Sprinter Allyson Felix, Athleta Create Grants For Athletes, Childcare 1

Sprinter Allyson Felix, Athleta Create Grants For Athletes, Childcare


“It’s life changing…”: Hallie Jackson is joined by Paralympian Lora Webster, who, as a mother of 3 young kids, received a grant for childcare from sprinter Allyson Felix and clothing company Athleta as she heads to the Tokyo Olympics. Athleta's CEO, Mary Beth Laughton, also joins the conversation.
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    1. @Jeremy Saunders “183k accusations against trump and not one was write” ………… As if anybody is going to believe anything from a Troll that can not even spell as good as a third grader . SAD

  1. oh no. a woman saying she having it hard being a working mom. but lets not say anything about a dad doing it his whole life.
    equal with benefits right.

    1. @Insignificant360 no. just had to comment. so i will say it again.
      equal with benefits. they wanted to be the same but different and special.

  2. What a woman she is amazing, what a person and all the great things she does. Her shoes are also awesome and designed by amazing women!

  3. Ignore the Trump trolls commenting here, you are doing great Allyson! We need more people like you!

  4. She’s not as fast as a biological male. You could’ve easily crushed her career and all the good she has done.

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