South Florida Doctors Walk Out Monday In Protest 1

South Florida Doctors Walk Out Monday In Protest


Florida doctors protest fatigue from the coronavirus surge. NBC News' Kerry Sanders reports.

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South Florida Doctors Walk Out Monday In Protest


    1. @Belly Dancer Em what about a drug addict coming in for treatment again would you give them treatment or would you turn them away . that’s a conscious decision someone made drinking and driving is a conscious decision someone made eating to the point we are unhealthy is a conscious decision people make you can’t play God with some of it and not play God with all of it

    2. @Belly Dancer Em I have family in Florida and no word from them about hospitals being over crowded. Florida isn’t the only state claiming they’re over crowded with Covid patients. It’s supposed to be a pandemic right? So now what’s your point?

    3. Absolutely they should walk out! It’s their lives at stake! They have a family and a career to just go down for ignorant fools that don’t believe in vaccinating themselves. Somebody has to put a stop to this murderous act! These politicians are out to swipe everyone of the face of this earth all for greed and power? I can’t believe it’s come to this but enough is enough! Get doctors who do not want to be vaccinated to treat them.

    1. @Karen Kuntzman I simply stated that doctors have the right to protest what they perceive as unsafe working conditions. I did not say I supported them nor did I say that I was against their protest. The USA has a long history of workers protesting to improve many aspects of jobs including but not limited to unsafe working conditions.
      I didn’t say that is THE reason these doctors chose to participate in a walkout.
      I will not list any possible unsafe working conditions that doctors might be subjected to as I am not a physician.

    2. @Karen Kuntzman I am not debating the merits of doctors walking out in protest. I realize health care is not an auto plant. What I am saying is that what the doctors did is not illegal.
      I am not going to say that they are right or wrong for what they did. I am not in their situation.

    1. @bill worden your facts are made up… Florida doctors walk or and you think the death toll is higher in nyc right now… I’m in nyc at the moment and doctors aren’t experiencing what south Florida is. Stop spewing fake information

    2. @OnlyGeorgeStuff Not the Republicans who are letting covid+ illegals walk into the country at the southern border and then ship them all over the country. Republicans, put on your masks and vax up. Illegals, welcome to America vaxed or not vaxed, Covid+ or not.

    3. @OnlyGeorgeStuff Good science is up for debate. BOTH sides are usually heard, discussed and tested. When the lefties try and block any apposing science, their version of the science is no longer good science.

    1. @Marcelo Cayetano absolutely let Santis and Abbott and all those others that a post wearing a mask while I was there living in Texas in a school a junior high trying hard to teach the children they may not like it but where it just in case we are not doctors we must learn from the experts and we did not have an expert as a President of the United States I’m not sure now but at least I have an idea that it’s going to be better

    2. After the “incident at his home” Mitch is now only allowing 4 boys in the hot tub at once so your idea might not work, but I 100% support trying it.

  1. Don’t worry, DeSantis has monoclonal antibodies for everyone You’ll have to let them inject you with them tho

    1. They should say it is monoclonal antibodies, but give them cocktail of monoclonal antibodies and vaccine.

    2. @Moobie Maykker yes, that is ethical! Not to mention your so vax happy you don’t know you never vaccinate a sick patient.

  2. Love it and I don’t blame them doctors and Hospital professionals have suffered the most under Republican leadership during this virus crisis

  3. The consequences of what the Governor did regarding the non usage of the vaccine for the Florida people. Desantis will surely be rejected for Governor in the coming elections. No conscience at all on his part except power of the position.

  4. I love the fact that the woman’s shirt just says, “Doctor”.

    I’m not making any other inference, nor am I insinuating anything other than I found the shirt funny.

    1. Who cares about the tag name. Are you comprehending what they’re saying? Is that ‘Doctor’ making a difference as to what you’ve heard them just say?

    2. Me too…
      I mean, if it said “Dr. Snarsky” we’d get the point.
      “DOCTOR” just screams, “Take me seriously.”
      Do they have scrubs labelled “NURSE” and “ORDERLY” ?

    1. @GuitarGeek72 I agree with the doctors. Why should they risk their health helping those who won’t help themselves. Being unvaccinated. is like driving without a seat belt.

    2. @Rhyme& Reason yes, save the vaccinated from the un vaxxed !

      Follow the science, Republicans are throwing grandma off the cliff, wear six masks and remember to get the booster shot every six months.

    3. @Leonie Romanes let’s make a law to force people to wear seatbelts. That should flatten the curb.

    4. @GuitarGeek72 There are thousands of good earnest people out there for every troll misrepresenting the facts.

  5. I don’t blame them one bit it’s just sad that so many people have to suffer because of these idiots.

    1. @Joni Heisenberg I am not sure why that matters. Sick people go to the hospital, when did treatment become contingent on what brought the patient there?

  6. Transporting the deceased to the Governors mansion instead of the morgue might work also.

  7. Good for them! I’m proud to say I don’t even know anyone who has had covid! The people in my life trust the Science.

  8. For a state that has the highest Age rate in the country it’s pretty irresponsible to fill ICUs with unvaccinated people when the time comes for their heart attach or stroke they won’t get a bed.

    1. @Kar Name calling means you don’t have the mental capacity to debate using reason and logic. You lose. Go take a high school debate class.

    2. It’s not the old people who are showing up by the icu. It’s the younger one vaccinated individuals who are at the ICU seeking treatment.

    3. @Mr A Oh, let me guess, you don’t believe in science or doctors, but now you are pretending to be one ! My cousin ate well and ran 10 miles a day…when they went on vacation it was to hike or ski. Had a heart attack while running! You know “0”

    4. @Kar you know as well as I do there is at least one person taking up an ICU bed that has been not following doctors orders for years. Don’t give me your cry baby BS. That basketball star you speak of is going to need knee replacements and he is selfishly going to take up hospital space for days because he wanted to put a ball in a hole instead of helping others.

    5. @Crystal Telf his doctor never told him running is bad for his knees and he would be better off swimming? See people, here is another example of not following orders. Bull headed people think they can do whatever they want then it is up to someone else to fix it!

  9. This country went from calling our healthcare professionals heroes to willfully putting them through this crap all over again and calling them the enemy.
    Wasting money doing stupid a$$ flyovers while not providing them with the basic PPE needed to do their jobs safely.
    Straight embarrassing. I don’t blame one bit for doing a walk out.

  10. Remember, there is no difference between a drunk driver killing innocent bystanders and an ANTI-VAXXER/ANTI-MASKER REPUBLICAN killing innocent individuals in their community!

  11. Praying for all our Frontline workers. So proud of these doctor’s I can’t even imagine what winter will bring. Love from KS

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