St. Thomas Residents Frustrated by Poor Road Conditions | TVJ News – Sept 3 2022


  1. The height of stupidity that is wide spread in Jamaica Gov and public works is beyond belief. Let’s fix the road one week prior to schools reopening and let just do it in a temporary manner. What about that make sense.

  2. I must be going crazy because this isn’t the first time that I have heard about the bad roads in St. Thomas. I remember last year and the year before that and years before that as well. Promises were made and still the roads are not maintained 😒

  3. July to august was the time period the necessary authority need to get the job completed but now school is in session with individual spending up to three hrs in traffic. TELL ME HOW THE HELL WE ARE GOING TO COLLECT OUR CHILDREN ON TIME this is non – sense. It’s like these people senses are ledge in their foot bottom

  4. Well that’s mean no accident at the moment take ur time for a while slow down to easy
    Unity Jamaica together for a better parish

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