St. Thomas Jamaica Abductor Still not Found | TVJ News - Dec 14 2021 1

St. Thomas Jamaica Abductor Still not Found | TVJ News – Dec 14 2021


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  1. To the person reading this: Even tho I dont know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer馃挮馃尃

  2. People and the police officer them need to find him and look from Kingston to to Montego Bay and negril every part of the country every part of Kingston you need to look and get rid of this man

  3. Why only focus on davian bryan what about justice for levi chambers families who was killed and up to now no one was arrested for that crime?

    1. Thank I thought I was the only who was thinking about mr CHAMBERS, yes the kids was return unarmed but why we had innocent man killed for nothing

  4. Am trying to come to terms how one man can elude the polices , soldiers , community members I find it strange, I hope the police them catch him, because if citizens hold him …. I feel like somebody a work with him.

    1. You guys focus i on this one man but they kill a innocent man because of wrong Identity, how about we also find the people who killed that innocent man

  5. I stop caring about what happens in the community after they kill the wrong man for no reason and they did not care. At least they are still alive but Levi chambers is dead!!! I honestly don’t care anymore about what happens to the people of the community until i see justice for chambers

    1. @Damario Wilson thanks am really frustrated with the justice system because they close their eyes to what happen to chambers but open their eyes about what happen to the girls. The community is no better than Bryan, They all have now soul.

  6. Been asking this for months at least two months to somebody is helping him there’s no way he could be moving around so freely I remember somebody saying that he knows the terrain the hills very well higher some man’s out of the community train some man’s out of the community to go into the hills do a special operation he needs to be caught the else is helping him evade capture needs to be up as well馃挴 as much as it’s probably not on the government’s priority list it is a priority this man needs to be caught and held accountable for the things that he’s done children have a right to live in peace Andrew Holness make it happen

  7. It鈥檚 crazy the way Jamaica is covering up the child traffic ring .. too much most wanted is walking and driving around in Jamaica .. the problem is bigger than me an you

  8. Scared? OK, just closed your eyes and put your heart in God hands your maker, ask him to cover you, family, wherever you all maybe plead the blood of Jesus over your household, ask also for protection in your going out and coming in back in Jesus name, be serious about doing this, be blessed God is God. 馃檹馃徔

  9. Somebody is shielding this PREDATOR! May God have mercy on those hiding him.
    Sorry fe maga dawg, maga dawg
    tun roun bite yu!

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