Speaker Pelosi Considers Adding GOP Members To Select Committee 1

Speaker Pelosi Considers Adding GOP Members To Select Committee

House Speaker Pelosi is considering adding Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a staunch Trump opponent, to the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. 

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Speaker Pelosi Considers Adding GOP Members To Select Committee


    1. @may wilson And Texas DemoKKKrats, illegals are NOT getting vaccinated…. just bussed around the country.

    2. @The Democrat’s Folly if you got your vax why don’t you try to talk your buddies into getting theirs .

  1. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @The Democrat’s Folly LMAO What? Stop with the silly statements and just admit you have no idea what you are talking about.

    2. If it had been an armed insurrection, there wouldn’t be any democrats or RINO’s left. Study history. Start with the french revolution and work your way through the 1917 Russian revolution. And try to ween yourself from the leftist media. They are taking advantage of simple minded people that are unable to think critically.

  2. As a lifelong independent, it appears to me that the Republican Party has built its house on the lies of Trump and every nail holding them up is a dishonest one. This is a house that no thinking American should want to enter at all. Any storm of honesty will bring it crumbling down, despite today’s protests of its fraudulent builders.

    1. @River’s Teeth
      Additionally, we would blame the US for the 1918 ‘Spanish’ Flu if we follow his logic. While it was first identified and reported by Spanish news reporters, the disease is now known to have originated in Kansas.

    2. @zidge1751 Chinese trolls are losing face because Americans like me are talking bout how they murdered, 5,000,000 people, so far, with a virus we know they made in the Wuhan lab…

    3. @Rose Faulkingham Why?…Triggering Libs like you with facts is the most fun I’ve had in years…

    1. @Mary Lamb when we’re there ANY actual investigation ,repugnant have blocked any bipartisan investigation by voting to ignore January and ” move on ” !

    2. @Censorship Is real if those Democrats were backing an insurrection against the US Government.

  3. Trump was behind McCarthy’s rejected committee picks. When will the GOP figure out that everything Trump gets his hands on turns into sh!t? He is destroying the GOP and possibly the whole country. Rather than holding any GOP lawmakers who were complicit in the insurrection, McCarthy is trying to shield them. It’s not going to work.

    1. @Junie Bugg Junie, I don’t take meds or what the controlled left media is selling. If you can, find a copy of the original movie Fahrenheit 451 from the late 1960’s. Near the beginning of the movie , you will see Linda Montag watching her wall unit ( flat panel tv, how prophetic ) . You will see a similarity to what we are experiencing today. The government controls the agenda and the sheep can’t wait to be shorn. As for indictments, research Hunter Biden’s laptop which has video of him molesting young girls. There is also reference to the “big guy” who got 10% of monies extorted from Burisma Oil in Ukraine. You may be surprised who the big guy is. I hope you don’t live in a city Junie. The radical left is moving forward and violent crime in the cities is escalating. Thank the democrats, they want to defund the police.

    2. @Anna Jorgensen Tell me Anna, when you watch Biden being bearably able to complete a coherent sentence , does that instill confidence. America is sinking fast under this administration. Just look around. Violent crime increasing, defunding the police, fuel prices up , almost 200K illegal border incursions per month, 6+ trillion added to the debt in a few months, the IMF planning , with Biden’s blessing , to remove the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. I could go on, but you and I are about to experience what happens when Marxists push through the final phase of their agenda. When this gets as bad as it probably will under the democrats , you will wish Trump or someone like him will put America first.

    3. McCarthy got mad at trump during the revolt and went to Mara Lago to Chuck Norris but got whipped n his brain replaced with dark rich Trumpy crystals.

    1. @mike briganti Why is there 1400 hours of video, yet Trump and his cronies are saying it was a “love fest” of kissing and hugging. LMAO. Go play. Adults are talking

    2. LOL…yeah, like the Democrats’ resistance to fact finding over the 2020 election theft and installment of an illegitimate Creepy Joe Biden.

  4. Why don’t they stop playing these games and just put him on. They know they’re going to do it.. Just do it and get started.

    1. but in this case, unlike Benghazi, there’s tons of FACTUAL footage to support the obvious notion of insurrection and aggravation by Lump.

    2. Actually I think thy are trying to avoid that. Benghazi didn’t go well for them as they found their own party was at fault there both for turning down security and for not making an effort to clear up communications in such a touchy oporation.

  5. In all fairness, the GOP are very skilled at muddying the waters, and they have so few other skills that they are excedingly limited in what else they can do.

  6. The Democrats created this committee, they can place whomever they want to sit on it. The Republikkkans were offered the chance for EQUAL participation before…..they rejected it and therefore should have ZERO say on what happens now .

    1. After the Republicans in the House voted against the 50-50 committee, they have exactly zero say from now on. Pelosi rules.

    2. Only 35 Republicans, in the House, voted for the Jan. 6 commission. Nobody who voted against that commission should be on the committee.

    1. @mike briganti LMFAO you have no clue what “antifa” is do you. I’m going to be giggling about that for a while. Thanks for the amusement.

    2. @mike briganti I’m Antifa..
      It’s American citizens against facicum and that’s it…
      What’s the problem with that statement?????
      Antifa is not a Demacrat or Republican thing and it has no leader

    3. @mike briganti Mike, wouldn’t you rather be a Russian than a Democrat? Just admit it. You’re Anti-American, maybe even an anarchist…definitely a fascist. It’s ok, Mike, to admit you need your Big Daddy to tell you what to think.

    1. @Davis Hernandez telling facts . Only one that likes liden biden in office is china..

      How else they get drugs in.
      Voter fraud ..facts..

  7. This investigation is going to happen weather The GOP wants it to or not. Any Republican even slightly involved in the insurrection is getting found out.

    1. @Jamtommy but the thing was inteneded to overthrow the US government, and all those involved need to be arrested

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Sometimes irony gets lost in subtle sarcasm. At least everyone has an interest to find out more about how this happened and by whom.

    1. @Deborah Freedman I agree they used to be the “common sense” party but their change happened well before Trump. The anti-science, anti-education, anti-expert mentality has become one of their tent poles. Taking a higher priority over things like fiscal conservatism and small government. Trump took things to the extreme, but it’s been their brand for awhile now.

    2. @Mark Cicero Because unlike about 40% Americans Adam Kinzinger KNOWS that Joe Biden’s election was legitimate. There, fixed that for you

  8. “A fine representative within his district and his state loves him…” How many republicans do you hear THAT about?

  9. The best thing Nancy Pelosi could have ever done not letting them Republican lying circus clowns in the committee

    1. @John Raines you clearly haven’t been following this.
      GOP voted against a bipartisan 1/6 commission

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