Sorkin Breaks Down Economic Impact If Businesses Require Vaccines 1

Sorkin Breaks Down Economic Impact If Businesses Require Vaccines


CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how businesses requiring Covid-19 vaccinations could affect the broader economy as coronavirus cases surge. He focuses on the airline industry, which received billions in government bailouts but still isn't mandating that travelers get shots. "There's a huge opportunity for the airline industry to actually change the dynamic around vaccinations in America," he says.

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Sorkin Breaks Down Economic Impact If Businesses Require Vaccines


  1. Short term profits about making money now vs a little bit of pain in the short term to prevent lockdowns later on.

  2. What? You want them to do the right thing after they wanted to make human sacrifices to save the economy? “Do not make the cure worse than the disease” people lined up to sacrifice grandma, very eye opening.

  3. CEOs of America make the so call hard decisions to have all your employees vaccinated. You are paid huge amounts of money to make the hard decisions.

  4. He came to this conclusion after cutting the head off a chicken and letting its body run when it feel in a north by north west detection he knew what the nation needed to hear

  5. If there were an airline that would require employees and passengers to be vaccinated, I would fly from Pittsburgh to the Carolina’s to visit the grandkids. If not, I will wait.

    1. Me too, we’ve canned foreign trips till its sorted a lot of international flights it will be mandatory as per the US UK agreement but what about the staff?

  6. I was going to fly next week, but cancelled because they can’t guarantee everyone on the plane is vaccinated. How many people are avoiding travel because they aren’t checking if everyone is vaccinated?

  7. Makes sense why you they shut down a bunch of small businesses and allowed big corporations to remain open and flourish


  8. Hit them where it hurts. Remove protections from States and Businesses not following CDC guidelines and allow the American people to sue.

  9. Better for your employees not miss days sick with Covid, or worse making your entire staff miss time while sick. It’s basic economics, but conservatives don’t think sick days are a thing but also don’t support preventative care like vaccines…

  10. Are there any leaders left in the USA? I have the feeling, that the only man left in US government are women like Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney.

  11. Who’s going to come to the US and spend money if the US is a Covid infested cootie farm. You might as well have a yard sale in a leprosy colony

  12. Would have been better to give the 40B to minimum wage workers who were forced to work with the public all during COVID (Ie store, gas, restaurant employees) then give it to the stockholders of airline companies.


  14. Breakthrough infections are just as easily spread as infections in the unvaccinated. We are told that breakthroughs are rare but asymptomatic vaccinated people are not getting tested. There is no way to know if it is rare and it does not appear to be if you look at vaccinated people who do get tested. That being the case requiring vaccinations is pointless. We need to be requiring masks on everyone everywhere.

  15. I’m sure insurance companies will create clauses in their policies to ensure they don’t pay out for unvaccinated people. It’s what they do.

  16. Why wouldn’t anyone or any business would agree that everybody’s should be vaccinated to work for them or to go inside their business if they truly wanted to or help to combat the virus.

  17. “You cannot walk in my door unless you’re vaccinated”

    Guess what, Jeff Bezos gets even richer and small businesses shut down.

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