Stacey Abrams: ‘Donald Trump Is Trying To Rig The Future’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams discusses her work on what she believes are cornerstone issues for the country in 2020: a fair election and a fair count in the Census. Aired on 7/22/2020.
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Stacey Abrams: ‘Donald Trump Is Trying To Rig The Future’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Trump was never Presidential. He was just BS around, playing Golf, tweeting Conspiracy theories and riding on the greatest economy left in a platter by Prez Obama.

    1. @deee 327 No time and comments for the illiterate. Literate focus on the subject and comment based on facts.

    2. @Saeed Adib Yeah of course you dont want to debate with people that expose your BS…Go get your 0.5 renminbi Wumao.
      i bet your real name sounds allot less arabic and allot more like from the middle kingdom.

    3. @snoop alert Why do you support a criminal and a traitor ? Did your invisible friend tell you ? Keep off the meth snoopy , your brain has fried .

  2. I find it odd that people trust the judgment of the guy who thinks the sound of windmills causes cancer and that injecting bleach is a viable treatment for the corona. 🤔😆😅

    1. @William Marick The biggest crybaby in the nation is the person who calls himself president of the United States and wallows in his victimhood. What sane person feels sorry for a president? If he can’t take the heat, and he can’t, he should never have gone into the kitchen and should have gotten out as soon as he realized what he had gotten himself into. Did he think he was going to be worshipped like a pharaoh just because he had the title of president? Worse than that, he encourages his supporters to feel like victims and blame everyone else for their shortcomings. This divides the nation, which is his real goal…and that of the president of Russia.

    1. This is about having fair elections. Non-citizens shouldn’t be counted in regards to elections. Especially the house. This order prevents them from being counted. California has 2.2 non-citizens that we’re used in the past in regards to house seats. Now roughly 2-3 house seats California has are now gone. Re allocated to other states, idk which ones. You took citizen question from census, republican ban non citizens from counting in elections. Nothing illegal

  3. If Trump is going to burn down the house lets make sure that he is inside when it happens and lets guard the exits so that he can not get out .

    1. @Atticus X He is only the opposite of all that. Now report to Rush Limbough for more brainwashing

    2. @Atticus X pushing states to open early and discouraging masks, all against CDC guidelines has cost over 100000 American lives.
      Dirty Don the con got you!

  4. Agolf tWittler cheats at golf & cheated on all his wives including Ivanka so of course he’d try to rig the 2020 November Election just like the 2016 Election which ushered in his diabolical regime with the help of Vlady Putin!

    1. He isn’t rigging the election. Trump signed an executive order so that ILLEGAL immigrants won’t be counted when states are receiving house seats. An example is that California has roughly 2.2 million people that aren’t complete citizens. This disqualifies then from being counted. This means that California can lose up to 3 house seats. They’ll be re allocated to other states. Maybe they’ll go to blue states. Who knows. If we can’t flip California red, we’ll make it a little less blue.

    2. @Logan McLean How can you make a state less blue by not counting people who already don’t have the right to vote? If you are not a citizen, you cannot register to vote. The census and voting rights have nothing to do with one another. The Constitution tells us two things about the census: count the whole number of persons in a state, except for Indians not taxed (immigrants are “persons” and their whole number is to be counted), and Congress runs the census, not the president. Your and the president’s purpose is quite clear, though. You want to use the census for political advantage, even if it means cheating a state, your state or another state, out of representation in the House of R., and out of federal money apportioned to the states and localities based fairly on the number of people who need to be served by that money. Remember that bit you learned in school about “taxation without representation is tyranny”? The American Revolution was fought over it. The people of CA, AZ, GA, NC, FL, etc., will still pay the same amount in taxes but will have less representation in Congress if we do not count “the whole number of persons” in every state. Donald Trump does not believe in the tenets upon which our nation is based. You wonder why he stayed in the country he doesn’t believe in for 74 years when he has the money to move to, say, Moscow, where he would feel more comfortable.

    1. @Dave Schultz Don’t kid yourself. Among citizens, republicans support him because he makes it okay to hate and blame. Among politicians, it’s because they’ve gone past the point of no return, and reversal is worse for their election, than going along and crossing their fingers. You gunna tell me that Lindsey Graham has abandoned all his principles because he’s seen the light? It’s a fools errand to think that way.

    2. @Dave Schultz Trump isn’t a Republican at all and certainly not a conservative. He put the country in a trillion dollar deficit before the virus hit. He used to be a Democrat but noticed that Republicans are easier to fool; he seems to have been correct in that.

    1. @Ricky Spanish They can’t. If they are dead, they will be recorded in the Bureau of Vital Statistics and are electronically and regularly removed from the eligible voters list. “Illegals” will not be included in the database recording all who qualified for citizenship so would not make it on the eligible voters list.
      A system called ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), an AI system that links all pertinent government databases (including the two mentioned), regularly updates the eligible voters list to ensure there is one entry for every eligible voter and eliminates any not eligible.
      You are either misguided by Trumpian false propaganda or you’re intentionally spreading false information.

    2. This isn’t rigging elections, it’s making them more fair. California is given like 2-3 extra house seats because of illegal immigrants, now they’re gone

  5. That Republicans continue to remain silent now proves that they support Trumps efforts to essentially overthrow our Democracy.

    1. @R L T No, it’s Trump who’s been setting up his excuse for losing. Most Americans despise Trump and will vote against him if allowed to.

    2. @soaringvulture It is presumptuous for you to speak on behalf of “most Americans”. You are making the very same mistake you made in 2016…and frankly…that is extremely ignorant. Fool you twice and you are a fool. You think MSNBC and Twitter exemplify the electorate…and they do not.

    3. @R L T Polls throughout Trump’s presidency show that the majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of him. Even in the election that he won, he didn’t get the most votes. So I do not speak from ignorance. I believe that it is possible that Trump will win the 2020 election but only because of voter suppression or worse.

  6. The Confederates tried to rig the future with their statues, flags, symbols, money, and broken promises.

  7. Reject this President and dream of competent uncompromised gouvernemence that stand up for our souvernity  against foreign countries that are trying to eat our democracy.

  8. He still says the last election was rigged. Millions of illegal aliens were being bussed in to vote. In Texas and Florida? Working for peanuts at every business drumpf had.
    Everyone must vote.

  9. during the 2nd world war so many young people gave up their lives for us… don t be wimps and make their deaths for nothing…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. WW2 soldiers charge into battle facing almost certain death to fight for our freedoms.
      2020 people give up their freedoms because they are afraid of a virus with a 0.05% mortality.

    2. Leave this channel. Don’t give them the views. They’re dying and will die out soon enough . Mark my words, we’ve won. America has won already.

  10. Under Trump, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about, with all his incompetence and corruption, our country in now concerned about the President working to rig the election either by using a surrogate like Russia, or using a corrupted system to suppress the vote. This is the new American exceptionalism . 🤮

    1. soaringvulture
      But it’s cheating technically on democrats part. It’s boosts up their numbers. You can argue that California had 2 extra house seats because of illegal immigrants. How’s that fair. Not many illegals go to states like Alaska to boost their numbers. It’s unfair to states that don’t count illegal immigrants.

    2. Not letting foreign citizens who are here ILLEGALLY count toward our electoral college is not voter suppression. It’s LITERALLY preventing foreigners from interfering with our elections.
      So you support foreigners interfering in our elections?

    3. @soaringvulture You realize that argument was made in order for Southern states to gain more power by counting their slaves? Now the Democrats are using the same argument except this time it’s their underpaid Mexican immigrants. Not much has changed, eh?

    4. @Sparky McSpark Then change the Constitution. While you’re at it, get rid of the electoral college that gives voters in rural states more power than voters in states that actually have people in them.

  11. Yep I certainly agree!! He knows he will lose so he’ll destroy it going down!

  12. Lock him up all the rest of the republicans that never grew a backbone to stand up to the rights of American citizens.

    1. He is standing up for rights. He just banned illegal immigrants from being counted in regards to house seats and electoral college votes. In Cali, This order disqualified 2.2 million people from being counted when re districting. California will roughly lose 3 house seats and 1 or 2 electoral college points. Idk which seats these will go to, maybe blue ones

    2. I hear there are a bunch of children in cages that could use some father (grandfather) figures to keep them company…

    1. despite it’s economic and military power I always saw america as a banana republic, a nation who can not even organised a fair election which satisfies everyone like the europians the australians and the canadians. also a nation who’s current president lost by 3 million votes. lol, that is what i call “leader of the free world”

    2. @INDIAN OCEAN Posted on a trash channel. You aren’t going to change anything here. MSNBC is done. Everybody knows that. Except dwellers of the third world. You’re so out of touch. I feel sorry for you.

  13. I’ve had the feeling too that Trump is trying to destroy everything he can before the election. Is there no way to stop him?

    1. Really!!! Are you people blind? Democrats and old Republicans haven’t did anything, but bring this country down! Wake up before China is telling you what to do! Trump is making it so you can live your own life and not have Government involved in your life! Get yourself a job, work hard, buy yourself things, take vacations and get yourself out on the water and in the woods! Enjoy your life it is short! Raise your children to do the same, and you’ll understand what Trump is trying to do, and that the Democrats are the ones holding you back and destroying the country!!!!!!! Life is short!! Why should the corrupt politicians get to live the good life on our money?!!!!!!!!

    2. ron savage most of Trump’s family has voted by mail so I guess it’s not that bad. Oh it bad as long as it’s doesn’t directly benefit himself.

  14. Trump knows he’s finished and he’s trying every dirty tactic he has left. Trump is FINISHED.

  15. It’s amazing how easy it was to convince the ‘land of the free’ of vote for a fascist president.

    1. soaringvulture
      As a former democrat, I’ve seen them move further left. We aren’t fascists, it seems that way only because you guys are super far left/ progressive. Republicans have been voting on the same issues for years now. Trump is only here for another 4 years, then will come the next republican president.

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