1. This woman’s empathy toward the distraught wife of her enemy may do more to help end this than all the hatred toward Russia felt throughout Ukraine. I think there may be no greater force to stop inhumanity by your enemy than to acknowledge the humanity of that enemy. The more people see this, the more good it will do.

    1. @Amanda Nunyabusiness millions of Russians including everyday people support him. Stop deluding yourself.

    2. a lot of russians dont even want to be in this war. the russian civilians are suffering, not as much as the Ukranian civilians but still suffering. most russians have family in ukraine too

    3. Yes! The Russian government is using these soldiers like chess pieces. And humanizing both sides is changing the world.

  2. My god. Helping your enemies find their lost children is one of the most selflessly kind and moral things that I’ve ever heard. It seems that the compassion of the Ukrainian people is as vast as their courage. We cannot let such a great people perish to a tyrant’s imperialist bloodlust.

    1. imbetterthanyouis

      Why would I watch all the videos, I already said you are as trustworthy as putin. The world trusts him? and since you are his representative, you are as trustworthy. Rest easy my friend, your efforts hear are convincing many that you are honest, not a troll, obviously Australian, and intelligent. Yes, of course, you speak the truth.

    2. This is what Biden has said about Putin:

      “If I’m President, Putin’s Days of Tyranny and Trying to Intimidate U.S. and Eastern Europe are Over’”

      -Candidate Joe Biden , March 21, 2019

      ” Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him,”

      -Biden’s Feb. 21, 2020

      And this is what Biden did on his first day in office and subsequently:

      —Stop drilling on additional Federal Lands

      —Approved the Russian Pipeline to Germany

      —Reinstated the Obama era suffocating regulations on US Oil Companies

      —Stop the US Keystone Pipeline

    3. @Soldier Gamer fight and die , or lose the house , well either way im losing the house , and really ? how is that a one size fits all question , banks have foreclosed unnecessarily and have evicted people using loopholes in the law , at this point in time that would be the only realistic scenario i would face and since there would be sheriffs backed up by cops who will just call more cops and if i kicked off they would just call more cops and self defense will just end up being assault police ,anyway you cant talk you allowed a coup to take hold you failed in observing your second amendment rights especially the bit about tyrannical government , your happy living under biden , might wanna clean your own backyard before ,,,, i dunno anything at this point

    4. @Ivan Escei really dont care you carry on this way its really funny to see you lot reee al over the place , face it you hate me because im right

    5. @imbetterthanyouis it’s ‘you’re illiterate’. I’m not American pal. It wasn’t an argument, don’t worry, I was asking you what you meant by your comment and what your point was. I’ll wait.

  3. The human empathy and brilliance behind this program cannot be overstated. I don’t think we’d do anything like this in the US if we were invaded. Day after day I am more impressed with the Ukrainian people and more desperate that this nightmare end. Slava Ukraine ♥️🌻🇺🇦

    1. @Harry Poderskis Speaking of Russia the democrats will not beable to collude with russia again the next election to create more lies to throw another election

    2. The [DS]/[CB] fell right into the patriots trap, fuel prices are moving up, they thought they would be able to use this to convince the people that is the perfect time for the green new deal, it is backfiring.  They are trapped in their narrative. We are witnessing the destruction of the great reset/green new deal. The [DS] control over Ukraine is coming to and end, Russia is now producing evidence that there are bio labs in Ukraine and they invaded to stop another bio attack. The narrative in Ukraine is slowly imploding. The [DS] is now panicking and might push a false flag to blame it on Russia. The evidence is about to be released, the indictment will be unsealed. The narrative is being built that Durham and Barr have nothing to do with Trump, everything that is happening is independent of Trump. Optics are important and Backchannels are necessary to bypass the fake news. Soon the people will see the Treason

    3. @rise like lions after slumber.. Canada invading the US? That’s ridiculous. You don’t know what you’re talking about!

  4. “She asked us not to show her face!” Then they promptly show her face in the scene of the back of her head. She literally turns and slightly shows her face. Y’all might want to edit that out.

    1. CNN, Vice, just about every news outlet does this. It’s fucked up, who knows how many people they’ve gotten killed because of their carelessness.

  5. God this is so fucking heartbreaking. Ukrainians care more about the Russians than their own government does. This just shows how incredible the people of Ukraine are.

    1. @pineapplepenumbra Good description of the reality in Russia. I hope poo-poo gets what I read he now fears will happen to him – ending up in a ditch with a bullet in the back of his head. Which is just a projection of the barbaric way he treats others. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    2. @Justin Key The two issues: being concerned about Ukrainians and being concerned about the homeless in the US, are not mutually exclusive. Why post something like that. Ridiculous

    3. Stop using our LORD’S name in vain! ! We are living in the END times, the world is on the brink of the 7year Tribulation. Please get rapture ready: accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior today!!! Don’t be deceived by the coming ANTIchrist who will “create order out of chaos”! Study biblical end times prophecy, listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology. Blessings from AB

  6. Ukraine has done things in war that have never been done before: they’ve worked together to protect their sovereignty as warriors, but they’ve also worked to humanize both their own plight and the humanity of Russian soldiers and families forced to fight. Right now, they are the most noble definition of democracy we’ve seen in a long time, and I pray that this opens the eyes of the entire world to change.

    1. We won’t forget it. As we will not forget the cooperation of the British with the Kiev regime and the Nazi forces in Ukraine, the ongoing supplies of British weapons these days, which are used against the civilian population of Donbass and the Russian military”,

    2. Hahahaha all you backing Actual Nazi’s. What a joke watching the Brain washing that had been happening in this Country for the last 25 yrs. The U. S. Has killed more men women and children than any country on earth in the last 50 yrs. Child killer’s. 🇱🇷👔💰🚀🔥

    3. I’m not so sure Zelensky shutting down 3 news stations and arresting the political opposition leader is called democracy. More like democrazy, but mainstream news will spin a different narrative, anything to get your mind off the last 2 years of forced lockdowns and mandatory Vax or you can’t work to support your family. But hey what do I know, it seemed to work in 2014 when they overthrown the government and dragged out the acting president after Yanokovich was forced to flee to Russia 👍

  7. This action from Ukraine to assist Russian relatives trying to stay informed on family members is way beyond being kind and helpful. The pure humanity of the Ukrainian government and their people to try and provide information to grieving and desperate families is heart felt. The people of Ukraine didn’t deserve this war and the people of Russia were, to me, duped into fighting by a power hungry mad man that will eventually be held accountable for this own Nazi type actions. When there is a conflict, the leaders should be the ones to fight and die, not the people. You will see that there will be no more conflicts.

    1. It’s smart to show the regular Russians that there is no ill will. So instead of turning against the west and feeling like no one cares and eventually siding with Putin, they will continue to see that the Ukrainians and the west are not the bad guys (at least in this war) and keep it from getting worse.

    2. entonces ya no necesitamos construir ejércitos, artificios de guerra ni personas que se dediquen a ello, cierto..???

    3. @critical thinkinges propaganda, he visto la cara de los “soldados” y no creo sean rusos. Ano ser que los rusos estén enviando latinos y afros a la guerra, como lo hace EEUU.

  8. Thank you all of Ukraine for being a leading example of courage, dedication, & mercy. We stand with you and a lot of us would be honored to stand beside you.

    1. @Blue Moon haha! See you are so conditioned that you think people who think like me can only be from Russia or Ukraine 😂
      Also there are nato soldiers and instructors in Ukraine!

    1. Also an intelligence coup. Information on where units are and where they are going is incredibly valuable.

    2. I hope that Putin is seeing all of this so he can realize what an rotten @$$h**e he really is.

  9. The amazing heart these people have. They’re strong as hell, selfless, empathetic, and not to mention beautiful. Wow. Just wow. Ukraine 🇺🇦 has gave me someone to look up to besides God of course

  10. If you have a safe and comfortable life outside Ukraine, then enjoy it and be grateful because you do not know when that ends. Salute Ukrainian soldiers for their bravery. The president of Ukraine is a real life hero RESPECT .

    1. I live in Canada,. And I’ve donated my last 5 months of savings to go towards more medical supplies, body armor, and weapons to help keep Ukrainians alive and to go towards killing more Russians

    2. I cooked a frozen chicken leg last night and as I put the packing in the recycle bin the words Chicken Kiev jumped out at me and I just burst into tears. It was so hard to sit and enjoy that meal, not because of the wording but because Ukrainians are not sitting down to meals with their families and are, in fact, in dire peril, with no way of knowing how it will end.

  11. This young lady is doing a wonderful service, calmly, truthfully, and at the same time putting herself at risk. She is a national treasure, as is President Zelensky, his troops and even Russian resisters. She may not have all the answers but she can give hope to the callers. Be safe young lady, and thanks Alex, for profiling her brave work.

  12. The heart of the Ukrainian people is truly amazing. I can’t believe this level of compassion and graciousness. They truly carry goodness in their hearts. I couldn’t do it. I would hate too much.

    1. Tell that to the Africans were told to get in the back of the line while Ukrainians jumped on a train to Poland.

  13. Heartbreaking Reality of how “Kind and Compassionate” the Ukrainian people are and knowing that Russians and Ukrainians want to live in “Peace” as most of us want to live in “Peace” worldwide.

  14. I am a US soldier, long in the tooth. When I was young, before I went in, my grandparents instilled in me that every soldier is some mothers son, some wives husband, and some children’s father. Doesnt change what we have to do, but in the back of your mind you always look to end things as fast and bloodless as possible and have some sympathy for their position. Can be hard when they are there to kill you or you loose a friend, but you do it because you love your family and want to protect them. Would be best if the Russian kids would surrender their equipment and or switch sides as Ukraine knows the genocide that would follow a loss. They will fight bitterly and bravely to the end, God Bless Ukraine

  15. I’m literally tearing up, listening to that one russian wife begging for the Ukraine responder to understand that they didn’t want this war to happen. That hit really hard, these people need help on both sides desperately.

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