1. This is part of the truth and reconciliation.
      I’m sure you skipped all that information
      Your apathy ruled your heart.
      Gov sponsored colonizer .

    2. @Dirtea Fairy and when truth and reconciliation along with billions of dollars handed out what then? The indigenous will simply have more substance abuse and domestic violence issues because of money being given to make things worse. When they realize nothing changes no matter how many shallow apologies are thrown around and how many indigenous names are given to streets that everyone just continues using the original names for. At some point the indigenous have to realize that like every other culture, it’s up to them to make change not everyone else.

  1. Is this the 215 kids graves they lied about ? Told all of Canada that there was 215 kids graves without finding 1 body

    1. It only led to dozens of church arsons, statues needlessly toppled, graffiti every where, and an irreversibly divided populace. No problemo! 👌😅

    1. This is action being taken in regards to truth and reconciliation.
      You missed all that information..
      Very disturbing to read your biased views.

  2. Yeah well how about all the child abuse STILL going on they ignore and victims are still alive to testify.

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