Speaker Pelosi Reiterates Call For Independent Commission To Study The Capitol Siege | Deadline 1

Speaker Pelosi Reiterates Call For Independent Commission To Study The Capitol Siege | Deadline


NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake reports on the letter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent to her colleagues this afternoon urging lawmakers to appropriate funds for an independent commission to study the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and the bipartisan desire to get to the bottom of the breach. Aired on 02/15/2021.
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Speaker Pelosi Reiterates Call For Independent Commission To Study The Capitol Siege | Deadline


    1. That’s right bear .. Youtub sucks that way. Maybe causing more division that way, their own workers hitting the dislike button and highlighting the most divisive comments! . Reality type drama creates revenue.. Lmao

    2. They also delete comments if you post a link to another YouTube video about democrats doctoring evidence.
      We do not live in a free country. These people are monsters.

  1. They will validate and verify signatures for gov newsmon petition to remove him from office but not the election.

    1. @Victoria Warrior if there was no fraud why did they leave questionable doubt? I’m sure its because everyone voted for open gender bathrooms, open gender sports, raising taxes, open borders, and stopping fracking.

    2. @Socal Jackpotscratcher People voted to get rid of Trump. That’s all most of the voters cared about they didn’t care about anything else. I voted for Biden mainly to get rid of Trump.

    3. @JH Entertainment no one cares about trump. People care about transparency in government and elections and apparently cared about the way trump ran the country vs biden.

  2. You know, in a country with a free press one would assume it wasn’t necessary to hire someone to find all the details.

    1. Thinking the press is lying to you, that ‘they’ are out to get you is a sign of that ones mental wellness is not in check.

    2. Just because we have a Free Press (unless your ‘right’ of Stalin)…..

      ……Doesn’t mean we have an Honest Press .

    1. Can’t disagree with this. Feel like between 45 and 60 is a good temperate zone for enough experience but still has it together and can deal with stress. Also might still have a handle on new emerging tech and what laws or policies may be needed.

    1. @horseygurl143 the tone with which you said “right to lifers” is enlightening, is there something wrong with a baby fetus being allowed to grow to maturity? Is it possible that conservatives could care about the deaths on the 6th as well? Look at today’s news from NY times ,they lied for weeks about the circumstances of officer Sicknicks

    2. Just like Trump did when he was abusing the legal system. Knew he lost, but made sure anyone he didn’t vote, were going to pay for it

    3. @horseygurl143 Most of these right to lifers can’t put 2 + 2 together. You’re asking them to be brutally honest with themselves. Ain’t going to happen. They’re totally lacking in any real self -awarenessness beyond that little glimmer of truth they might perceive from Fox News.

  3. Giiiirrrrlll! Pelosi,you need to stop. Enough, get some real work done for the American people,if you even know how.

  4. Must hold the false narrative no matter what, rinse and repeat. Garbage media’s approval/trust level with the American people is barely above serial killers and child pornographers, but you’re gaining ground on them.

  5. The complete lack of security indicates total incompetence.
    End of report. (now tell us what you are trying to hide)

    1. @That Lady trumps lawyer also showed video of them saying they think he would be impeached before he was even elected!! This was bull from the start. The dems are afraid of trump because he can’t be bought.

    2. What did they doctor. Ask those families that lost relatives if they think that. Trump’s lawyers seem to have forgotten, Trump was still in office when this riot happened. It is constitutional and impeachable.

    3. @Patty so any president who is in office when a riot occurs should automatically be impeached? Think about what you say before you say it. That’s absolutely absurd. Violence happens every day. But what we dont go around blaming other for it. Take your grievances to the people who committed the violence. Absolutely nobody is defending what happened on Jan 6th.

    4. Definitely needs an investigation; why was security not increased knowing the violent hateful racist nature of the Trump supporters that were descending on the capitol? The March on the capitol was known for weeks, was it pure incompetence or intentional? Under who’s direction did the capitol police open the back gates and escort the the protesters in? A cynical person would ask if Pelosi wasn’t behind this “entrapment” operation.

  6. Term limits for senators/house reps seems to be the most bipartisan point of agreement I’ve ever seen. How about we get the ball rolling on that? The very concept of a ‘career politician’ is antithetical to the ideals this nation was founded on. For all intents and purposes, what’s the difference between an oligarchy and a democratically elected senate with the power of incumbency?

  7. We also need an independent commission to study the democratic cities that were burned and looted during the summer that various democrats incited.Lets get to the bottom of this in a bipartisan way.

  8. Man you whack jobs give new meaning to the old adage ” beating a dead horse” and by the way nan it seems as though you were told there could be something happening days before the 6th and yet you did nothing, what that be all about nan?

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