Speaker Nancy Pelosi Not Backing Down On Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The house did their job, you do not get to decide how the Senate does theirs. Where is the initial sense of urgency? Now you are causing the biggest delay.

    1. @Pensa Simpson Is this at all like how the Democratic’s said they would impeach Trump before any evidence came to light? Wasn’t there literally a poster during the house impeachment that said they had to remove trump… I think it says “if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.” Do you not see the hypocrisy in your own comments?

    2. Rushing now would let the Republican co-conspirators sweep Trump’s crimes against America under the rug. Republicans aren’t even pretending they will hold a real trial.

    3. @Brion Stronghold thanks for your goverment trump killing 63 Canadian I can not tell how much I hate you and your country trumpers…if only I had a smart bomb white 64 years old gramma

  2. How about when this fails and trump gets an extra term because of it. We vote pelosi and schumer out of office

    1. @Donald Henson That’s not true, it was completely fair.

      No, they don’t get to question the whistleblower. Sheesh! That’s part of the law that protects whistleblowers. Don’t you understand that?

      They didn’t have control of witness’. In fact, Trump was obstructing the process by ordering people to ignore subpoenas and not testify.

      McConnell and others who publicly declared they will NOT be fair and impartial jurors are breaking their oaths of office. That should be enough to be removed from their seats, at the very least.

    2. @UK violent crime rate is 2x higher than USA’s rate That is total BS. The President can face accusers-but he won’t testify under oath.

      And facing his accusers happens at the TRIAL.

      Unconstitutional? That’s McConnell and his buddies who are breaking their oaths of office!

    3. @Tammy Nelson tammy, the house impeachment began in secret in a bunker and the Republicans had no control over anything.
      it was a partisan 1 sided show in the house, so how can you expect the republican not to make it 1 sided in the senate?
      you cant have your cake and eat it too…
      there is no hope for you it seems.
      the whistle blower isnt some person above scrutiny.
      you guys are just claiming he is so he doesnt have to be scrutinized which will show that he has no substantive argument.
      im a democrat Tammy, and you should learn to be objective like me.
      what the democrats are doing is partisan and wrong, and the republicans are doing the same.

    1. @Ryan Jonas I guess you could say this is *Trump’s* fault they didn’t treat him like an outsider and he got elected. So now they’re treating *Yang* like they’ve been treating *Trump* since his Election🤷

    1. @Richard Christie Did you even watch the impeachment hearings?! They straight up asked EVERY witness if they have ANY first hand knowledge of what’s happened and EVERY WITNESS SAID NO…. THAT DOES NOT FLY IN A REAL** COURT HEARING.. THAT IS NOT EVIDENCE.

      Basically by that ideology I could accuse you of what ever I wanted and in court I could say I heard it from someone else and they would legally be able to convict you of a crime ALL BECAUSE I SAID I HEARD IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE.

      You’re a joke… why dont you join a side that actually has facts supporting the claim.

    2. @VIDEOMAN6002 Man, you guys offer vacuous arguments. That’s not true on its face, there was a lot of first hand testimony to what was going on in and around Trump in his dealings with Ukraine. Trump obstructed the appearance of many, not all, of the first hand witnesses to his meetings because such witnesses would just add certainty to an already overwhelming and airtight case against him. He also refuses to allow examination of documented evidence and paper trails.
      Finally, know that using allcaps doesn’t reinforce your arguments, rather, it does the opposite.

  3. Literally admitted that they’re holding them for political reasons lol. Do your job and let the president do his. Voters can see through this crap

  4. The impeachment was highly partisan and controlled by the majority party in the House. Why should the Senate be different?

    1. @Problematic 1 Analogies are seldom exact, this one was adequate enough to make the point.
      Your comments miss by initial point which was to refute the assertion or insinuation made that Congressional inquiries and impeachment were a process unfair to the president. They weren’t unfair, the president had full opportunity to participate and present his case..

    2. Senators are required to take a special oath before they begin an impeachment proceeding. it includes “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.” Yes, it’s different, and both McConnel and Graham have pre-emptively violated it.

    3. @Stephen Tomsky This is the oath: “I solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be,) that in all things appertaining to the trial
      of the impeachment of , now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the

      Constitution and laws: so help me God.” And what if the Senators are aware that the impeachment process itself was hopelessly partial? Are they not bound to reject such a tainted process? The courts don’t allow evidence tainted by police or prosecutorial misconduct.

  5. So instead of hearing from these so called witnesses BEFORE impeaching the president, they impeached him without finishing the investigation?!?! Doesn’t sound very proper

    1. @The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump Do you support assassinating Putin too? because that’s about equivalent of what you’re contending here you obviously Troll account.

    2. @Stephen Tomsky As long as they are waiting on the rules of trial. They have time to collect more evidence. Or change four senators mind for a vote on witnesses.

    3. @may wilson You are illiterate and stupid. A vice president cannot be impeached. New reports Dem investigation of Pence to impeach him after impeaching Trump.

    4. @Eric Fical He literally did not. Have you read the transcript? He never even came close to saying he will withhold anything.

      Could be summed up as “You are an ally, we are giving you aid, and I would like you to investigate a serious international crime.”

      Have you seen Joe Biden (on camera mind you) literally issuing a quid pro quo to Ukraine? How Biden funneled tax payer dollars directly into his sons bank account by having him as a board member of a major corporation in Ukraine?

      Or do you just let the MSM spoon feed you fake news?

  6. What an embarrassment she is to the country and the great state of CA….People pls stop voting for these individuals they are ruining our state…>ENOUGH

    1. You guys don’t have the balls! You would elect a shriveled turnip if it it had a (D) next to it! That would be an improvement over all the 🐴💩 people you send to represent you that I have seen in sixty years!

    1. Joey S ………….  Hey Stupid, Republicans brought impeachment against Bill C. after 7 years unable to smear him with phony RE and other crap . A domestic affair was the only bad thing they could dig up . And get this: Republicans Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Helen Chenoweth, Henry Hyde, Bob Barr ALL had previous or ongoing sexual affairs while persecuting Clinton . Bill Clinton’s POULARITY of 70%  made that joke of an impeachment trial ‘fair’ .

  7. Nancy is not backing down but McConnell runs the Senate, so no article will ever be sent to the Senate.

  8. There’s a resolution coming that will force her to deliver the articles by Friday or they will be dismissed completely.

    1. keep dreaming. There are no explicit rules regarding impeachment. Pelosi is smarter than the republicunts and she actually listens to her advisors. She’s holding all the cards in this situation. The Constitution succinctly give Congress control of impeachments.

    1. Brion Stronghold – I think that’s where both the Democratic Party and MSM/SocialMedia are missing the point. Americans hate two thing BULLIES and being BSed … while Trump is a bumbling, blustering blowhard the way he and his administration have been/are being presented is creating MORE supporters not less.

    2. @glibgrin Look up “Gracie Bullyproof” and watch a few videos. You pretty much hit the nail on the head of why i’m voting Trump and i knew it literally right after the election when all the violence started. I’m as anti bully and anti lies as it gets. Trump needs legit criticism. The economy was a bubble under Obama and it still is under Trump because the fundamentals haven’t changed.

  9. “She doesn’t need to listen to them”..? The Senate doesn’t need to listen to her either… She has zero authority over the Senate.

    1. If the Senate wishes to conduct on its own a sham, fake trial with no pertinent witnesses being called, go right ahead. See how the American electorate reacts.

    2. @Herman47 I’m with ya Herm, just like the house of congress! Good to see we agree……
      Stupid is as stupid does. quote: Forrest gump’s mom

    Mark Twain

    1. Wes Anderson – If you guys can briefly defer from the verbal slug fest…May I make a comment referring back to the initial Mark Twain quote. It’s been well documented that McConnell has used his position in the Senate to become one of the richest men in America. Trump has loudly proclaimed that he would not be taking the $400,000/year presidential salary. However, thus far the costs of his dragging the Secret Service on Air Force One with him all over the world and on his weekly golf trips has equalled 296 times what America would have paid him. He’s the very most expensive president America has ever had. It will be a good thing when his upkeep is nolonger the taxpayer’s responsibility. Meanwhile, Trump has left a number of cities throughout America stuck paying the bills for his “rallies” during his presidency. He started these “rallies” the day after the inauguration and has continued them ever since. He’s just not paying for them.

    2. @sean thomas… your comments are childish..grow up and grow a pair…we won the election so stop whining and take your medicine nothing you say carries any weight and their are far more patriots here than weakminded cowards like you. as i said we won. so your words fall into emptiness..bye byeeeee…

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