South Korea Says North Korea Has Blown Up Liaison Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “Deadlocked on nuclear diplomacy”?!? 😂. I wouldn’t deign to call what the trump admin is doing anything remotely close to diplomacy. They’re just getting played.

    1. @Reggie Naidoo Trump could cure cancer tomorrow and they’d call him racists for putting innocent Arab medical examiners out of a job, black funeral homes owners out business and forcing Asian doctors with 10’s of thousands in student loans into bankruptcy…. The funny part is, y’all don’t even care or even want to know about all the good he’s doing for minorities, far more than 16 years of Bush and Obama put together.

    2. @Reggie Naidoo Yet the left has no answer…. so yea, let them go nuclear and hope he doesn’t know how to push the button…. Good plan!!

    3. @Reggie Naidoo Look in the mirror? You are the guys parroting word for word what fake news says! That’s called ignorant sheep….. I know exactly what’s going on, on the Global stage from a lot of points of views…. Y’all got one.

    4. manofsan 😂 what pressure on China?!? The trade war? 😂. China has been BEGGING for this for ages and trump finally fell in the trap.

    1. don’t worry someone else will pay to rebuild it at 4x the cost of the one they blew up, and apoligize to n.korea for forcing them to blow it up.

    2. Breaking news: India and China just had a skirmish, gun fire breaks out killing 3 casualties on both sides in Border tensions.

    3. SHE IS THE REAL VERSION OF ” DANGEROUS ” That was a warning that his sister is trying to shoot up the BAR ! but hasn’t found the trigger yet !! I think she believes every word of her brother’s propaganda about “NK” being abel to destroy The Southand The West when it wants and that no one will be able to respond !! I think that was clearly her idea to blow up the building and was the biggest thing she could actually pull the pin ,on !! so far !! First time in my life that I think I’ve seen the person to start WWII !!

    1. @shadowmaverick15 … don’t forget bowing down to Erdogan and his ethnic cleansing of the Kurds and then sending US troops to protect the Saudis… AND his support of the Saudis genocide in Yemen…

    2. I hope bts migrates to other country. South korea is really dangerous now. I think world war 3 will start soon.

    3. @Holy Shxt I’m RICH u can thank obamy and his group of diplomatic stalwarts, clinton and Kerry, for this shitshow.

    4. @sniper1 …no more than the last 3 presidents AND current so-called president… but whatever ignorant nonsense you have to believe….

    5. @Pat Moore I see our current president actually doing policy not talking policy unlike the past democratic presidents

    1. Fred A yeah unfortunately I bet the police in America is cursing the person who invented phones with camcorders on them right now Fred but you are right to say about the news and that they are broadcasting stuff today that they never would of broadcast back in time I know people who refuse to put the news on these days because it’s to depressing but I sometimes I call it stupidity because iff you don’t know what is going on in the world how can you prepare for what is going on in the world so it has its good points and it’s bad points take it easy Fred my best wishes buddy from Stevie in Britain

    2. @Steve Dee Thank you Steve for the sweet words. I actually worked in England as a junior doctor till August 2019. I went to med school there. After my F1 training last year, I left for the US to take their licensing exam and now back in S.Korea for the reason we all know (COVID). As for N.Korea, I said it is a bluff cuz they are super scared of what the US might do if they did something stupid. Basically I don’t trust their sanity but trust their fear if you know what I mean lol. I know the UK now has started to reopen which is a good news but as we all know it is not over yet. Please stay safe – wear a mask 24/7! ^_^

    3. SB Kim you to SB Kim I just want the tattoo shops to reopen hopefully they are gonna open in July I’m half way through a whole back piece of my 3 beautiful grandsons in their Arsenal shirts on ( our favourite football team) with my sons America Akita and all different Arsenal history like their first badge the badge of 1971 the year I started supporting them and today’s badge a tattoo of the FA cup cause we have won it the most times and a few other bits of Arsenal history it’s took 8 months to do half of it and it’s gonna take another 6 to 8 months to finish it and so far I’ve paid £1700 so far I’m 57 years old and have been having tattoos since I was 16 years old and I’m just about covered when this one is finished I paid £20 for a arm piece back then but tattooing has really come along way now what they can do now with a gun is brilliant it’s not what we call sailor tattoos anymore it’s brilliant bodyart now my friend sorry to bore you with all that SB Kim I wish you well with being a dr the West should listen a lot more to the East because you have taught us so much over the years and you are a lot more advanced than we are they found instruments in the pyramids which we were warned not to enter but stupidly we never listen and doesn’t give a dam anyway but they found instruments that could have only been used as scalpels and they were used in ancient Egypt it’s insanity because we could learn so much but instead the West would rather invade the countries and steal oil and treasure from the East take it easy buddy and hopefully you will have a great career looking after people who are unwell I imagine you get a lot of self satisfaction from helping others stay safe my best wishes buddy from Stevie boy

    4. This comment is hilarious 😂 Let’s at least tie up the Covid 19 & George Floyd Mayhem before beginning the North Korea War Arc 😂

    1. We’re getting close to something
      Big and worse then covet 19
      Even worse then Trump
      Nuclear war

    2. NOW I DO !!! She scares me !! Iran I hate and think will cause trouble , ect : But something about seeing her is looking at Hitler again !

  2. Well well well. Look who is cutting off the deal when one of dealers is sinking.
    N.K. just gave up on Trump right now.

    1. Wrong, msnbc clearly stated n korea is angry bc propaganda had leaked into south korea via balloons

    2. I think everyone has gave up on trump and what he’s doing to America the whole world has had enough of trump to put it mildly

    3. Breaking news: India and China just had a skirmish, gun fire breaks out killing 3 casualties on both sides in Border tensions.

    1. @Lucius Kiirus what if its not just about anger but theirs a twist about it? its just an act for farther plan.. i think you are the one who is low IQ thinking that people is just predictable as you..

    2. Um, why are people sending irritating little propaganda things across this super tense border with everything else going on? India and China isn’t enough? West Bank annexation and big corruption trials? The whole USA in turmoil, global pandemic, China and Australia, etc. Etc. Etc.– could whoever is doing those low level provocations just cool it for now, please? It’s like yelling at kids in the back seat of a car. No fussing while mommy merges onto the freeway. Just chill the capital F out.

  3. Lol and they make half of neighboor build fall too. Bet that wasn’t the part of the plan =D

  4. It looks as if they blew up quite a bit more than just one building. I guess collateral damage isn’t NKs biggest concern.

    1. Not concerned, they’ll claim they owned that building as well. Just waiting to see to hear the response. Will they take responsibility or blame it on “a disgruntled employee, stressed due to the pandemic”.

  5. What…wait huh I thought North Korea was solved, this must be “fake news “right maga? I mean trump said there were no more worries and he and Kim had fallen in love, right maga?I’m sure it’s nothing, right maga?

    1. @TheHumbleGod of course not, I’m just trying to remember who’s up next, Clinton or Obama. Oh oh I got it…BIDEN!! YES!! NAILED IT!!!

    2. can we scratch “North Korea” from the very short list of trumps achievements HAHAHAHAHA
      the wannabe dictator got played by the dictator

  6. Dam!! I think the world needs to take a chill pill for all our sake this year has just been to much drama

    1. you think this is worrisome? wait till u find out the china india facing off. 3 indians army killed just hours ago already

  7. What deadlock? Kim still making missile and we got worse president taking sides with the enemies and say lot of bull to make people to believe him or trying to make himself like a victim so the people feel sorry for him. Why people are so bind. Tell me what good things he did. He don’t work hard. He wasted our tax money for trump going to golf. He golf way more the president Obama. Not only that people told him so many times before visiting there Factory. Is to put on a mask and gloves on and he didn’t. Those people have to destroy it because of trump. We way behind people. We still in the first wave and people still dying. Not only that we got protest are mad. I can’t blame them.

  8. Note: The possibility of a war opening is very slim, but an all-out war in East Asia is not even the simply Korean War, but start the WW III.
    Also, NK must prepare to be retaliated at least several times more if it launches another small military provocation after five years ago.

    1. Kims sister is really acarry because She looks like she believes every word of her brothers propaganda about what “NK” can do to the world , and survive even !

    1. Ahhahahahhaha! 😆😆😆😆😆 I wasn’t expecting to laugh as I read down through the comments…but you got me good!

  9. Trump can’t just tell the chubby little guy he loves him and then ignore him, he’s not a trump wife.

    1. @Ancel Rick no surprises. The young man rocked man was playing with the stable genius. Sure enough the stable genius bragged he was even in love with Kim Jong un. 😂🤣

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