St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones, defund police ally, faces rising crime rate | USA TODAY 1

St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones, defund police ally, faces rising crime rate | USA TODAY


Defund police ally Tishaura Jones faces crime rate spike in St. Louis after being elected the city's first Black woman mayor on a reform.
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I don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to public safety," Jones said to the roughly five dozen onlookers within earshot of two loudspeakers.

"There are segments of the population who are more deeply affected by societal norms and pressure, stigma, and must be approached with an eye towards equity."

St. Louis must focus on its most vulnerable populations to address core problems first, Jones told the crowd, "rather than respond to people’s needs with arrest and incarceration."

Jones, who took office April 20, repeats this message wherever she can find a microphone. It has helped gain her national notoriety, since her second bid for mayor in three years made her the first Black woman to win the seat last fall.

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  1. If police are a consequence of the community, then the police are a necessity. That just didn’t make sense to me. How it was first said…..

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  3. When the term *”defunding”* the police comes up the actual intention is the *”scapegoating”* of the police.

    Racism also has and always will run both ways.

    1. If only you people understood the words you like to throw around. I think you mean bias, or prejudice. Racism is usually thought of as ingrained in social and legal mores.

  4. “Defund” the police is silly. I’d say to get improve policing we need to re- fund the police. Nix some of the military hardware and increase officer pay and training. Higher wages will attract a wider group of officers. I’ve heard it said officers are often asked to do social worker work but aren’t trained – well let’s train them! We know to dispatch a swat team to active shooter situation – let’s have a “social work” swat teams with emphasis on de-escalation.

  5. She doesn’t believe what is going to say… marvouless people are so far from actually what they are but trying to show what they wish to be…

  6. If I were a policeman in your city I leave my job and go somewhere else to live and be appreciated and be a policeman somewhere else The worst is coming thank her and those who voted for her The best is yet to come

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