Sports Illustrated Sr. Writer: ‘If Baffert Is Running Sore Horses On Medication, That’s A Problem’

Sports Illustrated Sr. Writer: 'If Baffert Is Running Sore Horses On Medication, That's A Problem' 1


  1. Baffert on Fox news: “I am the victim of cancel culture!!”
    Everyone: “Just like Lance Armstrong was a victim too, right? 🙄 ”
    Baffert on Fox news: “Yes! Exactly!!”
    Everyone: 🤦‍♂️😅😂

    1. The day they rolled out the Agenda, back in March 2020, I said… And here we go…. NYC, Oklahoma, and Boston were just trial runs to see just how gullible and brainwashed the majority were, but this Covid Scam takes the Grand Prize Award! Covid is the biggest scam ever imposed on humanity. All the sample submitted to over 20 laboratories for analysis were proven to be Influenza. They renamed the flu and spread panic via the propaganda machine aka MSM. We are under attack by our own governments. The vaccines have taken 40K lives so far in the US alone, and Unicef is vaccinating innocent children around the globe and asking for donations. Most people think Unicef is doing good, they are evil as the rest and anyone pushing the plunger on these vaccines has blood on their hands. If the masses knew what is coming in the near future and the truth about what is happening there would be mass panic.

    2. @J. Karpinski Wow, 40k lives lost to the vaccine in US? Could you please share the source of that info?

    3. @J. Karpinski Wow. “Just how gullible and brainwashed the majority were, but this Covid Scam takes the Grand Prize Award!” I can’t even find the words to describe the level irony you’re displaying. Sadly even if I did, they would be wasted on you. *audible sigh*

  2. 5th time he has been caught cheating in 13months..
    I am guessing its no coincidence….
    You have to wonder what has changed from the past…
    Is he not paying off the right people anymore??
    Is he using a drug that is hard to hide…???
    Got to be something….

    1. @Source Fractal OOTB On a Fox interview he claimed what was happening to him is “cancel culture” so I’d say your guess is spot on.

    2. Was it only 5x? I thought it is something like 14….I’ll have to look that up. I heard while I was cleaning yesterday so i need to pay better attention before I can say for sure like a responsible person would. I wouldnt want to look like I’m defecting from the left by spreading misinformation, lol.

    1. I saw Hugo Chavez injecting his horse with roids. Of course mainstream media won’t cover that.

  3. One day this will ALL come out and we will know exactly what Baffert was up to. This latest situation came as no surprise to me after watching his horse win. There were some experts who said the horse couldn’t get the distance. And yet he did. How many people who watched the race and said to themselves after the horse crossed the finish line…. he cheated to win. My hand is up. Get rid of the drugs, or test the horse prior to their race, if their dirty, they don’t run and you fine and suspend the trainer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, it isn’t fair to these animals.

  4. Trainers always used drugs and Lasix helped wash out the last traces through water loss. Now Lasix is banned for most races and trace amounts of drug use are detected

  5. People do some research on this dude going back to his Quarter Horse days in Arizona with Snake Venom in his barn !

    1. For all you ignorant people that make stupid comments.

      99% of all race horses get sore from training and racing.

      And they get treated by a licensed Vet .
      Not the trainer !!!
      The problem is racing New rules and regulations…

      By the way the drug in question is Not a performance drug …
      Is a anti-inflammatory
      This will Not make horses go faster….

      A fast horse is born fast and no trainer can make a horse fast ….

      Before making accusations
      By stupid reporter’s get the Facts straight……

  6. There is quite a bit to set straight re some of the talk connected to this very sad situation. 1) It is way too big a stretch to call Medina Spirit’s win “a stunning upset.” Odds for several of the 19 entrants held for a good while at up to 50-1. He was steady at
    12-1. I don’t know what the odds were at post time. 2) Medina Spirit has strong bloodlines and has finished 1st or 2nd in almost every race he’s run, dropping down only once, as I remember. 3) Bob Baffert said directly, in another interview, that the identified anti-inflammatory med “was never, ever used on the horse.” That interview was on camera, and I do not believe that “the Michael Jordan of trainers” lied. 4) The test requires two samples. The results of the first sample were evidently, unfortunately leaked, and it seems that had to be by someone connected with Churchill Downs, the Racing Commission or the veterinarian folks. However it happened, it was extremely inappropriate. And Churchill Downs disqualified Baffert from further racing at CD now, based on half the required report. (?) 5) No results are to be made public until the results of both samples have been reviewed, and it often takes weeks to get the final report. In this case, the 2nd report is being rushed out now, due to the leak.
    Medina Spirit should have the opportunity to race Saturday in the Preakness, the only colt now to have a chance at the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown. I heard one TV reporter say the decision by Pimlico to permit the entry–or not–could come as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). I hope so much that the decision that so affects the future of this very talented Thoroughbred will be handled better in Baltimore than it seems it was in Louisville re the Derby. Medina Spirit has been called by some “The Little Engine That Could” because he is a bit smaller than many of the other 3 year olds he’s beaten up to now. I’m from an Illinois family who raced our homebreds for decades…decades ago. The thrill of breeding winners, at even a far more modest level, has not faded in my 82 year old memory. I firmly believe Medina Spirit was not compromised in the Derby and has fairly earned the chance to show what he can do at the shorter Preakness distance. V.T. Lawler, Raleigh, NC. 5/10/21

  7. Bob is a great trainer and has a great horse the media is a distraction he and the horse will win the triple crown

  8. How come Baffert’s other horses that were running in the undercard races didn’t test positive ?

  9. Bob the media is a destraction you have the best horse work with him win the triple crown good luck

  10. Baffert stiffed Medina Spirit in his last Derby prep race so explain how the horse became so sore.

  11. Talk about treating Baffert with kit gloves. Baffert has 29 prior violations,. how he even was allowed to participate Churchill Downs comes into question. Like who is he bribing ?

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