'Something's not right': See tense confrontation between CNN crew and soldiers 1

‘Something’s not right’: See tense confrontation between CNN crew and soldiers


Eritrean troops are operating with total impunity in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, killing, raping and blocking humanitarian aid to starving populations more than a month after the country's Nobel Peace Prize winning leader pledged to the international community that they would leave. CNN's Nima Elbagir reports.

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  1. The scariest part of all this, they could have been killed at any second. Much props to journalists who risk it all to bring us the truth

    1. @Liberals need a slap well if you’d like to kneel and pray for the people suffering genocide in Ethiopia you go ahead, couldn’t hurt.

    2. @Michael Williamson you don’t see Fox News cowards going outside America and risking their lives for international stories. Fox is a branch of the Republican Party.

    3. @Hagg Bisquette your forked tongue is slithering 3 feet out of your face, demon. Be gone. God has disowned you.

    1. @Marcus Moser MARCUS… NOT EVERYONE is as cynicle or as depraved as the Trumpest crud that likes to try and CRAP on EVERY human emotion that doesn’t I evolve spewing Hatered or contemptuous retiroric for other CARING PEOPLE.
      Take HEART What they want isn’t normal and soon they have to slide back into the ooze from wense they came or THEY’LL dry UP and blow AWAY like all THEY’RE CONSPIRACY theories of a stolen ELECTION HAS.

    2. @Liberals need a slap, empathy is out of style. Considering other people’s lives is too inconvenient.

    3. @Marcus Moser that’s literally the opposite of what you do. You only have consideration for those who think similar to you. Period. So hook off with your self righteous attitude..

  2. The female reporter is a warrior, wow.. she’s a brave soul, may god protect you from harm so that you can continue documenting these atrocities..

    1. @Thyalwaysseek it gets exposed, makes people aware and involved.. you are wrong for thinking no one cares or does anything… documenting this is important, it’s a step in getting those people the help they need… we don’t know who’s gone there, or going to go, maybe by exposing this with force the UN, US to step up, or other countries…

    2. @Marian Lincoln It does do some good does it? Who do you think is backing Ethiopia and emboldening them to behave like this? Have you even bothered to go and inform yourself outside of CNNs little bubble or do you just sit there and wait for them to spoon feed you everything? Maybe you should go and educate yourself on China’s connection to Ethiopia and why nobody is going to do anything to help these people least of all NATO.

    3. @Workout Warrior It gets exposed so you can all virtue signal for five minutes before you move on with what selfie you’re going to post on Facebook or Twitter.

    4. @Marian Lincoln thank you, don’t know what this person’s problem is on this comment section but it’s very negative… I agree that it all starts with someone as brave as that reporter putting her life on the line to expose and document these things… the rest is up to the people who can go in with force to help these people and remove the threat…

    1. *CALL YOUR REPS!!!!!!!!!!* and keep the number on speed dial as everyone should, as is everyone’s duty! Do you know your rep’s number? if not, here it is: (two oh two ) – two two four – three one two one

    1. @Daniel Hostetler I didn’t mean individuals, but people that have the power to make a difference,
      Nah man that’s just not how the world works.

    2. @Yafet Surafel I know you’re right but you’d be surprised what we’ll placed publicity will do. However, im pragmatic enough to know that a long shot wish at best.

    3. @Finn MacCool Isreal has the most powerful military in the region. When your little brother keeps pestering you, do you beat the tar out of him or do you find a better alternative? Isreal needs to start acting like adults and less like children who get triggered at the drop of a hat.

    4. @Daniel Hostetler You only prove me right. You have no specific or definitive solutions. You are simply talking platitudes. You are simply interested in blaming Israel. Notice you say “Israel needs to start acting like adults” while you say nothing about the behavior of Hamas or how they need to change. You’re a very manipulative and dishonest person.

  3. It makes you realize how small American politics and infighting are compared to what these people are going through.

    1. what are talking about? lol, someone gets murdered everyday in my city, doesn’t make CNN or any national media.

    2. @Kenn Kenn EXACTLY!!! I was born under Nicaragua’s Somoza fascist dictatorship. When I listen to Trump supporters I want to scream, “You don’t know what you’re asking for!”. Watching Trump is like watching Somoza. Indeed, our country blew up in civil war when Somoza had a journalist a$$a$$inated. Trump hates journalists because HE, Trump, is the liar, the fake. Remember how, during the riots, men dressed in military uniforms took – ie kidnapped – people off the street without identifying themselves and without telling the people why they were being taken? Expect more and worse if Trump ever takes power again.

    3. @Jessica Sanchez Yep. I forget where I was reading the following, but the writer basically said that most people voting for fascists don’t think about the fact that it could be the last vote they’re able to cast if that person rises to power… The illusion of power given to supporters of these fascists/autocrats allows them to freely throw away their actual power… It’s very very hard to watch this happening in real time.

  4. Nima I would cover your back any day. Thank you for giving a voice to those that have none

  5. Extraordinary reporting by Nima Elbagir and her team, bringing out the truth with bravery and compassion

  6. Without the courageous work of journalists like Nima (and their crew and drivers), we in the west might never know about these things. Thank you, for your sacrifice.


  7. Sorry for your losses my heart is with these people, I don’t understand how humans could do this to others, they are the ones who don’t deserve to exist.

  8. these journo’s have some sand, impressed.
    Edit: brutal, I’m at least slightly heartened to see investigative journalism does still exist. at least some of the horror is getting spotlighted.

  9. This is madness, one can only imagine the suffering off camera. Miss Elbagir and her team demonstrated bravery and empathy in the face of death; Exemplary journalists of the past would be proud.

  10. The reporter, Nima Elbagir, is an incredibly brave woman. So calm, and polite, in the face of danger.
    That’s one tough lady. And the story she presents is, both, enlightening and heart-breaking.
    She should get an award, even if it’s only ‘Employee of the Month’.

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