Speaker Pelosi Discusses ‘Defund The Police,’ Reforming Policing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Most police are consistent with the oath to preserve and protect…..good ofdicers like the good protesters should not be stereotyped for the actions or agendas of the few

    1. depends, if a good cop is looking away or protecting a bad cop then he is a bad cop too. and that is what happens way too often.

    2. yep defund the police in the democrat cities and see how that works out for you. i’m all for it lol

    1. @Jeremy Teed I’m not lonely , stop projecting.
      I dont need to rally around a group of fake oppressed people with poor cultural embraces and behavior patterns and bootlick them to belong to a group propelling the myth of a systemic mechanism of false oppression to belong. Only desperate clowns like yourself would gravitate to such a group with a absurd narrative.
      Stop bootlicking the fake oppressed .

    2. @Jeremy Teed What about voter ID and abortion?What about “poor kids are just as smart as white kids”? joe Biden?What about”Obama speaks pretty well for a Black man” Joe Biden? What about “If you don’t vote for me,then you aint Black”Joe Biden? What about all the Dems that wore Blackface? Yeah, the Dems are still the racists.

    3. @David Eby no dems aren’t racist..republicans aren’t racist…RACIST ARE RACIST. ALOT of white Americans are racist…I know because some family members of mine are cut off because they take issue with me having a Brazilian and black wife.
      The issue when it comes to politics is that MORALITY is based on party. ..you have republicans that bash dems when unfortunately there are COUNTLESS RNC members being ousted as racist..with FACTS BACKING UP CLAIM..for example you said Biden mentioned Obama speaks well for a black guy…Trump said “maga love’s THE blacks” see my point ? Then you have ppl in comments using the riots to undermine BLM this is the same thing that happens every time African Americans want EQUALITY. The issue is ever since trump came into office (not blaming him) RACIST are emboldened every day there’s a new racially charged issue..what needs to happen is racism or prejudice needs to be made ILLEGAL just like black voting ,owning property BEING FREE wearing shoes was illegal..racism should be illegal..as active USMC/HOG/SPECIAL FORCES. I hate fighting for a country that has gotten so divided it doesn’t seem like home..I’m 26 I’m deployed all the time.I spend 18 months away from my wife and twin girls fighting for America..for this? Maybe because I’m a .millennial I take it to heart but we need to look at the CAUSE then the EFFECT. Not look at effect and blame the effect also .

    1. No. Not really. The closest she got to it sounded like a reallocation on how the funds are distributed.

    2. You won’t hear anything but platitudes right now, from both parties. They just want the protests to end, for the sake of their own careers.

    3. Let’s be honest, how many times do you see politicians actually answer the questions on TV, or any interview?

    1. @Thomas Perry I’m gonna be honest with you I personally don’t think all 4 of them are going to serve jail time . I think the main cop will just not the others. I hope I’m wrong. The problem is charging them with 2nd degree murder. I don’t think those charges are going to be able to stick. Keith Ellison already said from the get go this is going to be very hard to charge them with this . You cant throw the book at people and charge them with higher degree crimes. You have to be able to prove intent. I believe the one cop sure.. The others? I’m not sure. I’m no legal expert or anything. I just have my doubts. They should not have given them higher charges. If any of them get off it’s not because of racism. Its they tried to over charge them. I think this is going to fail big time!

    2. Daniel Glover why are you still continuing this conversation? We’re approaching this from two vastly different angles, if all four of them aren’t charged and convicted of murder that means the system is RACIST, remember Rodney King? How easily some of us forget

    3. @Thomas Perry How in the world could this be racist? 1st of all you have zero evidence that The police officers specifically targeted him because he’s black. You have no way of knowing what his motive was. I already shared with you that article of which a police officer did that to a white person. Was that racially motivated? You cannot prove it was racist. The problem I will always have with democrats is you are too quick to scream racism! I mean you didn’t even know where I stood as far as what I wanted and you called me a bigot. Why? I want police reform and yet you called me a bigot… The problem is we have laws. Within these laws you are innocent until proven guilty. This is apart of what makes America great! You are in until proven guilty. The problem with keith Ellison is i think he wanted to try to keep the peace a little. So he decided to push the charges up higher. Deal with it next year when the trial will most likely happens. This is not about racism this is simply about proving the charges you put against them. I don’t understand why that is so difficult for you to understand.

    1. The same party you support….your phone and all electronics= China
      87%of the food you eat= China
      Essentially medical supplies =China
      Car parts= china…
      Trump = 4 hotels in China
      Real estate In China
      Ivanka = paid by china…….
      …so…therefore. .welcome to China bud..

    2. …the Steele Dossier we paid you for got exposed. Now, U.S. Attorney John Durham is coming.

  2. Maybe they should start with her government-funded security team. I thought I had heard all the insanity I would ever hear from the left then they out do themselves. I can’t prove it but I believe they orchestrated George Floyd’s murder then took the ball and ran with it just to make Trump look bad. Not the people I’d want running the government thrall George Soros lakis

  3. I saw Nancy kneeling. I cannot do it. The secret service will have to help me up. 😂Plus she had on high heels. Way to go Nancy 👏🏽👏🏽

  4. Every policeman in San Francisco should resign and tell Nancy Pelosi to FO on there way out the door.

  5. HeybNancy, how about defund your personal armed security. Also, can you tell us the last time You eat dinner in Watts or shopped in Compton?

  6. Nancy walks in, man starts singing acapella…sheeeeessss youurrrrr quueeeennn tooo beeeeee

    You doing too much girl. Pandering hard

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