St. Paul Mayor Not Satisfied With Charge Against Ex-Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright | Stephanie Ruhle 1

St. Paul Mayor Not Satisfied With Charge Against Ex-Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright | Stephanie Ruhle


St. Paul, MN Mayor Melvin Carter (D) tells Stephanie Ruhle that the second-degree manslaughter charge against the ex-police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright "isn't as satisfying as something heavier." He also shares what he's seeing on the ground in his city as protests continue. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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St. Paul Mayor Not Satisfied With Charge Against Ex-Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright | Stephanie Ruhle


  1. GPS: “Turn right at the next street.”
    Potter: **turns left**
    GPS: “No no, your OTHER right!”
    Potter: “Oopsies!”

  2. There are always those who will attempt to take advantage of certain situations regardless of color, creed or race.
    In days past before the internet, there used to be hundreds and at times thousands of pickpockets around times square for the dropping of the Bell so they could ply their trade. Now that’s not so much of a worry because they’ve simply moved online and rather than getting what’s in your wallet, they like to clean out people’s bank accounts.

  3. Mayor Carter is Awesome. His ideas of how the police and community should interact and the need for other professional intervention is spot on.

    1. @jerome dupree Bless your heart at least you tried. If she deserved to be charged with first degree murder w/hate crime attachment, then so be it. Making excuses for a 26 year veteran training officer is a pathetic reach. Dominant side lethal weapon non-lethal non-dominant side. Got it

    2. @Georgeann Scott Reread my comment and you’ll realize I’m not making excuses. I’m pointing out that the low IQ’s always demand the harshest charges. The DA usually ignorantly complys, and the case loses.

    3. @jerome dupree It’s not necessary for me to re-read your comment however, I think I should asked you who are the low IQ’s?

  4. This guy being young has nothing to do with being a mayor and doing their job properly. I am impressed with this young man. I am 83 and I personally think that everyone in power should be 60 or younger with shorter term limits. There are to many people who have been in power for to long. They are only for theirselves instead of us citizens.

    1. “Anger”.
      A human response to a perceived injustice.
      To not expect people to be angry is to assume they’re not human.
      What do you do?
      I’m glad U asked.
      U stop tax payers from paying the settlements of their abusers.
      It just adds insult to injury and the offender usually walks

    2. @Christopher John Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works.
      The victim’s family deserves to be compensated.
      As with any business, the employer is responsible for any damages an employee does. (That’s why businesses have liability insurance)
      Sure, go ahead and sue the cop. It will cost the victim’s family more than what the cop has.
      If you are tired of taxpayers having to pay $27 million, then you have NO alternative but to DEMAND better from your leaders. DEMAND better from the people WE pay to enforce the law.
      By the way, that is exactly what BLM is trying to do. Demand better. Sadly, nobody is listening.
      Remember, it’s a short step from a black man in the ghetto, to YOU. The next victim of the police could very well be you.
      Christopher, please do not take my statement as a personal attack on you. It is not. My remarks are directed at everyone.

    1. Still his fault, for trying to run.
      That action, led to the rest.
      That action, was his choice.
      He ruined that officers life, with his selfish, cowardly act.

    2. @Just Coz She ruined her own life. He was unarmed and no threat . She didn’t need to pull any weapon. Now she has to take responsibility for her actions.

    3. The highest charge that she should face is involuntary manslaughter. That is the law that if you caused somebody’s death by accident it is involuntary manslaughter. It’s a shame too because she’s going to have to live the rest of her life knowing that she accidentally killed a person that she didn’t mean to.

    4. Dave McMillan, The problem is neither violation warranted an aggressive response from the officers. An expired tax/unpaid fines aren’t valid reasons for an arrest/incarceration. It cost taxpayers more to keep poor people in jail than the fines are worth. Community service resolves issues like these, not homicide.

    5. @Just Coz / Nope, he was a kid.
      I Don’t expect kids to think rationally. I do expect a veteran cop to distinguish between a threat and fear.

  5. It looks like the correct charge under the law, it can be upgraded based on the severity of negligence. People calling for murder simply don’t know what that charge means.

  6. The first thing you need to do , is to train police to identify the difference between a pistol and a taser , that would be a positive beginning .

    1. 1 time this happens and you wanna paint the entire police force as idiots. nice. BUT, maybe we need to train people like daunte to NOT, choke women at gunpoint…………. as he is getting arrested for said warrant not try and resist and get back int he car. maybe just maybe that would have done it.

    2. tom easton, If you have to train a police officer to know the difference between a taser and gun, they don’t need to be police officers.

    1. She probably gave up the same percentage as you gave up for you know, “justice”. Clever. She didn’t give up 80% of her IQ to match, you know, “you”.

  7. Hello Sir…we as well as you, do not think that she deserves more. No reason she could not have given a ticket for expired tags. This is why there is such a divide between us.! Thank You for talking about this subject. She killed him in front of his girlfriend and baby… Not to mention she was being videotaped doing it! Please tell me why she should not know the difference between her taser and her gun. After 26 years of using them both, you would think she would know which one was which! Then, she just wanted to resign like nothing happened! I think the Police Chief was protecting her because he knew she messed up. Make sure that she LOSES EVERYTHING… pension too. Wonder how she would feel if it was her son..why didn’t someone let his parents know what happened? Something is really fishy about this whole thing.

  8. Charge her to the fullest and we not accepting any Pieology for 2021 it expired in 2020 along with the orange spot that was running this country no more.

  9. Unbelievable. Not worth it to be in law enforcement any longer. Our country has become so corrupt and run by mob rule.

  10. Daunte shouldn’t have died, to young to die

    However IMHO he contributed to his own death by running from the police officer.

    Life skill #1: you don’t run from police officer

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