1. Because if all debts in the world were paid off, there wouldn’t be a single penny in circulation. Gotta spend money to make money.

  1. Pass the real infrastructure bill. The one sitting on Nancy’s desk. 1.2 trillion dedicated to infrastructure not welfare .

    1. @Reason
      Kind of sad , everyone wants an infrastructure package but we may not get one because of the new liberal definition of infrastructure.

  2. Those are Excellent questions to ask when considering Legislation to be Passed, “What are We Investing In?” & “Who’s Paying For It?”.

    1. So you supported arming The Taliban with Blackhawks and Tanks? You supported more kids in cages and rapes. You supported leaving Americans behind, America using Foreign oil, High taxes, No transparency, No Borders, Pride flag over American flag. Yea… You must be a Democrat

    2. @Allan Burns No, I support America, Energy Independent, Secured Borders, less kids in cages, right to try act, human trafficking act, below $2. Gas, cheap lumber, and No Wars

    1. @Tommy r Westbrook lol yes i do… because im not blaming the dude who has been in office for 9 months… because thats idiotic.

  3. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕🖕

    1. Corporations have paid nothing but use our streets, facilities, bridges, et al and yet pay their employees less than full time to avoid paying benefits of health insurance and retirement benefits. This forces their employees onto social services benefits that we all pay for – yep corporations need pay

  4. Just pass the real infrastructure bill, and permanently table the $3.5 trillion, pork laden, boondoggle. I’m tired of both potholes and inflation.

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