Special forces vet in Ukraine: ‘It really comes down to good vs. evil’

CNN's Sam Kiley speaks to a team of elite special forces veterans who have traveled to Ukraine to join the fight against Russia. #CNN #News


  1. I would say there is such a archetypical hero story here of “the every man”. The otherwise reluctant heroes among us and the gigantic courage in ordinary people. I’m so glad those American vets are truly seen for their value and that this could extend during ordinary life.I mean we need to honor service and CPTSD they pay a terrible price for their bravery. We all can help shoulder the cost to their nervous systems, they earn it.

    1. @Charles Hennekam they may be but I will take common sense and reality any day over blatant lies and half truth journalism.

  2. Thank you Veterans for joining Ukrainans in the fight against evil invaders who are on killing spree of civilians & causing so much destructions..
    Only Good will triumph over Evil…
    Ukraine will prevail..
    God bless Ukraine.

  3. There is a sense of good vs evil. And that is a powerful motivator for a professional soldier to volunteer to go over there. There is a reason the Ukrainians call the invaders “orcs”.

  4. the legend of Ukraine bravery courage and fight to the end is a duty to defend the country

    1. @Danial Hillmann Imagine if you were capable of using proper grammar when you slurred our military. You might actually sound like more than a Russian bot. Imagine believing that using force against migrants fleeing persecution, poverty and worse is somehow more valuable than defending an allied nation that is being invaded by an actual army. You sound like a very intelligent, reasonable person. Not a trolling bot at all.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you. As an American, I thank the volunteers for standing up to evil Russian aggression and upholding American ideals. Huge respect.

    1. @Merril R Today or tomorrow your people will feel and pay ☢️ what innocent civilians/ children felt in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria that day my friend you will feel what it feels to loose some innocent soul

    1. God only listens to the prayers of his chosen people, the Israelites, and the Israelites where NOT Caucasians bro..

  6. It is this simple – evil is trying to end goodness in our world. The brother is correct.

    1. @Robert Maybeth You’re going by Western media which tells a very one-sided story now. 8 years ago they sang a different tune.

  7. I’m so grateful these wonderful brave men have chosen to fight for Ukraine God bless and protect them Hej Sokoly ! Slava Ukraini ! 🇺🇦🦖🌻🚜✊

    1. Meanwhile the Ukrainians has surrendered another two major heights in Donbass and about to be sacked in another place.

  8. US +GB + NATO+ Japan + Australia must conduct their “special military exercise ” inside Ukraine, bring all the heavy “tools” and leave everything behind just like in Afghanistan 😎. Hope all these brave men return safely to their family.

    1. If Ukraine had been a NATO member that’s exactly what would be happening but alas, they aren’t – and as Putin never ceases to remind us, Russia is a member of the nuclear club so, there’s that.

    2. Good idea. This would be a good time to stage NATO “war games” in Ukraine, along the Russian border.

  9. These are true and tough warriors who are one part of the reasons why Ukraine is doing well. Their behind enemy lines tactical ops harasses Russians keeps them in fear and disrupts their supply lines. Thanks to these brave men and their Ukrainian counterparts. SLAVA UKRAINI…HEROYAM SLAVA !!!!

    1. 20% Украины уже в наших руках. Дайте ещё им оружия))

  10. Special Forces Operations needs to happen. These Operations are HIGHLY CLASSIFIED & cannot be Disclosed. We (The Public) must understand the Secrecy of these Operations is Key To Their SUCCESS. The Public can learn about them AFTER they have been Completed.

  11. I remember seeing Nic Robertson in person back in 2002 when I was in Afghanistan. We were on a mission in Baimian and he was trying to figure out who we were and what we were doing with the SF.

    1. No, they serve special interests. They serve Israel, Saudi Arabia, and military industrial complex.

  12. Slava ukraini , we need more people like these brave soldiers to join the battle vs evil , people Ukraine needs us let’s do whatever we can to help out please , thank you God bless you all and God bless Ukraine

  13. There is a mindset of a certain nature when you are battling against those whom have no hestitency in killing innocents in a combat envirorment. You come to the awareness of “good and evil” and you sware an oath to yourself and your buddies by your side not to relent. Your senses sharpen, your endurance strengthens and your resolve to exact justice becomes as easy as breathing. I salute those from our country and allies whom place themselves in harms way for a just cause. Fighting in Ukraine, for Ukraine is just and its very escense is what we were trained and lived for a period of our lives. I am old and broken from my expierience but if i was able i would go. I am certain there are thousands upon thousands of us old dogs that would go. It is not an exclusive American thing. It is just as the young hero said,..good verses evil. God Bless our veterans there and God Bless Ukraine💖

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