Spanish Prime Minister Travels To U.S. In Effort To Promote Business 1

Spanish Prime Minister Travels To U.S. In Effort To Promote Business


Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez is in the U.S. promoting Spanish businesses, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss along with the coronavirus.

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Spanish Prime Minister Travels To U.S. In Effort To Promote Business


    1. @L.T.M. A. The life of a politician will always be fraught with the greater % of the 50/50 split in a society. Impossible to be perfect, and 99% of people are self-serving, anyway. But yeah, in general, I vote AGAINST a politician, not necessarily FOR the other, hehe.

    2. @Charlotte Ferrari-Girault not true. Aznar didn”t speak english when he Was President. He learned later.. And Zapatero spoke french.

    1. @Begoña Antequera Chica se le pueden criticar muchas cosas, pero comunista Pedro Sánchez… jajajajaja es que sois adorables

    2. @Gabriel Diez he is not a socialdemocrat…Socialdemocrat was Felipe González or even Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, but he is a totally different thing

    3. @El Progre TOP Efectivamente, se vendió como socialista para al final tirar a la derecha en políticas económicas en cuanto llegó al gobierno, como hacen casi todos.

    1. @Angry Anchovy What a stupid comment. If you can’t tell apart a social democrat from a “commie”, then you must be a card-carrying ignorant.

  1. I look forward to getting someone like him – agewise, so he can be around for as long as we need him.

    1. The one who completely ignores him and is a shame for all Spaniards is Joe Biden. He does not even receive it when he visits the USA.
      When a president of Spain travels to the United States and they ignore him being Spain a huge historical milestone in that country, it is painful. Embarrassing community manager

    2. The comments are so mean??? He’s the leader of the socialist party here in Spain so many far right people hate him for no reason here. The youth here loves him because he’s got a pretty cool uncle vibe to him and also we make a lot of memes and he even acknowledges them the same way

    1. @VDVíctor HAHAHA Podemos socialist… give me some of what you just smoked bro has to be good stuff

    2. @El Progre TOP They actually are. And you would see it if you read a book or two about socialism and communism, instead of blindly following what the leaders of certain extreme right wing parties tell you to repeat. Parties which only try to move the political centre to the right so anything that may look like socialism is regarded as extremist communism and thus, a danger and a problem. In any case, it doesn’t matter what I say or how much I try to create a logical argument, you will just use some bad word or copycat argument from you know where to try to invalidate what I say, so I won’t even bother anymore. Bye, have an awful day 🙂

    3. @VDVíctor Solo tendría que leer el programa de Podemos para ver que son socialdemócratas y que el Psoe quizás lo fuera en los 80, pero ahora están más en el centro derecha. Pero qué vas a discutir con un facha, si esta gente ni lee ni razona. Y muchas de las cosas que dice Pedro en el vídeo y que le alaban fueron idea de Podemos justamente, mientras que miembros del Psoe se oponían.

    4. @Palitopollito Lo de la vacunación no es mérito suyo, ya que las dosis las compra la Unión Europea y las suministran las comunidades autónomas

    1. espero que tengáis como mínimo un B2 si no ya podéis estar borrando vuestros comentarios charitos

  2. Smart Prime Minster. Happy to see that. Great that women are playing a strong role in Spain. 👏👏

    1. @Muerthogari no. I only want intelligent and prepared women so that Spain is a great country as before. no, only women who are there just for being women.

    2. Since he’s in charge, women at Spain have decreased their well being. Just check the data.

    1. If you keep him 30 million spaniards will be forever grateful, but keep him far away from Spain

    2. @El Progre TOP if 30 m people don’t want him ….why is he president? …. If Santi & Pedro couldnt get more than 50% of the vote of a population of 42m what makes you think we don’t want him (for your information 24m people voted- in 2019 your 30m people not wanting him was pulled out of your but!…. Not sure about your maths …. You must come from the corrupt pp who used to recieve little brown packets filled with cash …. And they are pretty similar to the republicans at the moment!

    3. @Gela Perez jajaja. Exacto yo pongo mi parte también, eso si que sería una buena inversión quitarse a este elemento de una vez por todas

    1. @Nachone fascist vox voter? Or community manager of PP speaking. Did You received orders? Stop lying.

    2. @Mónica Bravo Sánchez lying? Those are OBJECTIVE facts. The worst management of the pandemic among the advanced economies (Cambridge), the highest unemployment rate in the UE, the greatest GDP loss of the whole OCDE ( -10,9 %), 1,5 M people in the hunger lines asking for food, 125% of debt rate and at the verge of being economically intervened… Those are lies?

    3. @Nachone he’s not communist… Communism is North Korea and they aren’t similarbat all

    4. @David Mares Giner I didn’t say that. I said his partners in the Goverment coallition are communists. And the government coallition is supported from outside by the nationalists to be in charge. He hasn’t been able to reach any agreement with the rest of national political parties. In 2019 he forced a repetition of national elections to look for a greater support and he received less support of the people, which lead to form a Frankestein coallition (as it was referred to by an former leader of his own party) with communists and vasque and catalan nationalists, the ones that organized an illegal referendum that lead them to be in jail.

      Imagine in your country a Goverment that is supported by the ones that want it to be torn appart !!!

    1. And Cuba and Venezuela regimes supporter too. And he is goberning in monority with terrorists and nationalists help.

  3. What a PR dream. Im immediately so much more interested in Spain. Great policies and delivered eloquently in such a presentable package.

    1. @Hispánica not most of Spaniards, babe, if it was the case he wouldn’t be the president 😘

    2. @Inma González El presidente con menos apoyos de la democracia y que se ha tenido que asociar con comunistas, separatistas y terroristas para gobernar. Que no se te olvide, “babe”

    3. @JaviGDP Al que no tiene pinta de que se le vaya a olvidar es a ti, porque joder como os gusta repetir la cantinela.

    4. @JaviGDP bueno mejor eso que un gobierno que apoyase una puta dictadura🤣 Aparte no sabe usted lo que es comunismo, ya que lo que dicen ellos no se parece en nada. Tienen de comunista lo que tu de rojo

  4. He lied to you un so many times I Lost the count. Hos point of view is so unique, nobody else shares It.
    No offense Americanos, same is done here every day

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