1. @The Film Whisperer Who sent a violent mob? You people are ridiculous. Do you ever think for yourselves or do you just repeat DNC talking points? Nobody has been charged with insurrection and the FBI found no proof of a coordinated plan to overthrow the government. All evidence points to a “mostly peaceful” (🤣😂) protest turned into a riot by agitators. Tell me, why’s there video of police shooting flashbangs and smoke into a peaceful crowd? I’m not talking about after they breached the building, this is before the fighting. Why are police on video shooting into the crowd when nobody was fighting?

    2. @James Doolittle Yeah and Democrat career political hacks don’t care about money or power, right ? At least rich people in the private sector probably made, built , or invented something worthwhile to get that money.

    3. @The Film Whisperer Lol. Neither of those are impeachable offenses because they are not things, just more democrat fables. And either something is impeachable or it’s not. What’s more impeachable is irrelevant. All you proved is you don’t care if a POTUS does impeachable things unless it’s your political opponents doing them. You’re corrupt, no wonder you support the Dems.

  1. If former Intel people are talking to freaking Louie Gohmert I’d question the actual intelligence of those people.

    1. @Bridget Collins what world are you living in ? There was one service member killed in Afghanistan in 2018 !
      It’s a fact that 13 are the most killed since 2011.
      Again, what delusional world are you living in ?

    2. @WhiteLivesMatter lol don’t bring those facts up ! CNN viewers don’t even know they exist ! They’re too busy drinking the Kool aid and waiting on free checks to come.

    3. @E H why would Jim Crow Joe need to be briefed at all ? Wasn’t he a Senator for 8 years during this fight on terrorism ? Wasn’t he VP for another 8 years ? Wasn’t he a so called foreign relations expert ? Even though he’s failed at everything he’s done in his life except for selling America out !
      Are you serious right now ? He started the war, he and his family got richer because of the war and you think he didn’t know the Taliban was taking over ?
      Didn’t Trump have stipulations in place ? What stipulations did Quid Pro Joe have in place ? Obviously none because he didn’t do ANYTHING about the Taliban. On top of that, here you are defending someone who left actual Americans there ?
      These are all facts. Shame on you !

    4. @888strummer actually BLM and Jan 6 aren’t even comparable. BLM doing billions of dollars of damage across America ( let alone across the planet) 30 people killed, statues taken down, memorials damaged.
      Jan 6: a few doors broken, a few windows broken, no one killed except for Ashli Babit and feet put on Pelosi’s desk. No guns, no fires.
      How is it comparable ?
      Oh and everyone home by dinner.
      BLM no charges.
      Jan 6: solitary confinement for what is going on nine months.
      It’s not comparable at all.

    1. @Lefty Loser i bet you didnt like the idea of people reporting non mask wearing people last year. But because you agree with this one, its ok

  2. I hope these telecommunication companies give the committee a truck load of phone records regarding the corrupt GOP!

    1. @davefrompa53 Wrong again, after a real look at the WHOLE Mueller Report and other’s reports…it pretty well proves Russia’s involvement in 2016 election to benefit Trump. DOJ Investigations still ongoing…..wait for it !!!

      Now, do you have any proof or a reliable source as to your accusations against Biden ???? OR are they again M.I.A (Missing in Action), LOST, again…..like the dog ate it ????

    2. And how would these telecommunications companies deliver the phone records of the corrupt left? Would it be by a armada of freighters or a caravan of truckloads? 😏

      But corrupt is corrupt, it really doesn’t matter to what degree.

    1. @bill jones plus the fifth largest economy in the world and the fastest growing and the best paid jobs and the best social safety net envy of the world but hey go live in a red state shhthole with a fkd economy

    2. @Greg Greg have you seen LA or San Fran recently their is a reason your state is having a recall and it has nothing to do with red states.

    3. @J Kasten that same former KKK member came out strong against the Iraq war AND was an early endorser of Barack Obama. He changed, unlike “the former guy” who rode his racist thuggery into the White House with pride. Knowing that, why did you decided to gaslight the commenter anyway?

    4. @Atlas Latest it has a population of 40 million people and is about the same size as Spain.
      There’s a 1k tax rebate this year and it’s doubled its gdp in just over a decade.
      There’s a recall coz republicans are a bunch of snowflakes

    1. @No Chance Without Pasta I really don’t know how any country could help you with the number of guns in circulation in your country and the millions of gun nuts as well?
      Only you can sort it out with your sane politicians and thinkers.
      We can only try to do our best to comment, call it out and protest from here. Not much help, I know but…

    2. @Rational_ Mind I totally agree!!! It feels like where living out the handmaids Tales!!! You couldn’t pay me to live in Texas!!! When the tide starts turning in the other RED states I’m making sure I’m not a resident of one!!! HANDSMAIDS TALE 2021!!!😂😂😎😎

    3. @JM B I’m betting Canada could also send troops down, if Biden asked them to. Something tells me they don’t want their superpower neighbors turning into a Fascist regime.

      Calling it out from across the pond has no effect. I wish someone would do a euro tour of bars, and ask the people what they think of the MAGA Trash.

      That, is something we could make viral enough to pierce the right wing media bubble.

  3. Not “Theocracy or Thugocracy”, but rather Idiocracy, which is becoming more like an American documentary day by day.

    1. Nah, the guys in that movie, namely the president, was smart enough to let someone smarter do the job. Not Trump. For that matter Biden shouldn’t be president either.

  4. When the rich an politicians with power don’t fear their actions to suffer jail time if they break the law. You don’t have a democracy any more. . .

    1. why is exactly why Dems are going to destroy us. the current administration just blames everyone else literally every time they make a mistake, so naturally they’re never going to quit making them….

  5. It’s scary the brainwashing that has invaded our country. The head of the snake was removed but has not been cut off. It’s now a medusa of snakes 🐍 that is growing stronger. It’s crazy in the sense that those from both sides value the same basic virtues of living a happy, loving & worthwhile life.

    1. No, therydont.
      And the quicker you realize it the better.’
      The leaders of the left, including the shadowy Deep State ,care NOTHING for our happiness.
      Just look at what they do.
      What they propose.
      And, especially, what they push.

    1. Let me guess without abortions America will be full of kids with down syndrome right? Funny how Nazi doctors said the same thing about the disabled prior to the concentration camps they opened up.

    2. this is incredible to see the ppl that have been trying to destroy or “cancel” everyone who disagrees with them for the past year say REPUBLICANS are the ones trying to force everyone to live the way they want. you ppl are seriously crazy, you need to wake up and stop watching this joke “media” site for a while

  6. This is so frightening. I don’t think even Oliver Stone could come up with a more “twisted” movie script/screenplay than this 2021 reality nightmare…

    1. Lol, listen to what you are saying and think of past historic people Socrates, Aristotle, and Will Shakespeare
      “All the world’s a stage we are merely performers and portrayers “
      “You know society is in its demise when you start governing by the whims and fantasies of single women”
      If you feel like it’s like a movie then maybe turn off the tv and step outside and see reality. My favorite conspiracy theory is believing that the government cares about you

    2. perfect thinking, this is exactly what CNN wanted you to feel. because Dems/leftists are the “hero” of every story, and the other side HAS to be the “demon.” that way, every single thing Dems do, now matter how dangerous or destructive, is perfectly fine because they’re fighting the evil of the world. whatta joke.

  7. “Human manure spreader, Tucker Carlson” – classic, although in the interests of pedantry I should point out that Jim was not saying Tucker is human

    1. @Sue B The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. – Margaret Thatcher 👍👏

    2. @Felix Pfaltermann What is socialism? Really? I am Canadian and all I hear is Socialism this and Socialism that out of America. What is it exactly? What makes it so bad.? When you reply please provide evidence for any statement that you make.

    3. @Rob Koski socialism is government owning the means of production. For example, healthcare in your country. If it was so good, why do 2/3 of Canadians have private insurance? It’s because private is better than public. Ask any Cuban how they feel about socialism. Additionally, economic laws show taxation yields deadweight loss in economies, which is inefficient. The larger government, the greater loss. This is why limited government (western ideology) is superior. Read about Adam Smith and the invisible hand theory.

    4. Democrats : The GOP is the Taliban! Also White Supremacists side with the Taliban.
      Democrats Bin Biden : Here Taliban take these weapons arm your selfs an here U.S service men uniforms. 🤣🤣 PAT YOUR SELF ON THE BACK DEMOCRAT YOU VOTED FOR A SEXUAL PREDATOR THAT JUST ARMED THE TALIBAN 👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Watching this far right populists’ BS and their followers I will never question again how Hitler came to power.

    1. @Biden will get us all killed you mean when dems want people vaccinated and wearing masks to protect life from a pathogen spread through the air? Actually its the republicans claiming dying from an airborne pathogen is patriotic, that Minorites cause all of our societies problems, and that violence is the answer. You’re repeating step for step the rise of Nazis and are still too dumb to realize what you do…

    2. @cervellone If I get any more educated I will be a doctor i own 4 homes does that make you even more jealous now? Sucks to be you

    3. Your are totally confused.
      There are little to NO ACTIONS by Republicans similar to those that ramped up in that era.
      On the other hand, people from communistic, totalitarian regimes tell us what’s going on here is EXACTLY like what started their country’s problems.
      All these putrid policies are put forth by Dems.

    1. Did you miss the past 5 years, Trump supporters don’t want anything to do with the world because you hurt their feelings when you told them about reality…

    2. @E E wasn’t Trump’s reign good for the world? No major humanitarian crises, no new wars, “peace” deals (lol).
      Under trump America had problems inside itself now they’re back at being the @ssholes

    3. @Boe Jiden these folks love a good crisis, so no they didn’t like Trump’s presidency. Dems need to “rule” during crises, because it’s the only way to take any emphasis off their mistakes

    4. @E E Trump didn’t create 2 humanity crisis’ in 7 months. If the left can write up articles of impeachment over a phone call that came back not guilty, Why can’t the left write up articles of impeachment for 2 humanity crisis or as NATO explained Biden’s withdrawal, “The biggest NATO debacle in NATO History”.


    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    _Meat: beated_
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

    1. REPORT THESE FOR SPAM (click the three little dots to the right of the comments button and select appropriate complaint)

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards are you SERIOUSLY unaware that the Russians have been interfering with all our elections since Trump… ON THE SIDE OF REPUBLICANS? WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS?

    3. @David Cohen no, you are much more like the Islamic fundamentalists that you so admire. Everybody knows that already.


  10. The GOP circus continues!! All they need is Steve Martin saying step right up and win some crap!! It’s a profit thing!!

    1. yes it’s the Republicans doing that……. but anyhow, what crap did you win for taking the covid vaccine, seeing as how Dems were literally doing exactly what you just said Pubs are doing

    1. Dems just gave the Taliban 100 billion in weapons plus another 5 billion in cash….. meanwhile your trying to take guns in America.

  11. I think it would be intelligent to vet people from a country with honor killings, and stonings. I wouldn’t trust the media or top brass to actually know anything about the culture on the ground.

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