Source: Fiona Hill said Bolton called Giuliani a ‘hand grenade’

A source tells CNN that Fiona Hill, President Donald Trump's former top Russia adviser, testified that former national security adviser John Bolton referred to Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani as a "hand grenade" who was "going to blow everybody up," as first reported by The New York Times. #CNN #News


    1. And the REALLY absurd thing is that Trump felt Bolton was holding him back. That’s why Trump got rid of him.. JOHN FRIGGING BOLTON WAS A MEDIATING INFLUENCE ON TRUMP!

    1. Why is hunter even in the Ukraine?
      To ez to be bought n payed for influence. Nancy’s son, Kerry son, Romney son, really sicking they send there sons to collect money while our sons are in a useless war so they get richer. Anyone questions
      It all hell breaks loose. Anyone can makeup lyes to cover your tracks but the facts remains. Your all dirty!

    2. @Jan Johnson You left out any mention of trump’s sons, son-in-law and daughter which shows you’re a Faux junkie and just another right wing member of cult 45.

    3. @sue bee Trumps sons and brother in law have been doing deals all over the world legit.
      They have a vast knowledge of the global market.
      A big difference to Hunter ,who smokes crack in a rental car,
      .what did Hunter sell to China that was worth over a billion ?

    1. fred head War brings us money from other countries. Trump may not want it but he needs in it. Only to align his pockets it was a smart move on the administration part to hire him as a scare tactic to bleed other countries dry of their obligations to pay. If you think about what the Trump said” Pay Up” or we (U.S.A.) stop supporting.

      Bolton loves war but only to protect the Nations domination not for money or extortion— personal belief not fact.

    2. @Derrell J. Thompkins heres another point that should put to rest why trump withdrew from syria. USA and Turkey belong to NATO. How could 1000 troops help defend the Kurds when they are bound by NATO and CANNOT fire at Turkey. they would literally just be sitting ducks

    3. @Derrell J. Thompkins Also no one considers what the Syrian people actually want. They are HAPPY that the USA is leaving. They consider their occupation there as well as Russias and Turkeys to be illegal. They want the Kurds to ally with the Syrian government to fight for their on sovereignty, which is happening as we speak.

    1. Wouldn’t that be his “sweet revenge” on Dump/Trump. I don’t like Bolton, but anyone who is pissed at the President is my friend…

  1. Testimony is given in private and hidden from all but a few… Unless we can get the testimony first hand, we trust no source… Granny

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