South Carolina attorney general speaks after Murdaugh guilty verdict

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson told the press, "We got to bring justice and be a voice for Maggie and Paul Murdaugh," after disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of murdering his wife and son in June 2021. #CNN #News


    1. πŸ’― Whether finding Alex Murdaugh guilty or Kyle Rittenhouse innocent, it’s good to see justice prevail in America!

    2. QUICK – STATEMENT. Thank GOD for jurors and the OUTTING of the apparently crooked 1 blabbing juror.

  1. I really hope this rings in the ears of those who are protected behind the systems of corruption especially those who themselves are part of the brick and mortar of those systems like this guy.

    1. @Walter Shumate I will be very disappointed if the choice in 2024 comes down to Biden or Trump. In a nation over 300M strong, those two candidates cannot be the best we can do.

  2. For those who say where’s the evidence consider the following:

    Like the prosecutor said in closing, if you’re outside when it’s raining & you’re getting wet theirs no doubt it’s raining, but if you’re inside and you hear the wind and rain when you walk outside later and see the results you don’t assume someone came and sprayed the whole county with a hose and pulled the trees apart .

    Likewise when you have 2 dead bodies in your yard within minutes of you being in their presence it’s kind hard to imagine 2 killers came to kill stumbled upon the weapons and ammo took the same route as AM and threw her phone out the window,…..

    *Moral of the Story – Don’t Piss on My Leg and tell Me it’s Raining.!*

  3. Congratulations you did your JOBS! Enough with the pat on the backs! Justice was done and that lying scheming narcissist murderer is in jail!

    1. Right? I’m glad the scumbag is convicted, but this gave a lot of “I’d like to thank my Uber Eats Driver, Pat, the pedestrian who gave way next to my house, Cheryl (we love you Cheryl!)..”-energy πŸ˜‚ This wasn’t Osama Bin Laden for crying out loud.
      Fine! Good job… Celebrate… take the night off… have a beer or two. But JC, get back to work…

  4. Just over 3hrs of deliberation? That’s when you know the prosecution has done their job πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Indeed! Whether finding Alex Murdaugh guilty or Kyle Rittenhouse innocent, it’s good to see justice prevail in America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    2. It would have been hard for the prosecution to lose that case considering Murdaugh was so totally unbelievable.

  5. I’m so happy for them.They worked so hard.JUSTICE PREVAILED! The downfall of a family that through the years took advantage of a town for their whims. New blood,New strenth,open the windows let that fresh air come in.Victory for others that died too because of this family.

  6. Amazing job!! Thank you for going above and beyond to get justice for Maggie and Paul. It won’t bring them back but at least the killer was put away. Mr Water snd his team did the impossible β€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ†πŸ†

  7. I have a feeling what happen was the drugs made him paranoid. That made him do something to his wife and son. You are not thinking straight as it seems he said. It makes do think it wouldn’t. Doesn’t make him any less guilty. He might in mind because of how messed up he was really think someone else did it.

  8. I wondered as the verdict was read and Alex’s son Buster and other relatives heard the verdict, if they still believed he was innocent. As the Judge said, the evidence was overwhelming.

    1. Lmao… Buster and his two uncles still have tons of blood on their hands βœ‹οΈ.
      More so Buster for the murder of his classmate Stephen.

    2. I’m inclined to think that Buster genuinely thinks his father is innocent. Alex is a serial liar and very dodgy sort. Buster possibly suspects his father but it must be difficult to believe that.
      His entire immediate family are now gone. The testimony from friends is that he was a favored child and was close with his brother. he has lost his closest family,, his money, his standing in society and his privilege. Loosing his father, both physically and in memory may be unbearable. Many people would rather live in denial that deal with a cruel reality.

  9. Finally! Something went right in #america today! This is not like what’s happening in Tennessee! Heads up people!

  10. Didn’t know South Carolina Attorney General Academy Awards was on tonight. What an impressive display of egomania & narcissism. They’re all headed to Disneyland!

  11. The AG’s post trial press conference seemed like an out of control Oscar award moment. (“I want to thank my Mother and my 1st grade teacher….” blah, blah.) Take the verdict, thank the jurors and go home. Act like you have been in a courtroom before! I really like this information


  13. In which scenario do these guys think they will get away with anything. The end is so obvious out of all the choices you can make in life why go for the absolute worst one.

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