Sorkin On Corporate Action Against Restrictive Voting Laws | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Fulton County Georgia had 8 hour lines in 2016 and the reason why 2020 rules was in place they just over turned

  2. Glad to see there’s so many patriotic people who are standing against the voter suppression!! There needs to be more! Boycott Georgia!!

    1. @T. R. Campbell if businesses are depending on one baseball game then they were doomed from the start and the voters can clearly who it is that’s working against them so the only ones that all of this is glitz backfire on is the republicans just like every other time

    2. @Trenell I’m not sure it’s one baseball game. I believe a lot of fans might not show up for the Atlanta Braves games. Most people feel that there should be no politics in baseball. Some official from the Atlanta Braves said MLB was absolutely wrong in their decision. Even Stacy Abram and John Ossoff Understand how damaging this can bring. They are out now trying to put out this fire.
      The management of MLB, Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola clearly succumb to the pressure and propaganda. I think people understand that at least Delta and Coca-Cola do business with the communist Chinese. Delta MLB and Coca-Cola require identification to get into their stockholders meetings and even to pick up baseball tickets.
      There were a lot of people also who rely on the ballpark for supplemental income and I would guess the All-Star game was going to be huge for these people. Now they are left out. It’s not just the one game.

  3. They have already gone back on what they said and have started donating to the people who supported trumps lie and the insurrection

  4. If your small business depended on one all-star weekend in your area… Then your business has already failed. Free market efficiency at work right there.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I think this action is going to really backfire on Democrats because most of the people who need a second job at the ballpark or most of the people who rely on an income at the ball park are going to be negatively affected by this stupid action. Particularly when they understand that the Georgia law expands voting rights. The voting rights for people in GA, are much more liberal than the voting rights of the presidents home state of Delaware.
      I think Joe is getting some terrible advice from some of the people that he brought into his administration.

    2. @T. R. Campbell this has nothing to do with the democrats. This was a decision made by a private business group. “Joe” had absolutely nothing to do with it. He might have chimed in with his opinion, but the only people in government that had anything to do with this in any way at all was Georgia lawmakers who passed the bill that the MLB based their decision on.

    3. @JJP242 Oh it most certainly does have to do with our party. Joe went on television talking about the Georgia election wall and most of what he said was debunked. Indeed, the joys of the old gives voters more rights than the voters in Delaware which is Joe’s home state . But some of what Joe said was most unusual, talking about Jim Eagle rather than Jim Crow. Many Democrat commentators and politicians contacted MLB and Coca-Cola and Delta airlines Pressuring them to take action. In fact most recently MSNBC ran a story on the power of pressure.
      As a Democrat I recommended against it because it was going to backfire and it was going to negatively impact our working Democrat base. The people that rely on a job at The ball park or at the airport or at the shop dream company are going to be negatively impacted.
      All I saw making outrageous allegations about the Georgia voting law were Democrats. All I saw about praising MLB, Delta and Coca-Cola were Democrats. I never heard any Republicans protest for George avail although this is going to seriously impede the Republicans and they attempt to steal the next election. I believe they know this which is why they are keeping their mouth shut. This whole thing is going to backfire on Democrats and now we see Stacy and Ossoff Opposing any boycott.

    4. I also agree 100%… one All-Star game is not enough. They need to send a real message, Woka-Cola needs to stop shipping to the state and Delta needs to move out of it (and maybe the Braves after they change their offensive name) . Instead of just giving lip service they need to follow baseballs lead. It would be unfortunate for some workers and small business… but the ends justify the means! Signed: Forum troll.

    5. @KiSoftball Years Ahhhhh, coca-Cola is headquartered in Atlanta. Delta Airlines also has their headquarters and their main hub in Atlanta. I believe you were being taken in by propaganda.
      The Georgia voting rights law expands bullying rights and the only thing it does it makes it much harder to cheat. Republicans are so stupid that they drafted this law and now it is going to be impossible for the Republicans to try to steal the next election.
      Did Georgia voting rights bill under discussion provides more opportunities to vote then the citizens in Delaware which is President Biden‘s home state. When President Biden made his speech it was roundly debunked by fact checkers. Don’t be swayed by the propaganda.

  5. PEOPE OF ATLANTA opposing the Kemp Klan Plan should just not buy certain products or switch brands for the things they need to buy. Don’t wait on legislation or corporations. Use the power you have in your wallet right now.

    1. @Kareem O’Weet Acting skills come in part from observation then implementing what you’ve observed. When a person truly opens their eyes they gather more to act on. I said this to a blind person and he painted a picture of darkness. Much Luv.

    2. @Kareem O’Weet If your just trying to argue for the sake, then you need to go around the corner on Sesame Street.

    3. @Rychy St. Vincent
      Well Vincent I’m calling you out and saying you’re a liar for suggesting that Kemp is a member of the Klan. Pretty simple bud…..

    4. @Kareem O’Weet He may very well be a Klan member, but what I said is in what I wrote: Kemp KLAN PLAN. Study some history and get back with me.

  6. Big businesses don’t need to just speak they need to STOP the DONATIONS then the GOP will start playing fair. I know they will first have to look up the definition of the word then figure out how to play by the rules.

  7. The Republicans gave corporations status as individuals when it suited them. Now that the corporate world, largely for the first time, is acting like a responsible individual in society, they’re railing against it. There appears to be no pleasing them unless you’re dogmatically devoted to their every whim.

    1. I thought it was wrong when they did this. Corporations die, but they dont feel, bleed, or feel pain like people do.

    2. Yet the democrats complain how big businesses need to stay out of government and keep their money and now we have them calling for those self-same businesses to get involved in political and make changes, rather hypocritical. Yes?

  8. Limit amount of money that corporations can donate to political parties no matter what political party

  9. It’s a private business. It can do whatever it wants to protect its own interests. The decision has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with customers, brand protection, appearance in the public square and interests of the participants.

    1. I’m sorry but nothing quite that simple. Politics and economics are intertwined and interrelated and absurd not to recognize it. I attribute “pure motives” to very few.

    2. @Francis Davis At any moment, a business can choose to attend to one to the exclusion of the other.
      MLB picked business interests over political interests in this instance.
      Perfectly legal to decide to move the game to comport with business interests.

  10. Laws can be repealed.
    A vote can undo a law.
    Pressure on legislators to change their minds is quite possible . They only respond to those who can remove them from office . Forcing a new vote can change the law . If each legislator believes their seat is in jeopardy , they will do whatever is required to stay in place .

  11. When McConnell says he won’t accept donations from Coke I’ll listen to his points. You know big business is reacting to the majority which the GOP are not.

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