St. Petersburg, Florida Mayor: None Of Gov. DeSantis' Covid Orders 'Have Ever Made Sense' | MSNBC 1

St. Petersburg, Florida Mayor: None Of Gov. DeSantis’ Covid Orders ‘Have Ever Made Sense’ | MSNBC


St. Petersburg Florida Mayor Rick Kriseman discusses Governor Ron DeSantis removing all local coronavirus restrictions.

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St. Petersburg, Florida Mayor: None Of Gov. DeSantis' Covid Orders 'Have Ever Made Sense' | MSNBC


  1. I was thrown out of the Mar-a-Lago antique shop because I walked in and said, “Good afternoon, what’s new?”

    1. @Dr. Mike Oxlong Then why did the Great Sage Trump and his wife get vaccinated? Trump… the leader of intellectuals??? Lol comedy at it’s finest.

    2. I’m pretty positive that most of you Trump “geniuses” completely missed the fact that she was joking. (Ya know, like the Trump Presidency was a joke )

    3. @Chris Alvarez many many people from the Northeast of a certain age know about Trump..maybe dealt with him or know someone who has. Intelligent or intellectual is not how they would describe him. Ignorant and hiding behind lawyers, crooked , sociopathic, con artist , scammer , snake oil salesman , predator and many other words are used however….by Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Trump has been a Dem, Repub and Ind by the way. I guess you could also call him a swaying with the wind opportunist.

    4. @Sin Circus No doubt, honestly, I have always thought that would be the expected reaction and judgement of ANYBODY that met him, watched The Apprentice, or was familiar with Trump over the years.

    5. @Chris Alvarez Crazy bizzarro world we live in. Who would have ever believed ? People standing up for the ones that look down on them and would screw them directly every day of the week??? Yes the ultimate in brainwashed masses….with hang ups used as their leashes

    1. @carey jernigan The only thing Biden is president of is Ty-D-Bol Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

    2. @David Hale but he doesn’t order people to wear or not wear a mask. By the way the science is if you stay away from crowds outside your chances of contracting covid are greatly reduced but they are not zero so if Biden or anyone else chooses to further reduce their risk by wearing a mask I say go for it – it’s that’s persons business . I think too many try to make safety a political arguing point – it’s not or shouldn’t be.

    3. @Allsafe Cybersecurity – Service with a smile I’m super straight homie. Keep your fantasies to your self.

    4. @David Hale he said that once. Throughout this pandemic he’s been perfectly clear and consistent. Much better than Desantis and certainly better than delusional Donald.

  2. Its like MOE talking to Curly. Moe: Hey DeSantis is bad right? Curly: Yeap, yeap, yeap. DeSantis bad, Gavin Newsom good.

    1. @Brian Odenthat’s right, i have served, what have you done besides wallow in your basement trolling the internet?

    2. @Alan Peters I guess you didn’t have an elderly relative in the New York nursing home system. Only someone like you would attack a successful governor like Desantes

    3. @Brian Oden a successful governor??!! That has lied constantly, broken the law on multiple occasions, thrown his power around, reported false covid-19 numbers, threatened to prosecute medical professionals, give me a break the GOP is a laughing stock right now, conspiracy theories abound. I bet you think Drumph was a successful so called President also

    4. @Alan Peters I was thinking of getting a pizza from pizza hut and a couple of beers and just watching some teli.

    1. That would make too much sense! Why priorotize the vunerable when you can display your power by locking everyone down?

    2. @Timothy Shrader You’re a good little sheep aren’t you? Why get vaccinated? It won’t change anything? We still have to wear masks and stay shut down. What exactly is the point?

  3. President, doctor, governor, lawyer, executive, director, general, officer whatever!

    You are just a human. DEAL WITH IT.

    Don’t know how these people let the titles go to their head.

    1. @Matt Dillon you’re not worth debating. You’re only worth is to be laughed at. Enjoy being put in a nursing home by kids that don’t love ya, chump

    2. @Matt Dillon How about u show us what deathsantis has done thats sooooo good you *ss kisser since you feel so cocky?! He’s just another one of Trump’s finger puppets

  4. Brought to you by the smart folks who believe that science says there are more than 2 sexes.

    1. You’re not even correct by what the science actually says. It’s genders, not sexes.
      Just because you’re proud of your scientific illiteracy doesn’t mean you’re actually right.

  5. You don’t need to apply anything to your community. Instead, ask your community what you can do for them. They don’t work for you. Perhaps you need a bit of a reminder.

  6. And yet they’ve done better or at the very least no worse than CA which used draconian lock down measures. People were able to keep working, businesses stayed open, and life moved on as it should have everywhere else.

  7. What was so hard to understand? He said all gov mandates are ending and if schools want to enforce a mask policy they can. How was that confusing?

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