Stacey Abrams: ‘Georgia Is Absolutely A Swing State.’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Stacey Abrams, the founder of Fair Fight and Fair Count, talks with Rachel Maddow about why she thinks Georgia can deliver significant gains for Democrats in 2020, and why her organization is working to help Georgia voters get access to absentee ballots. Aired on 7/23/2020.
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Stacey Abrams: 'Georgia Is Absolutely A Swing State.' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @youknow thething a worn out shoe would be better than Joe Biden so that really isn’t saying much !

    1. I would call her a LEADER – leading a critical fight to secure voting rights. I think calling her an activist is a way to diminish her power. As is saying that she ‘seems’ educated. A woman, a Black/woman has to be Jesus Christ on the cross to get past some white supremacists.

    2. @Ann Owens Is that all?
      Well Donald Trump bought his SAT scores, Daddy bought his degree from Wharton, he was a game show host, he owned a free petting zoo, the Miss America Pageant, sold steak, water and wine, ran a university, ran casinos into the ground. THAT”S WHAT I CALL A RESUME.

    3. @Jamtommy1 Goodness I’d like to see you! I have this picture. Broken down ball cap, worn tee shirt, funny teeth. High school diploma proudly displayed on the wall. Pick up truck on the front yard.

    4. Maybe she can be Creepy Joe Biden’s running mate… oh but then it might be a little awkward what with Joe Biden being the author of the ’94 Crime Bill that disproportionately imprisoned black people and destroyed their families for 2 full generations so far… I guess we’ll have to wait n’ see.

  1. Trump doesn’t want you to do mail-in voting. Trump and his family do mail-in voting. Trump wants you to send your kids to school. Trump and his family aren’t sending their kids to school. Trump and his family are going to live. Thousands of families like us are going to die.

    1. Of course Komrade Trump has double Standards & so do his supporters, they lie Project and Deflect thinking that they are making a valid point, when in actuality they support Voter Suppression, until there vote might be Suppressed by Record turnout from the Democrats and Ex-Republican Voters that can’t stomach Komrade Trump the Klan’s Man in Chief and Moscow Mitch McConnell and the Corrupt GOP Puppets in the Senate that don’t want to support the Very people that vote for them and Trump’s just a #WhinyBitch #ConspircyTheorist #Traitor45ForPrison2020

    2. I am a registered voter in two states. Why because the state FAILED to send me the necessary paperwork when I became a registered voter in a new state. As a NOW registered Republican. Sure lets do mail in ballots. Then I vote twice. 🇺🇸

  2. never has one president worked so hard to fail to convince us that he doesn’t have brain damage

    1. @Logan McLean you should know what the word lying means, the rat in the white House has been lying for years…

  3. Kemp basically cheated to win over Ms. Abrams for Governor. Georgia has been in jeopardy of turning BLUE for a few years. The only way during the General election Georgia doesn’t flip BLUE will be voter suppression.

    1. When Abrams lost, Georgia had the largest voter registration and turnout in the history of the state. Georgia is a state where the more people vote the more red it gets.

    2. Kemp threw out 42k mail-in votes. And closed Fulton Co. poll station at 12 noon with no other means for voters. 🍑

    3. @SPZ Aruba I’ve been voting from abroad for over 20 yrs. Georgia is one of the worst States. You must reregister for every ballot even in the same year and send in proof of identification by snail mail. Then you have two seperate documents, the ballot and the declaration sent in different envelopes. You must remember to sign as on record and use your last US address. Then weight it and send snail mail international. It’s a bugger but 33k do it in London every election. What we know about Kemp is he threw all of the mail-in ballots away.

    4. @SPZ Aruba
      Well, they need to fix their system based on what you said. Mail-in ballots thrown out, and a lawsuit as a result. Registered voters purged from voting, etc. It smells more than fishy, it smells like voter suppression.

  4. Individual 1 doesn’t care about our children’s safety, you think he’d care about voter safety?

    1. @Kevin McNeil, any other competent president would have talked with the protestors and convinced them to continue their protest when there wasn’t a pandemic surging… something! But Cheetolini insist on dividing the nation. He’s a one trick con man

      Philly block party with thousands and no masks cops join in. But you cant go to church or a funeral or school or work or a wedding or the gas station without a mask and distancinh ! Different laws for the Democrat marxist blm racists.

      Queens new york
      Same sh** different day. No masks no distancing. Do you see where this marxist agenda is going ?

    1. @TFK ray Is it? If you vote for Herr Agolf it’s a Vote for the Klan, his “Very Fine People” and now we have Agolf’s Stormtroopers on the Streets making everything Worse by creating Sympathy for the protesters, because Agolf can’t read without pictures he didn’t read the Military/Federal Manual and decided that using the “Iron Fist” Tactics would make him popular instead of doing what it did, make him more unpopular then before and someone who brags about passing a Dementia Test as if it’s an intelligence Test can’t be all there 🤪 #WhinyBitch #ConspircyTheorist #Traitor45ForPrison2020

    2. Democrats let’s see KU klutz klanocrats founders , against civil rights, pro segregation I see now why they want to erase history. Don’t forget to delete bidens genius work in the 90’s.,just trying to throw some white sheets over it. I guess

  5. Due to voter registrations being purged, countless Republicans who are voting against Trump and for Biden are not changing their party registration to help ensure that their registration isn’t purged.

    1. Please share just one fact that shows voters registeretions are being purged.
      Just one . You won’t because you can’t. Just a blind sheep following fake news.

  6. I think Ms.Abrams would be a great choice for VP, She knows her stuff and she’s diligent and thorough. BIDEN ABRAMS 20/20!!

    1. @Alex Hamilton BIDEN-ABRAMS 20/20!! Get use to a change, your deranged orange clown is going down.

  7. I think the best vice president is Mrs harris. She is Black ,woman, got married with white, and her mother is immigrant. So there are all kinds of ethnic backgrounds in one person. All categories that Joe Biden is looking.

    1. If race is the qualifying factor then for over 100 years the were and are plenty of white people who never should have been President or hold many offices and CEO spots..

    2. I have never said the race is a qualification of choosing vice president. I mean Joe Biden wanted all types of people to be included which I agree with him 100% .we have to consider all people race , reliogn ,ethnic background and socioeconomic background in the government. So people who don’t, t have a voice, get they needs met and the Democratic way of government is the government who includes all people.if truly believe all people have the rights to live in peaceful country which they are not fear that they would be killed because of the color of their skin or they are belong to certain reliogn or gender issue. May God lead us to real path. Path that is justice for all.

    1. @Classy Lady I missed 2016-2019 because of major health issues. After I read her book I couldn’t believe the corruption that took place in Georgia. Good grief! Stay safe! 🙏

    2. Oh she is educated all right. She is evil! She incites racial tensions for political gain!!!
      As Joe Biden Says “If you don’t Democrat, you ain’t black”!

      Lastly, Voter ID must be a requirement, and it is NOT Racist to show your ID. It prevents fraud. You can’t name one thing that doesn’t require an ID. Banking, air travel, purchasing alchohol or tobacco, driving a car, etc.
      The only reason you don’t want ID Laws for voting, it to commit fraud!!!!
      Also by saying black people don’t have IDs is Racist, because it implies they are not smart enough to get an ID.

      You people must have rocks for brains!!!

  8. this entire video just makes me wish that it was mandatory to vote. give people 300 of their taxes or sth. but politicians shouldnt be bragging because they got folks to actually voice their opinion. the biggest threat to democracy isnt Trump but rather the apath of most americans. people here simply dont care and are lazy until it actually affects them then they loseeeee their minds.

  9. She didn’t lose KEMP stole his seat went to the WH 4 hours before the call to take his stolen picture with TRUMP! Remember that AMERICA!😠😠

    1. Georgia had the largest voter registration and voter turnout in it’s history when Abrams lost. That’s the part Democrats keep leaving out.

    2. No she lost to the better candidate. Please share just one fact how Kemp stole the seat ? Just one. You won’t because you can’t loser.

    1. @youknow thethingYou do know the number of registered Democrats and the number of registered Republicans right and You do know what happened in Georgia right?

  10. We must as a recovering addict …establish a strong complete priority list…starting with the right of all Americans to vote regardless of race color or creed…get them registered to vote even if they don’t…voter suppression is has kept this country in a state of mental bowel movement…come November America needs a very well deserved dose of psychological turd remover

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