Southern Africa being ‘demonized’ for transparency in Omicron discovery

South African High Commissioner to Canada Sibongiseni Dlamini-Mnambo discusses the travel ban restricting travellers from southern Africa.

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  1. what does she expect? I bet their country would have done the same. It has become an international “protocol” during the pandemic. The ban to travel is not forever. Remember India, Spain, Italy and so forth?

  2. Closing the borders won’t stop it but it slows it down. However I do want clarification why countries who don’t have cases are being banned but others who have are not, if that’s true, then it needs to change to be more accurate

  3. Lady speaker correct “EXORCISED, EXORCISE, EXORCIST” all would be correct if Transparency and Light to Penetrate.

  4. Don’t worry South Africa, Canada will soon have to borrow your firefighters again to deal with the floods and so they will need to cancel the flight ban.

  5. Why call it COVID variant? Give it a fancy name such as POP Cookie disease or POP chip disease. And maybe link it to some local alcohol drinks? Then you have no problem.

  6. South Africa’s screening protocol and modern research facility found this new variant, the rest of Africa is not as advanced as they are and cannot screen for this variant, so who knows if it’s not already spreading in those countries? it more than likely is.

  7. She’s right. They found it and warned other Countries who Already Have It but didn’t announce it, yet they’re the ones banned.

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