Sondland Testimony: Clear That Giuliani Was In Charge Of The Real Ukraine Policy | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Sondland Testimony: Clear That Giuliani Was In Charge Of The Real Ukraine Policy | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) comments on the latest news in the impeachment inquiry, saying, “The White House went from ‘we didn’t do it,’ to ‘so what if we did? what are you going to do about it?’” Aired on 10/17/19.
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Sondland Testimony: Clear That Giuliani Was In Charge Of The Real Ukraine Policy | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Little by little people in Trump’s administration are turning on him………………………………………LOL

    1. @Trumpocalypse Rumor has it they already have, the house just has to present a slam-dunk case. It’s pretty obvious that he’s sinking and it will be a job-loser to keep supporting him, and the last thing republicans in congress want is to get a job where you actually have to do something.

    1. You point is? Giuliani was a former Prosecutor from SDNY so why shouldn’t he lead the investigation? Why didn’t Mueller do it?

  2. “I didn’t “
    To “we did , come and get me “
    Is Donald’s favorite Kindergarten game,
    To date!

    Red Rover?

    1. I recall out of of my parents mouths, same stated to my own and the echoin’ back to me….what were you thinkin’? Surely not common sense…..

    2. ‘so what if we did? what are you going to do about it?’

      3 point clue: It starts with an I and ends with an H.
      1 point clue: It rhymes with “peach”.

    1. @Richard Aylesworth Clinton won the popular vote, it was the outdated electoral college that put him in power

    2. @Biggus Dickus You forget that given a first past the post election that Clinton would be in power since she won the popular vote

    3. @Richard Aylesworth at this point I would rather have bill Clinton in the white house. And Hillary did win the he people’s vote by 3 million more votes than trumpy the clown president.


  3. Its a joke. Trump is a joke, he’s a disease imposing himself on the American people for his own gluttonous self interest.

    1. @Saltponds239 my bad… he WAS a federal employee who WORKED IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK *NOT DC*
      His “used to be a mayor” doesn’t mean a thing today except that’s when he got in bed with Chump and they’ve been diddling each other ever sense.

    2. @Niqole the Diva Q Like the depositions in private? Now isn’t that a Fascist comment. Ever hear of Due Process?

    3. @Niqole the Diva Q In bed with Trump – jealous? You do know that all Federal Prosecutors all fall under the Department of Justice right?

    4. @Saltponds239 ok, MAGA hat for your profile pic, enough said! I’m out! Now I KNOW you’re a teenager or have the mental capabilities of a teenager. Y’all only seem to be capable of contrary conversation for contrary’s sake. I should have realized when you brought Rudy “Gilligan” Giuliani into this. bye! Go troll elsewhere

  4. Top story of the day is the loss of Elijah Cummings. Top scandal of the day, anything to do with trumputin and his thugs.

    1. @Elisheba Mitchell “Joe Biden quote” ? And when was Joe Biden ever president ? What did Biden demand that all several of our Nation allies didn’t ? What did VP Biden demand that our InterGovernmental Organizations didn’t ?

      You ever consider doing some non Sean Hannity news research?

      Sean is an entertainer, not a journalist. Like WWE Wrestling is not an actual combat sport, it’s entertainment for your pleasure, Sean is not information for your expanded education.

    2. Well he is a crime boss masquerading as the USA president. The man is running a shadow government around the world.

    1. Your country is never going to recover from this. The world will simply not allow it. You have proven yourselves to be all mouth, weak and easily compromised. A classic bully, only bullies do not rule this world.

    2. @Danny Lynch Everyone and every country is redeemable but they must do penance.

      Look at the about face they did from Bush to Obama.

      They have to clean up the mess he’s made and start to rebuild their relationships within and without.

      Their country is ill and it may be up to the world to help heal it.

      We need to take stronger positions around the world and not just follow the US lead.

      We need to slowly remove the US dollar as the reserve currency so they can not use it against us.

      We need to put up guard rails for them not to cross alone without UN support.

      We need to end the rot and stall in the UN.

      We need to strengthen our social systems so we can impose sanctions against large nations and survive the punishment ourselves if they act up.

      We need to work together with countries that have been demonized by the war profiteers, are they bad yes but they’re also uncooperative because they fear an attack.

      There was a deal made with Iran proving they can be worked with.

      Russia had an honorary seat in NATO until we gobbled up one too many former USSR satellite countries and made them members but left Russia out in the cold.

      There are solutions for our problems if we stop looking at others as competitors and foes and start thinking of them globally as partners in this World Cooperative and stop using wealth as the only measure of worth.

    1. Yeah it’s a little hard to say that this man didn’t know what was going on.

      Those phone texts implicate him, he knew and the ambassador to Ukraine knew he knew or why would he bother to text him about it, he didn’t text the ambassador to Canada about it.

      I believe their is a money deal going on again so he doesn’t go to jail when it all comes crumbling down.

      Money got him in and his money will get him out, if he contributes the right amount to the right Democrats, that’s how they roll.

      Corruption even in the pursuit of Justice.

      The onlyone implicated that was clue less is truly clueless for real and that was Rick Perry (dumb as bricks).

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