authorities aware of the expire date? SMH!!

  3. Throw out the expired vaccines!!!! Look how much ppl wanted it and was turned away because they were not on a list an look deh now. Now I’m even more afraid to go in because I may get from an expired batch… What are the side effects of that?

  4. How the hell these vaccines expired so quick and they are manufactured in less than a year am convinced that this things was already made and put down just waiting on this to be launched 🤫🤔🤔

    1. @Jennevel Foster i don’t know why people is trying to impress evil governments around the world by accepting experimental vaccines which isn’t prevent transmission or spread of virus.🤔

    2. Ok wayne Fearing so you just wise up. Always know that all vaccines, antidotes and medicines for a man made virus are always manufactured before the evil men released those various viruses. Spare car parts are made before any brand vehicle are released and put up for tests or sale

    3. @Chris Breezy Muzíc Just before the volcanic incident the Prime Minister was telling teachers and other civil servants he will not be able to pay them because they refuse the jab. The union had to get involved!!

  5. They are saying we should never buy or use expired goods 👍 and now dem same one want to give something that is expired come on what is going on

  6. If I’m not taking it when it isn’t expired, I’m gonna take it when it’s expired? It could expire likkle more… I don’t trust it~

    1. Dem wear dem uniform off the covid wards same way !! on the road with other people, in the supermarket!, banks, public transportations!everywhere. Talk abt superspreader. smh

  7. If I take this vaccine it cannot cure me from the covid-19 and it cannot stop me from getting covid-19 so what is this vaccine for??? Anything going into my body I need to know what it is all about

    1. @KeepMovingJa is these facts or is it based on your opinion? any way,it most likely be your opinion, bcuz you weren’t there when it was made,

    2. @KeepMovingJa That is why God gives me an immune system dear. It protects you from EVERY STRAIN!! the vaccines are specific. How will it treats with ‘other variants’? be sensible

    1. Because them lie, those vaccines have been there for years…set a wicked them. No medication expire so quickly…who believe their lies?

    2. @Delrose Brady the vaccinations have 6 month expiry dates because there’s only 6 months of empirical data as of yet. Like any other medication, it’s likely longer but they are unable to claim it because it hasn’t been proven yet.

  8. Oh so it has an expiration date and now they want to extend it I guess by using magic and fairy dust

  9. So basically when the vaccine expires it will still be valuable and usable.. How is that possible? I am 100% sure it says Good until : expire date/

  10. Nonsense Dash them away bout shelf Life they planning to kill off people oh my God.

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