Southern Baptists grapple over key issues in pivotal annual meeting 1

Southern Baptists grapple over key issues in pivotal annual meeting


There's a political fight brewing inside the nation's largest Protestant denomination as the Southern Baptist Convention gathered in Nashville for its annual meeting. CNN's Nick Valencia reports. #CNN #News


    1. @John Bohica  People believe what they will believe. Not everything people believe is true ( nor does everybody believe the same) but they have the right to believe as they should. If the government interfered into what you think there wouldn’t be any freedom. At some point what if someone who is contrary to your beliefs got to power? The result would be that you would loose your freedom( thought, speech, religion, etc.). The freedom of religion( or lack there of) is for everyone no matter personal beliefs (weather that is to believe or not) to prevent for one centralized religion or belief system. It is protection not only for you but for everyone. The United States is a country with many religions, beliefs, backgrounds, etc. Like a said before it is not cookie cutter.

    2. @John Bohica  Btw this video is not about politics but about doctrine. The question of the interviewer was “Should the largest Protestant denomination in the United States embrace critical Race Theory? …” this has nothing to do with government but more to do with that specific Church. As it was the Southern Baptist Church Convention.

    3. @John Bohica Do you require anything else of me besides your financial enrichment to secure my salvation Lord?

      I’ve been witnessing to my wife in the hours since you’ve enlightened me; I believe that she would be on board with sacrificing our newborn son, Macgruber Jr., to you so long as it pleased you and would ensure his place in eternal paradise.

      Your will, not mine Lord…

    4. @Vital Signs
      Not kids in Florida where they try to mandate moments of prayer silence in schools. Get it out of our schools

    1. @IronskullGM Science and faith are in direct opposition of one another.

      Faith is belief without evidence, while the scientific method says that evidence determines truth.

      Take your pick; you can’t have both.

    2. @IronskullGM If you’re not willing to acknowledge the possibility that the men who devised the Christian belief system could be wrong as to the existence of the god that they describe, your mind isn’t engaged in a search for truth, it’s ensnared in a belief system.

    3. @Pamela Hornick 100 percent agree. But for instance if your opposing political party wins in office then isn’t that forcing you to live by their beliefs…? Who is to blame, school teachers, parents, churches, media, for convincing the majority of individuals that their side is “better”?

      Each individual has the ability to chose, wether they follow blindly or carefully make a decision they all made a choice

    4. @Macgruber well man didn’t devise the christian belief and no one should esteem them as higher than anyone else much less a god (this is supported by scripture).
      The men in the bible taught from what Jesus taught, they didn’t come up with there own beliefs- Paul even condemns any man who teaches a gospel contrary to the one of Jesus – so if anyone strays from the word of God they are “accursed” (it’s in the bible).

      What claims specifically within biblical/historical Christianity would fold like a house of cards?

    5. @TeddyBear Claims of a messiah returning to take the followers of the Christian belief system to paradise.

      It’s been thousands of years; how long are you willing to wait until you acknowledge that these men were wrong?

  1. He’s so proud that there are no SBC members who are moderate, he can’t answer her simple questions, and he stares into the camera with a confused open mouth. The SBC is gross and he’s not changing that.

    1. @Diane N Watson My goodness no!
      The intent is very clear that separation of church and state is not to keep the state out of the mouths of the church but to keep the state from indoctrinating or denying any religious practice. Unfortunately (especially in schools) you hear this rhetoric and it’s sad to see. It separates the states say in church matter. Anything other than that is a clear negligent understanding of dozens of documentation from that era

    2. @Video Time Capsule if you take your money and spend it at the store then they are taxed again. I see no difference with the church. The church is selling approval. The churches tell their members that they are better than everyone else and are going to Heaven because they live righteous lives. Church members pay to be told they are righteous. Lol. At least real charities are doing something for the community and the world.

    3. @Zac F also, it would be great if churches fed the hungry, stood up for justice, and comforted the captive but they don’t. Most churches say if you’re hungry get a job, if you were arrested you are guilty, and if you’re in jail then good that’s where you belong. They don’t even consider the people with mental illnesses that can’t hold a job. I have met a total of 3 people out of the many churches around me that engaged in prison/jail ministry. Only one church had an actual program for prison ministry and trust me there are a lot of churches around me here in Georgia. A church on almost every corner. I live in a small town and the church listings take two pages in the phonebook.

    4. @Pamela Hornick The church isn’t selling anything…it’s a building. Taxing the money that church members provide would be like taxing a savings account.

    5. @Pamela Hornick There are leftist people of faith but they tend not to be associated with major churches. You should check out “Abolition Apostles” They’re a nondenominational volunteer group that helps prisoners transition back to civilian life.

    1. @Ben Shapyro nah he is right, theyre cowards that like to talk tough, but really arent. just like you

    2. @Andrew Alderman I interpreted that particular usage of “nuts” as meaning ” loony” or “crazy”. I think Kenneth W. Lovette interpreted the usage as a male’s equipment/function. Although I could be wrong.

    1. All that the RepubliCon cult talk about are these Evilgelicals… that’s completely clear.
      No Taxation without Representation… so hey, Evilgelicals… You want that house you worship in and tithe on Sundays and Wednesdays to have a voice in America’s Democracy and Politics? Then keep lobbying for that Representation, but Uncle Sam is coming to look at Your Books… and I don’t mean the Fairy Tale one, either.

    2. @Jack Dorseys Mom All that the RepubliCon cult talk about are these Evilgelicals… that’s completely clear.
      No Taxation without Representation… so hey, Evilgelicals… You want that house you worship in and tithe on Sundays and Wednesdays to have a voice in America’s Democracy and Politics? Then keep lobbying for that Representation, but Uncle Sam is coming to look at Your Books… and I don’t mean the Fairy Tale one, either.

    3. @eltorocal Evangelicals is the wrong word. Fundamentalists is your word.

      Many of the evangelical churches are even quite pro-lgbt.

      Episcopilain too.

      Catholics, Baptists, and United Evangelicals are the rotten apples.

  2. I don’t know, uh, I got it: “Everyone is equal!” why don’t they start there. Based on the commentary that I’ve heard, a large percentage of them have to begin the process of pulling the heads out of their asses, some might call this ” critical thinking”

  3. If the church wants to get rid of the separation clause I would be more than happy to have them pay taxes too

    1. @Barbara Ann You’d have to ge more specific. I dont comment on senseless statements. I also do not believe in clumping everyone into the same category based on their religion. Nor can I join your cause until I have specific examples of the things you’ve mentioned.

    2. @pigskiner4life just look to the laws passed against abortion. Just look to the evangelicals contributing billions to campaigns and lobbying. It isn’t hard to find if you are sincere in your comments

    3. @Joy Hopkins point one, it’s revelations 22:18
      #2, you infact did tell @dayone to have fun in hell, that’s judgmental.
      #3 you say you don’t care about me, you tell @dayone to have fun in hell, would Jesus say those words to anyone?
      #4 you are the personification of complete self righteous ignorance.
      A phoney stupid hippocrate that doesn’t know the difference in the word (your, and you’re).
      You aren’t qualified to be a leader of anyone, except thoes who are ignorant like you.

  4. Oh yeah so you’re all about the Catholic Church coming up admitting their abuses but we don’t want to talk about abuses in our congregation?

  5. _”When you say separation of Church and State, you are basically — you are basically discriminating against a group of people.”_

    Think you have that backwards. They are trying to prevent the discrimination of people from religious ideologues.

    1. Wrong on all accounts. This was never the intent of the statement. Total Jefferson skew. Research your history before you embarrass yourselves.

    2. @Hiram Abel oh, so what was the intent then? Cause I dont see how it can be interpreted as any other way than she wanting to have a christian nation. And as under all religious states, discrimination follows.

  6. God, I can’t even stomach finishing this BS. Southern Baptism is satinism poorly disguised as Christianity

  7. He actually said ” I have an obligation to my people, to teach them, to not listen to fables”.

  8. “In Christ there is no color” – says the woman.
    Looking at the crowd of people in her congregation, I agree. There doesn’t seem to be any color in sight.

    1. @Dee Berry if you don’t like the “white evangelical church,” there are plenty of black churches you can attend. I’m sure you don’t think black people expressing their racial identity is blasphemous or satanic, though. Read a bible and be quiet when men preach, Jezebel.

    2. @John Smith Boo hoo truth hurts. You don’t want to give proof because you can’t provide any. You’re the one who’s lazy touting all this separation ish with no proof. And now all of sudden it’s white genocide. Where oh where are the violins ? Cry me a river why don’t you. You will never have command over me. If you dont like what I’m saying quit writing. You come for me and I’ll keep coming back for you.

  9. When you can’t even agree on your own religion, that’s when you know your religion is BS!

  10. These pastors are just scheming to get more members to get more money and we all know how easy it is to trick these tiki torch owners

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