1. Finally someone getting on with the job of holding Trump accountable for his many and varied crimes. Although not holding my breath until he is actually indicted.

    1. @January Johnson I see you still haven’t caught on. When you get accused of not being to type anything except calling others ignorant, you should probably try to contribute something other than telling others they’re the ignorant ones. Just a suggestion. 😉

    2. @XVI I promised you in the past you’ll never prove me wrong on anything, today is not your lucky day derpnuts.

    3. @WE THE PEOPLE 🇺🇸 stop showing your ignorance and people wouldn’t call you ignorant. You’ve proven nothing, other than you like to antagonize and troll for kicks.

    4. @WE THE PEOPLE 🇺🇸 Most of the documents were returned in the initial return to NARA. The FBI had to raid Mar-a-lardo to recover the rest. So, yes, there were both 11,000 documents and then there was a smaller number later. You people are so simple minded. Do you actually think that was the “Gotcha!” you were hoping for?

    5. @mile_high_topher that’s an awful attempt at covering your humiliation lol. You went and googled it after arrogantly making a fool of yourself. The good news is you didn’t just go away and hide. The bad news is you went ahead and inserted your own narrative again to water down the embarrassment, bad move. The only place you saw “11,000 documents” is from the same media that tells you how to think.
      And then the elephant in the room … 100 documents in question, a warrant with specific documents to be seized, no charges.
      Again, it doesn’t take a few hours to determine if the documents on the warrant are in the box.
      Other than getting duped bad by the media once again, there are no logical explanations for 11,000 documents”. This is indeed a “gotcha” moment and you know it. 🤡

  2. At this point, I’d be happy if Donald Trump is legally not allowed to run for president ever again! He’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to the Republican Party and the most morally bankrupt president in American history!

  3. For most of us, simply thinking about most of the things Donald has done and committing those thoughts to social media would have us locked up by now. WTF?

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE 🇺🇸 Of course you perpetuate the myth that the DoJ is partisan and political – how could they protect Trump? You forget that in October 2016 then FBI Director announced the reopening of the probe into Hillary’s emails damaging her electoral chances. You simply ignore the FBI/DoJ actions that benefit Trump and the right!

    2. Yeah like what? What has he said on social media that would get any American locked up? Copy and paste a specific example.

    3. All this publicity is meant to take the eyes off of HUNTER BIDEN…. We all know that Nancy didn’t call for the FBI because they were ALREADY THERE….. and it was deliberate that Democrats told them to STAND DOWN… No wonder the FBI couldn’t find anything at Mar a Lago…. IT WAS ALL A SETUP…

    1. @David Drake Thanks for the clarification. I thought you were implying Trump – same as Capone – was just swell because it could be argued they both did some good in the world. Sorry for missing the point.

    2. @David Drake trump passed policies meant to help the black community get more jobs. are you saying its bad to help black people just because trump did it?

  4. The emperor’s new clothes.
    Any other American in possession
    Classified documents would
    Be in court or prison.

    1. In case you don’t know this little fact but the President can classify or declassify any documents seconds before he leaves office even if he doesn’t tell anyone that he did. Plus not returning any documents to the National Archives is not a criminal act there for doesn’t require anything other than a slap on the hand.

  5. Jack Smith seems to have what it takes to become an American hero…
    – Just an observation from an hopeful Norwegian.

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira <<< Fool who hasn't got a command of English defending a psychopath who wants nothing to do with non-native English-as-a-second-language speakers.

  6. Just waiting for Santa to give me a big, fat, Orange Christmas gift wrapped up in handcuffs and sent off to jail.

  7. Sadly I believe Trump will never spend a single night in jail. Different rules at the top regardless of party, it’s all the same sh!t show

  8. Donnie whines about emails then takes home boxes while crying about the Constitution. I like a President that isn’t a traitor.

    1. @Kevin Prestonyour orange daddy’s clothing lines are made in China. He does a lot of business in Red China. You didn’t know that, Red? Your daddy’s a traitor.

    2. @Richter Von Streed 😂 Oh no!! I’ve met my match.. you best me young lady. 🤯
      A political party colluding with a tech platform to censor their opposition’s ideas.. hmm. Censoring their talking points, censoring everything from their political enemy.. on a public platform without informing the users of that platform.. hmm
      Considering over 15% of voters who voted for Joe Biden would have changed their vote if THEY WERE CORRECTLY INFORMED of Hunters actions 🤭..but THATS not a crime? Remember when I said it’s a mental disorder?
      😂 Remember when that child tried to say the “n word” is up 500% since Elon took over twitter.. or whatever? 🤦‍♂ Considering this transaction of information is sooo hurtful and so destructive to society.. I wonder why she didn’t first try this “idea” on the record labels that produce rap music.. considering her argument, wouldn’t that be FIRST BASE?
      Mental disorder? ..it stars to smell like roses huh? ..sweet lady, assuming you finished your pint of ice cream.. what would you consider a political crime with media influence? You referenced Hunter, and I’ll assume you are well advised of his crimes against America yeah?

  9. So they have been investigating this for almost 2 years and they need more investigators to bring criminal charges? Why would anyone believe this will amount to anything with the track record of the justice department over the past few years?

    1. Oh goody. Another story about Trump. I’m so tired of CNN slamming demented potato head biden for destroying America 🙄

      Let’s go Brandon

    2. You are not paying attention! The DOJ has stopped the gaslighting and stalling by thfat *ss orange sh*t-stain! Sh*t is happening now! Grab your popcorn and strap in!

    3. Not quite two years. The investigation began in May 2021. There are 7 steps in a major criminal investigation and each step must be fully completed before moving on to the next step. Trump for example tore up many of the documents and although experts attempted to repair them, some were impossible to identify. His staff destroyed the majority of tweets, cell phone messages, and emails before Trump left the Whitehouse which I guess is another thorn in the side for the investigators. Although they were all warned (including Trump)that doing so was illegal, they still went ahead with the destruction.
      I believe the average time for a major investigation is around 2-3 years so hopefully Jack Smith will make his move early next year. Fingers and toes crossed!

  10. We went through the same thing with Mueller and that didn’t yield anything. Until I see Trump in court, the justice system still hasn’t redeemed itself. As a side note though, Trump being cross-examined in court would be dynamite

    1. actually the Mueller investigation did yield indictments prosecutions etc.
      but he was immune because he was a sitting president that was directly involved with the activities of the DOJ , he could block evidence and sequestered witnesses with Promises of Pardons

    2. He doesn’t have Bill Barr as head of the DOJ now? All Mueller committee members agreed there was more than enough to indict Trump back then…the WHOLE thing was quashed by Barr.

    3. @Me
      That special counsel wasted $40 million dollars of taxpayers money and even after searching for two years they found nothing. Trump didn’t control the DOJ like Obummer and Biden does for if he did many Democrats would have been in prison long ago.

    4. Mueller found 10-12 felonies. A sitting President can’t be indicted. He laid a path in his report to impeach Trump then charge him. It didn’t happen. Trump’s campaign had over 100 contacts with Russian government agents.–collusion isn’t a crime and Mueller couldn’t have Trump’s financials for the conspiracy.

  11. as someone born in the USA I would have to say that I agree their is a 2 tier justice system. America , you have issues.

    1. @Dalton Korab they knew what the people voted. They ignored it and certified Trump instead. They circumvented the voice of the people. THAT is more akin to China or Russia.

    2. @Aristophanes’ Ghost I’m sure that you’ll find out that it is exactly what that means. If you ever decide to read the United States Constitution.

    3. @Nico Crestmere the States legislators have the right under the United States Constitution to send in alternate electors if they feel that there was something wrong with the election. So if they do then it is up to the Vise President to count them or not.

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    2. @Vĩnh Nguyễn Thế Evil Records… YOU haven’t been investigated yet, have you?
      What’s your contact info? I can FIX it.

    3. All this publicity is meant to take the eyes off of HUNTER BIDEN…. We all know that Nancy didn’t call for the FBI because they were ALREADY THERE….. and it was deliberate that Democrats told them to STAND DOWN… No wonder the FBI couldn’t find anything at Mar a Lago…. IT WAS ALL A SETUP…

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