'Sore loser': Trump says he wont attend Biden's inauguration 1

‘Sore loser’: Trump says he wont attend Biden’s inauguration


President Donald Trump tweeted that he won't attend President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. CNN's David Gergen says the move shows Trump is a "sore loser" and contradicts the message of unity the President released the previous day.

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    1. Would have been helpful if she used her anti-bullying strategies on her dumbass husband. Perhaps SHE didn’t care?

    2. I don’t care for her either, that woman cares about nothing. She just wanna to be the trophy wife of a boorish man, who cares, she just wanted to be rich.

    1. and how Many democrats did not attend his inauguration you all forget that.
      What did you guys Suddenly get amnesia.

    2. @Diane Ku l wonder how many times trump took payoffs while being President lm sure he took lots of money.

    3. @Cyndi Sherry Hahaha dust for Brains. Wow that’s so original. Shows your intelligence. Not even worth debating you darlin.

  1. When there’s no one to fight against we’ll fight against each other. – Ancient USA Proverb

    1. @Marina E yep… I bet Canada’s watching us like they’re an apartment above a crack den, right now.

    2. @Reid Elson You’re right but American land and her people are beautiful so i’m not letting some crackpot president ruin my experience of USA. Stay safe neighbor 🙂

    1. @ds loud rockerThe only good political related thing he’s done is that Biden has kissed a zillion babies

    1. @Bas Jansen Nope. I don’t watch FOX or CNN. Isn’t it odd that Fox and NPR reported the “riot,” in the morning at 9:30AM before it even happened? You are being lied to and you can’t even see it. CNN..FOX…it’s a smokescreen. Trump spoke for the American people..and all the congressional leaders despised him…why? He wasn’t one of them. If you trust Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and McConnell…you have been duped.

    2. @Shape Loomis Most people have a difficult time remembering policies 5-10 years out. They will only remember how he did on the world stage. He embarrassed the whole country. He insulted a handicapped person . He put children in cages. He reported he could shot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. He lied on his taxes and paid $750. He insulted democratic leaders. He embarrassed himself over seas. Rulers all over have said he is incompetent. He is divisive, mean and cruel. Not a moral person. Certainly can-be called a LOSER.

    3. @Monica Ambs Obama made fun of Special Olympics on Jimmy Fallon referencing his bowling skills…not one word from the media. The cages were built by Obama..it’s a fact and even Obama is on video saying that ‘We don’t want them and we will send them back,” referring to refugee children. Obama actually bowed to a Saudi King…(Showed the whole world he was submitting to a foreign power) and I could go on and on…OH..and sent billions to Iran..to further their nuclear program…which is a direct enemy of our only ally in the Middle East…and all of that is just from Obama’s administration!

    1. You know what happens to thing putin has no use for right…..it starts with.this old saying…..we are all gathered here to day…….sad….. I almost feel sorry for trump…….almost

  2. I like David Gergen. He seems like that sweet grampa that’s always happy to see you.

    1. I like David Gergen as well, a guy with a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to the political scene in Washington. And well respected by his colleagues too. Always like when makes an appearance on CNN.

    2. lol that was one of nixon’s goons back in the day don’t let his appearance fool you.

    1. @HARPO1ME
      As much as we wish for that to happen, America is still a democracy after all. Lifetime imprisonment doesn’t sound too bad either though.

  3. This doesn’t qualify as “breaking” news. Anyone with a functional brain knew from his/her own instinct that Trump wouldn’t attend Biden’s Inauguration. Whether you are (still) Trump supporter or not.

    1. You can’t use ‘anyone with a functioning brain’ and ‘Trump supporter’ in the same sentence.

    2. The higher ups are continuesly shocked, I don’t know why? Aren’t they supposed to be the intelligent and educated ones that can observe and foresee these things coming? SMH

    1. @A L Well, he probably didn’t have that much time… I mean, with all that golfing, dismantling democracy and invading his own country and all…

    2. Your full of hate. Look at what the media has done to u. They have shaped you into what they want you to be. A hateful anti trumper. But you haven’t considered into looking into Biden or election fraud etc. Or The New World Order.

  4. We need to stop thinking this man will be decent. He’s been who he is for his whole life. His family can’t stand him and says he’s a horrible human being.

    1. @Tracy Krease So the federal government has done stuff for their citizens? I thought you clowns were against Socialism. You don’t know what your values are, do you?

    2. @Tracy Krease Please get some help…either for your drug addiction or your delusional issues…I’m sure you have family that care about you…if any of them are still able to stomach the BS you’ve been spewing over the last few years…or possibly longer…

    3. @Tracy Krease Did what attempt to take their health care ,freedoms ,basic health .Dropped the ball on the virus and off set taxes for the future to make it look like he really did something for America.Then led a Sedation .Ya he will be in the history ya sheep! By the way Trumps economy was a trickle down effect from the Recovery act that he took credit for along with the VA that Obama passed! B Clintons economy was the best ever and the Repubs destroyed it along with a surplus ! Your the sheep period! Trump is a traitor wake up fool!

    4. @Justin Gates to be honest I’ve met drug addicts and they have more sense then this Tracy. I would guess see you than evengelical Christian

    1. It’s not going to happen. You’ve got an 78 year old representing America. Well done! It’s all has to offer.

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