Sr. Biden Advisor: Campaign Asking For 'Everyone's Vote' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Sr. Biden Advisor: Campaign Asking For ‘Everyone’s Vote’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Biden 2020 Senior Campaign Advisor Karine Jean-Pierre joins Ayman Mohyeldin as the former Vice President takes a commanding lead over President Trump in national polls. Jean-Pierre disregards the numbers, saying the "most important poll will be on election day." She goes on to criticize the President for "shrinking his base" while the Biden campaign attempts to form a broad coalition of voters. Aired on 07/01/2020.
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Sr. Biden Advisor: Campaign Asking For 'Everyone's Vote' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. This administration has had more turnover than a Taco Bell. We need a competent admin next time around too.

    1. Little Jason don’t ever run a business because you don’t have the guts to make the changes that are needed,

    2. @Dionysus
      What has trump done for the USA nothing but destroy what this great nation was in the world today. He has done nothing but screw all American’s in every way possible with SSI, Medicare, Medicaid and trying to get his supreme court cronies to gut ACA and he has nothing to replace it with. He uses the power of the presidency to have foreign countries involve themselves in our democracy by having them put out disinformation to interfere with our elections to get himself elected and is doing the same thing with our presidential election right now. So he is nothing but a cheat and a scandalous person with no regards to anyone but himself and his family. So vote blue Biden 2020

    3. @Dionysus If being a racist disqualified you from being president bunker boy would never have made it.

    1. @Peter Bills I’m saying only 3 miles of new barrier has been built, with material that is easily cut through, climbed over, or tunneled under.

    2. @Peter Bills Whatever it is funds earmarked for the Defense Dept , approved by Congress, was spent on it. Obviously you no longer care about Mexico paying for it.

    1. Heads up buddy. Your Country going through a seismic change. Yes you are suffering right now. Embrace the positive changes that are going to happen. lots o love from Scotland. Keep the faith. Listen to some Northern Soul and Dance.

  2. But does it HAVE to be Joe? Cant we replace him with somebody who might live to see their second term? Pleeeeeease!!!

    1. Dont worry, Im sure they will dump him at the last moment. The ad they kept playing “I’m coming directly to you for ask a quick favor” I think they are going to let them slide off the ticket with dementia. I’m worried they will run Hillary!! ( going for the triple backstab of bernie I think)

    2. I hoped for someone else to run against Trump, but there it is. Biden also said, that he’s aware that he might not be eligible for a second term. That’s why it is so important who will be his running mate. Also think of it this way: it is not so much about voting for Biden as it is about voting against Trump this time.

    1. Or Elizabeth Warren. There are many qualified people he could choose from. Ultimately, I don’t care. I’m voting blue, no matter who!

    2. rachel

      Bernie endorsed him. Bernie was given the opportunity to recommend people to Biden’s platform advisory board.

      We don’t need two old men on the ticket. We don’t need someone who alienated so many democrats as Bernie’s campaign did. Especially Black voters.

    1. @Earl of Mar That only works until they come and take the guns, by that point you are going to have to run and hide. Believe me if they get their way that is coming.

  3. We have to run ads and win in MI, WI, and PA! Love Kareen! She is the best spokesperson for Joe!

    1. Well somebody has too. He cant be trusted to do it himself. Or go to the bathroom in his own either.

  4. The president Dirty Joke Twittler is going to lose everything because he is not really close to the people DJT will destroy the country..and the America is not going to be great because we are not United even now!
    He is failing America!

    1. Guys, come on. Let’s all get along with each other and understand that Trump is a delusional and a failure of a president who is absolutely despicable. He’s unfit to be president of the United States.

    1. @Insurgent Resurgence Ancient Aliens mysterious music, key narrator: “Who or what causes Saturn’s Mysterious Hexagon Shaped Storm?” Cut to a seated crazy hair half baked Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and zoom in as he says: “Aliens.”

    2. @Insurgent Resurgence , Hey, If Trump really wanted Hillary to go to jail
      he should have just hired her.

    1. Delusional like buying into a fake Russian coup for two years and calling half the country Russians? Then not even being brave enough to look at Peter Strzok notes? Lol sheep.

    2. Delusional? No we are not. And we aren’t all white, either. Why is the corporate media trying so hard to cover that up? And why are they attempting to divide & conquer us by race — again? If we’re so racist, then why do brown people from all over the world want to come here? And if we are so racist, why did we vote a black man in office — twice?! What I want to know is why nobody was wearing a mask at the time Floyd was murdered? Wouldn’t the cops at least have had them on? When was that footage really filmed, and why? Do you know that a small group of only 15 elite globalist billionaires own almost 100% of America’s corporate establishment news media? And do you know what the definition of the word “sheeple” is?

  5. Biden would not be a great president, but I would vote for him I didnt live in blue state. trump made a democrat out of me

    1. ​@Abram Manalang 20 million black babies killed by democrats.
      many will call my name,he said.

    1. Ya thats the statement that eventually led to trump. You establishment dems are just too stupid to deserve a win.

  6. It is strange for me to ask every republican to vote Blue in every election this is country before politics – do you want to be learning Russian if the orange goblin wins

    1. @lesley wall your missing the point. 30% of former democrats are voting 3rd party. Jeez you guys are idiots.

    2. lesley wall if you don’t vote Blue then you support that creature – you want him gone vote Blue – this is not about politics this is about country

    3. @anthonynewsome I do not support Trump, quite the opposite, but I can’t vote blue either, because I do not live in USA. I watch USA very carefully. Should US goes down it will take the rest of the western world with it as it did in the 2008 crisis. Please keep safe and wear a mask. Best wishes.

    4. I’m a Republican in the crucial swing state of WI, and my mind is made up, and I’m voting for Trump. Never, never, never Biden!!

  7. When it comes to the Debates, Trump is gonna get slaughtered when it comes to the Coronavirus and Russia

    1. Leroy Gibbs Trump’s gonna get slaughtered on healthcare, tax cuts for the rich and everything else he’s messed up.

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