1. It is so horrible that his own father doesn’t believe him. Really makes you think of the phrase “truth is the first casualty of war.”

    1. The why Putin sill in his Power … becouse more than 50% of russia … putin is hero and try to protect his russia …. that so stupid …and brandwash like that .

    2. Memory Malunga Jesus is the only truth. All of these leaders and their interpretation of what is going on is all propaganda.

  2. Not believing the western media as a russian is one thing, but not believing your own son on topics as serious as a war? That is just insane and beyond belief.

    1. You have Senators who were IN the building on Jan. 6th, trapped behind barricades, evacuated by security officers — who are currently arguing these days that the “crowds were peaceful and there was insurrection.”

      Is it really so hard to believe?

    2. @Jeff Tatus Not an insult, an awareness. We already know that education level is a pretty reliable indicator of earning power. 70% of the US economy (GDP) is in counties that voted for Biden and 30% of US GDP_ comes from Trump-voting counties. The more generally knowledgeable you are, educated, practiced at common sense – the more likely you are to be vaccinated and take prophylactic measures to protect your health, of course

    1. @Alex Doroshenk if you are from Kiev then you’ll know how unpopular the neo nazi branch is, look at the election results. And Russia invaded Crimea which violated the treaty first, Ukraine was more then in their rights to FREELY join nato. If Ukraine is truly free, how come Russia retaliates the second Ukraine makes their choice. Besides Ukraine can’t own atomic bombs, against the treaty signed with Nato. Russia invaded for 0 reasons besides greed and a grab for power. Also you really think anyone plans on invading Russia? They are a global powerhouse with nukes….even if nato was 360° around Russia, no one would dare. It’s all pointless and for what? No one wants this war.

    2. @Dave Waldon I can’t believe you traitor weaklings still think your opinion matters! 🤣

    3. It’s frightening how the only opinions of many American people are what they’re told to think. How come nobody seems to care American and British people are more likely to be harmed by the actions of our own government? When British people were shot in Tunisia and blown up in Manchester by extremists who trained in Libya after Gaddafi, why doesn’t anybody remember when the secret service whistle blower David Shayler told how Thatcher was going along with the USA funding Al Qaeda in Libya against Gaddafi? Or how Afghanistan wasn’t run by extremists before the USA were training them there against Russia in the 80s, and the USA didn’t care what was going on there after they helped extremists into power before 9/11?

  3. Jeez, that’s so heart breaking. To have your family not believe you’re in a dangerous situation when you truly are is just so hard to understand. My deepest condolences to all who are suffering from this war. I hope the truth reaches light and this conflict comes to an end sooner rather than later.

    1. @Strongimmunesystemman go to a channel you’ve never viewed. I recommend Anton Petrov. Leave a comment. Click on your avatar next to the comment. You will see “joined 8 years ago – 4 subscribers”. Below that you will see “On this channel 1 comment”.

    1. Nobody asked Donbass children how they are after 8 years of bombing from Ukraine. Nobody talks about the birth of a neo-Nazi state in Ukraine with technologies that allow the construction of an atomic bomb.
      now the genicide of the pro-Russian people is over … South-East Ukraine for 70 percent and pro-Russian. Ukrainian intimidated by the Nazis who are already 8 years in government and who have been financed by the United States .. Best regards from Kiev

  4. I am a Ukrainian and my dad is from russia and now he’s been staying in Ukraine in the west for two months and he yet thinks the Ukrainians bombing themselves. It’s impossible to convince him otherwise as he watches russian TV channels.

    1. @grace Or illogical fools who believe the mass media witch hunt about Trump. Have you ever seen a media campaign about a president like that before? The derision. The mockery. The truth twisting. The viciousness. Did you ever wonder why? Because the political and corporate elite wanted him GONE, at any cost. Because he couldn’t be influenced or bribed to do their bidding. He wouldn’t do the backroom deals and handshakes that would maintain their power and political influence. Because he openly said he was ‘cleaning house’. Cleaning house of the filth and corruption infested within the political/corporate system. THAT is why they needed him gone, and the reason for the vicious mass media smear campaign. And fools like you just lapped it up without a thought. Believed everything they said. Without a single “Hmm. There’s something fishy about all this vitriolic reporting against the President…”. You, my friend, would be goose-stepping along with the rest of them, chanting “S3ig H3il!”.

    2. I’m sorry your close relative has chosen to be that way. You could try pointing out that since the Russian “liberation” has been _decreasing_ the Ukrainians’ military capability, that it’s impossible for the Ukrainians to be bombing themselves at _increasing_ rates.

  5. As sad as it sounds that propaganda they build in Russia definitely works. My own father who also lives in the U.S but had grown up in the USSR and served the military there, just would not believe what is actually going on. No matter how much you would try talking to him just like Misha’s father in the video “no no no you don’t understand” is exactly his answer too. When you only speak one language and limit yourself to the amount of sources you get your information from, that’s what happens. Unfortunately my dad only speaks fluent Russian and only watches Russian news so that’s how that brained washed he became and no matter how much you try to talk to him he would say “no this is fake news too”. It’s very sad to see this happen, I personally still try to fight that and send my own father correct information in his own language in order to truly understand it but that narrative is so extremely different than what’s he has been listening to from Russian media sources that it becomes impossible to change one’s perspective about this whole thing….

    1. @Vit just be strong minded and grateful you know the truth. Prince of Kiev was a ruler whos dad was the first Russian leader and when Russia was first born. Prince of Kiev also killed his own brother to take over his land and expand. own family members killing each other, that’s how Russia was born.

    2. @Vit but like.. just think for a moment. Why would “ukranian nationalist” bomb their own buildings.. But i know i know, this is total 1984 level. the people cannot be blamed.

    3. Maya, SBS News in Australia has a Russian language broadcast available via the Internet and that may help.
      Mark from Melbourne Australia
      Just Google SBS News Russian.

    4. @Vit there’s so much blame on western media, when we have very little to do with this – other than NATO alliances

    5. @Queen Janeway if you say that to them, they’ll cherry pick a fact from some war America was involved in, to deflect from the issue at hand.

  6. Probably the most frustrating thing about spreading disinformation: families are torn apart due to some members believing people who they don’t even know instead of their loved ones. It saddens me to hear this guy say his own father not believing him, someone who’s actually there.

    1. Did you listen to the interview properly? It’s not that his dad doesn’t believe him! He CANNOT believe him! Not over the phone! Don’t you think that all call will be monitored to and from the Ukraine and the west?

    2. @Muttley71 you mean monitored by the communist regime? Putin? the leader who suppresses free speech? get fucked.

    3. @R B Well try the BBC or some of the international networks. French stations are reporting the exact same thing.

  7. my Russian parents finally believed me, it took them to be in Ukraine and being bombed to believe, but I’m sure when it’s over, they’ll find a way to justify it

  8. This is an excellent point this guy makes. So glad he’s doing this hope others catch on to this strategy to be the only truth their Russian relatives may have access to

  9. I believe his father and family believes him about what is happening in Ukraine, but there just not allowed to talk about it. Remember back in the early days of the Iraq war the same thing happened here in the US. If you talked bad about the war people would shunned you away. Back in 2003 maybe 4 somewhere in there, at work I was talking bad about the war saying we should of attacked Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq since most the people came from there and was fired shortly after. Come to find out later boss man had a younger brother over there in the war.

  10. I would have hung up, too, Misha. You have my sympathy! Such a sorrow and frustration not being heard, believed, understood and cherished. Please keep in mind that many older people often have trouble adjusting/ learning. They can become set in their ways and frankly thick headed. Trying to convince your father may be futile for now. Try not to take it personally though. It is an obstinate age thing. Hating him will only burden you though, not him. Forgive and move on, at leas tor now. Maybe in the future he will get it. The only person in this life we can ever change, if truth be told, is ourselves!

    A warm handshake to you.

  11. My great grandfather was a Navy man. He was a part of operation crossroads when they tested nukes in the bikini atoll. When he died of debilitating cancers including skin, lung, and throat cancer, my grandpa asked him if he thought it was the tests that were the source. He got really angry and said “Not my Navy. My Navy wouldn’t do that”. He had a oxygen tank and IVs hanging off of him like he was plugged into the matrix. Some people can’t even come to terms with these things. They deeply believe in their nation to a fault. My great grandfather didn’t talk to him until two weeks before his death over his devotion for his nation.

    1. national pride is a cognitive dissonance, but very human. same with the germans and nazis, nobody believed in concentration camps until they saw it.

    2. It’s not just the loyalty, it’s that other things are wrapped up in it and the mind doesn’t want to unravel it all. Your great grandfather will have cushioned the losses of friends and the actions he had to take himself with his duty, questioning it begins to pull apart a lifetime of surviving pain and maybe trauma.

  12. I know what it’s like to be told a different story about something you witnessed with your own eyes, by people who weren’t even there. it’s pure gaslighting. It’s infuriating, and frustrating. And it’s even worse when it’s your own parents who try to deny your reality by pushing their lie on you. I can understand a government’s attempts to lie because there’s an agenda… but that your own parents would rather keep believing in what they’ve been told by the tv rather than in what their own son is living on his own skin is beyond tragic.

    1. Trumpers on steroids. These ppl are hopeless. Cmon Joe, drop the N on them before they can, and I’m not talking about Joe Rogan’s favorite word….

    2. Both my parents are narcissists… I cut contact with them. Best thing I ever done. …. ✌️

  13. This man is correct when he says to tell your family and friends what is going on even if they don’t believe. I was in a situation where I was told something and I absolutely could not believe it. I was smart enough to know the person telling me would not lie but the other side of my brain just could not believe it. Every experience I had said this could not be true. Well, it was true but it took time for me to see it. It does take calm, and repetition and gentle persistence to sometimes get people to see what they just can’t see.

    1. @Mark Johnson Would you give money to support a corrupt government at that time? Why would you, especially if you thought that prosecutor wasn’t going to do his job well or at all? Was anyone sane going to do that? Sounds like you would have, though. But why? Or would this be you: Look, I just want you to do me a favor, though.

    2. @Kellie Kay You’re not alone. My story is similar to yours. It’s hard to move on, but you must at some point for your own sake and cherish whatever used to be good in your memories. That’s what I’m doing, anyway.

    3. @Mark Johnson Context dude, context. You cherry pluck a sentence or two out of the direct and relevant context – especially after so many other troll-breathed zombats have breathed disinformation into and around it, you plop it down all by itself – and even IF in context the factoid is ‘true’ it is still a bald-faced lie the way you used it.
      Here’s the context.
      Ukraine was a terribly corrupt country, thanks in no small part to Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort – yes, it’s relevant he’s a traitor.
      NATO and the rest of the civilized world agreed, the IMF agreed, no soup for you.

      There was no secret, it was not extortion, it’s called diplomacy – you want our help? Clean up your sh*t!
      Biden traveled to Kyiv as vice president and warned Ukraine’s then-president, Petro Poroshenko, that the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees until Ukraine removed its prosecutor general, *Viktor Shokin* , who was widely viewed as corrupt.

      The land of trumptardia tried to blow that up like an inflatable doll that would stand next to Trump’s actual EXTORTION and offer of quid pro quo – WEAPONS and CASH in exchange for a political favor directly related to trumps standing in the 2020 Presidential elections.

      It’s called false equiuvelency follwoing conflation of fact by removing context and l;ying by ommisions, or as ai like to call it, BULLSHIT

    4. @Tomas Pita I like your reply to this Mark
      “zombat” dude better than mine, plus I learned a new word, zombat, so thumbs up for that! I guess I’m older than a zombat!

    5. @Tomas Pita If your explanation is that long and convoluted you’re trying to fit a narrative to explain the facts because you can no longer deny the facts.

    1. The west is using ukraine. All of this could’ve been averted if NATO kept its promise to stop expansion. When russia expanded in the Cuban missle crisis US was ready to invade. Instead they agreed to remove soviet missles in cuba if NATO removed their missles from NATO Turkey. Anyone would do the same thin russians are doing. FAKE news will piss on your face and you will believe them if they tell you its raining. Trump was right

  14. “I need to remain calm and I need to help him.”

    This is a SMART man. May God be with you and your loved ones!

  15. Wow, this is powerful!
    Wonderful how he is turning the problem around, instead of being disheartened by the obstacles, he is making a difference.
    The Ukrainians are teaching us so many powerful lessons…
    Slava Ukraine!

  16. It’s so sad to think someone might have their last conversation with a loved one, knowing it could be the last time but trying to convince the other person that anything is wrong at all

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