SPECIAL REPORT: Missing From Jamaica's Education System | TVJ News - July 19 2021 1

SPECIAL REPORT: Missing From Jamaica’s Education System | TVJ News – July 19 2021


A Prime Time News special report following the revelation from the Ministry of Education in Jamaica that over 120,000 students have been absent from school for over a year we went in search of them.

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  1. Jesus, I feel really sad about this situation, parents are failing their children because they fail to seek assistance for the children. Pride Kills!

    1. The money you peoples is giving these churches why don’t they use that money to help a child or help a single parent!?

  2. Then you mean the parents migrated left the child unprotected and unprovided for! Them not easy – then blame gov!

    1. he was left with his granny. Obviously when they were here they couldn’t protect and provide so they migrate, hopefully they send for him. We are over blaming government, we are leaving!

    2. @Able Media876 Yes, got all that part “granny” but “obviously” she can’t provide enough, maybe shelter.

    3. Me sah I was trolling in comments looking if it’s me alone hear when him sah him both parent Gaan overseas. so how long it can take to get him what him need to learn ?make dem stay depends on government nuff can do better and let the ones who really can’t offered it get the help but a nuff them help make hard fi who really needs help

    4. @S.I.R. ENT AND NEWS TV can you imagine! Look at the condition of that child. Well well picken lie too. I wish social-services could go investigate seems like blind leading blind(granny/child) they’re vulnerable – the parents should be hunted down any foreign country something not adding correctly!

  3. It sad thou look at the triple that path turn down and God bring them up bring them out and bring them over

  4. These kids been out here from before the pandemic. Covid just showing up the inequalities in our land. Where all those donated tablets going. Smh. Wid this delta variant idk how dem ago open back school September. Hope it is contained soon.

  5. When you bring a phone or tablet to give a child in Jamaica the custom at airport wants you to pay an arm and leg for it. They need to make changes there ,they are too greedy. System sucks

    1. My friend was carrying an A10 phone for a child ,custom charge him $25000 he leave it same place at the airport.

    2. Anything over $50 will attract customs. However, that’s not the bigger problem. The bigger problem is child neglect!

  6. This has nothing to do with government!!! Where are the parents?? Both parents are overseas doing what? Tired of everything is blaming government. If the government does nothing then we are just going to sit down so as parents and guardians and do nothing? There are stories of parents who are in worse situations and they are going out and beyond to ensure their children are cared for. So if you lost your phone mother how will the school or even the MP be able to contact you?

    1. Exactly. no accountability at all. So you lost you phone, visit the school or MP immediately and give them your next of kin’s phone number till u get a phone. More than a year and you make no efforts to help your kids. Kids worldwide were affected, stop blaming government

  7. I sent a tablet and I phone from the US to my God daughter in JA. Customs charged me more than the amount they cost just to clear it and then took over a month to get it to FedEx. It caused her to miss online classes. The system in JA is horrible! They don’t want anyone receiving money or goods from foreign!

    1. Usa here in jamaica. No my friends cant ship anything. The cost to do so worth more than any product. Send pgk of toothbrush heads for 108 in American is crazy. No good at all system

  8. The honest truth is there’s peoples in our community who can help these children, but they’d rather give their money to the churches to help the preachers molester their children ! The hardest thing is to let a rich person know you don’t have money, the Christians would never agree with me , but the churches help to keep you poor and uneducated , the more educated you become the more questions asked and the less money for the church! Why do you think there’s so much poverty and crimes in Jamaica 🇯🇲?

  9. It’s over a 1000 Jamaican Children haven’t visit or go online classes from last year after the school were close. Some you haven’t send back from last year, it’s really sad and with this situation what will the future of these youngsters be without education.

  10. That is why people when you travel to Jamaica and you stay on the resort spend your money off of the resort to support the locals

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