Stacey Abrams: Trump Trying To Undermine Voting By Mail | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. he knows he’s going to lose… bigly. thus, just claim that it will be rigged.

    1. @Cynthia Pikoulas exactly, Trumps MO IS BEING A MASS MANIPULATOR

      It’s all a Myth



    2. “Im Joe Message and I support this Biden! You chained up dog faced hairy leg pony soldier!

    3. Trump will not lose and not for the idiotic reasons you concoct in your 3 celled brain. He will win because the Democrat party (the party of slavery) is beyond crooked. Top to bottom. Democrats are fleeing the democratic party as we speak because of the insanity. You’ve all lost your collective mind. I can say this because I am not a voter and not part of any party. Most if not all of the high ranking Democrat Klan are so crooked I really don’t understand why people like you can’t see it. Hillary and Biden are the Russian collaborators. Comey, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, You name them and they are crooked as can be. Their party will lose because they are all greedy coveters and lawless animals. No reasonable person would be part of that. Nobody wants your lawlessness and destruction. Most people respect one another enough to earn their own and not take from others.

  2. That Trump and the GOP would demonize mail in voting demonstrates two things:

    1 – They cannot win fair elections.

    2 – They have not yet figured out a way to hack mail in votes.

    1. @shkspr78 s You poor thing, Trump not giving you enough disinformation? Don’t be an ๐ŸŽAZZZ all your life snowflake.

    2. Archangel Uriel You know this is something Barr said and canโ€™t offer proof. He knows heโ€™s losing so he is already saying there was fraud. HE voted by mail. So did his staff. HE asked other countries for assistance that he wonโ€™t be getting now. This is active brainwashing. Kentuckyโ€™s Republican Leg did away with 95% of polling places in Democratic districts. Thereโ€™s your voter fraud. The right is running scared.

    3. @์•ˆ ๋‘์„  Mine was from 2012 posted in the NY Times and it says mail-in voting if fraud filled.

  3. *2020 Under Hawaiiโ€™s new vote-by-mail law, there will no longer be traditional polling locations. There will, instead, only be 8 voter service centers statewide for people to vote in-person, same-day register to vote, or perform other necessary voter services.* ๐Ÿ๏ธ ๐Ÿ—ณ๏ธ ๐Ÿ“ฎ

    1. Sound like an improvement. But still, all it takes is for Republican controlled legislatures to shorten the state-funded hours of operation at these sites, manipulate where these sites are located, and also play tricks with sorting and delaying sending of vote-by-mail ballots to certain people. Until we have nationwide uniform voting protections, with REAL criminal penalties for anyone who attempt to game or interfere with the process, then we will still always see abuses by Republicans to game the system in their favor.

      But actually the biggest problem America faces is fake right wing news from Fox News, which saturates almost half of the country with false and misleading lies and propaganda and continues to sow hate, fear, anger, and division. It’s a form of domestic terrorism against our own country and to me, its no different than the Confederacy who attempted to split apart our nation. Remember, widespread propaganda is what allowed Hitler to dupe and entire nation into demonizing an entire group of people and what got them to support his heinous acts of genocide. Germany at the time was a modern, advanced, and educated society. We see the same type of radical right-wing propaganda being broadcast now in America to brainwash a subset of voters and turn the violently against their fellow Americans based on their political affiliation.

      The Republican party has been brainwashed and bullied into loyally supporting what is effectively a brutal dictator in America. A man who is a criminally corrupt bully, a bigot, a narcissist and a serial sexual abuser, an a treasonous traitor to America and its sacred constitution. And just like Putin in real life, Trump has verbally said American journalists should be “shot” simply because he dislikes their reporting of his terrible actions. He fakes religious convictions to grab Christian votes while simultaneously violating every principle of Jesus’ teachings on how to treat fellow humans and on following the 10 commandments. He has directing military personnel to gas and brutalized peaceful protestors in front of the White House just so he can walk down the street trying to look like a strong man and hold a bible upside down that he doesn’t read (“Two Corinthians”?) in front of a church that he doesn’t attend.

      He is a crook. A con man. And he’s been doing this his entire life. Every single vote matters in November 2020. No more voter apathy. This vile and evil man MUST be voted out of office.

  4. Well Donald, you’re in charge. Why don’t you fix the problem if it exists? You are The President, right? Aren’t you ?

    1. DRUMPF ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ( that’s his real German name ) couldn’t figure his way out of a wet paper bag!! ๐Ÿ’ He and ALL The GOP ๐Ÿ˜ˆ are USELESS GODLESS SOULESS WARMONGERING PATHETIC DISGUSTING LYING MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC RACIST SEXIST FACIST SADISTIC LYING TRAITORS POS DEMONS ๐Ÿ˜ˆ They ALL belong in front of a FIRING SQUAD for TREASON and MURDER!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ So there’s THAT!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  5. Since it’s becoming obvious that Dump is not only a loser, but is actually losing, the troll activity is being ramped up, get lost, Dumpsters

    1. I noticed the same thing- anytime there is another story that shows how big a fkn looser Trump is the comment section is hit by over 1,000 Trump supporters within minutes.
      Also noticing Fox keeps blocking comments because they do not even wish to hear what those Trump supporters are spewing out.

  6. Face it, Trump is an infected scab. As he moves in and out of Trump World he realizes his time is over on both sides of the mirror.

    1. @Hamberder King You don’t see Trump supporters for the most part treating people badly. If they criticize someone, it’s based off of a person’s actions, and it’s usually warranted.

    1. Well look how Germany turned out. A woman runs your country. That’s a big mistake. The apostle Paul said “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, she must be quiet.”

    2. @SonnyXL Bright We were given qualifiers. One of those is the removal of the police which are called the restrainer in 2 Thessalonians.

  7. Put a voter ID number on the mail in ballot, problem solved. Democrats get their mail in ballot, Republicans get their voter ID

    1. Sean Breen Mail Ballots already have a number system on them that has to match.
      Country since the civil war has had mail in ballots… Gezus Cryst, itโ€™s a non issue.

  8. China Russia turkey Saudi Arabia are all helping the narcissist with the wet silk tie and his high heels on the ramp

  9. trump is telling us what he is going to do in the 2020 election, just like he did in 2016. he doesn’t care about anything except the win, he will be the one to send the mail-in ballots, probably for democrat votes so he can call foul, it’s unthinkable, but just like in 2016 on national tv he called out to the Russians for Hillary’s emails and claimed that the election was rigged, now he is doing it again GOD help us, msnbc need’s to call this out some how so he can’t get away with it again.

    1. @Kevin Wilson The difference is that the Tangerine Toddler asked the enemy to interfere in US elections, plural.

    2. @Matt700 What about the majority of people that are staying at home and self isolating, plenty of citizens on both sides of the aisle doing that.

    3. @Jerry Gray I know there’s so much proof right . Democrats want to heat so bad with mail in voting so illegal immigrants can vote pathetic you Looney Dems are.

  10. the only cheaters in elections i worry about is trump putin and “”their”” republican party that includes our impeached election cheating president he has been cheating since day one and don’t forget mcconnell he’s cheating in his state right now he’s closing places to vote by the thousands in his state more than 3000 places to vote in Kentucky have been closed to date by “”his”” republicans

    1. 99 people shot 14 killed including children as young as 3 years old in one weekend. Where?? Of course a Democrat run cespool Chicago.
      Wheres BLM, wheres the riots? whers the Hollywood elites and overpaid sports mucks?
      Guess BL (only matter when a cop or white person takes it) DM

    2. @Mark bodman Mark here just figured out how to copy/paste. A round of applause please ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Trump and republicans will try to undermine anything and everything that interferes with their filthy lucre! !

    1. Democrats will try anything to cheat , mail in voting so illegal immigrants can vote pathetic you Looney Dems are.

    2. @Upper 90 ROTFLMAO You pathetic ignoramus! You have any idea how mail in voting even works?

    1. Russian Bot Bunker is undermine everything even him self . Look at the tremendous true out for the Oklahoma really all Bunker Boy talked about was way he had a hard time walking down the ramp at West Point and drinking water like a two year old and more down playing the virus ๐Ÿฆ 

    2. 99 people shot 14 killed including children as young as 3 years old in one weekend. Where?? Of course a Democrat run cespool Chicago.
      Wheres BLM, wheres the riots? whers the Hollywood elites and overpaid sports mucks?
      Guess BL (only matter when a cop or white person takes it) DM

    3. @SparrowGryphon let me fix that for you: “The unofficial and incomplete NOT A TRANSCRIPT recollection of communications in the phone call was PERFECT!” And even that “transcript” showed he asked for interference, mentioned the Bidens by name, and talked about removing an ambassador who would stand up against his collusion. Yeah, but…perfect?

  12. 5 states have vote by mail every year
    And it’s worked well

    Voting by mail goes back to the civil war

    1. @Upper 90 For your information Pew is a study
      In addition Governors from Oregon and Colorado talked about how well there states are doing withe mail in ballots

      Please start reading more before you write because it shows how little you really know.

    2. @Carol Sitzberger I’m still waiting for actual facts 1 thing Democrats have done for black communities.

  13. This is what intelligent looks and sound like

    Frump dont have one person in his cabinet that is half articulate maybe is because they always have to think how their last lie has too match their next lie

    1. @Nathan Baker ….Obama/Clinton/Bush sold out the USA to China and the Middle East while the United Nations allowed Islam and Socialists to overcome the American Way.

  14. She is an extremely knowledgeable and articulate woman, I love to hear her speak! TELL THE TRUTH STACEY AND SHAME THE DEVILS!!!

    1. @Paul Wilson It’s majority vote stupid! Every election is won by majority vote. Only the Presidency is by the Electoral College. How do you think the state legislature, your governor, your mayors are elected? MAJORITY VOTE, they get more votes than their opponent! When a GOP state secretary and the GOP party gerrymander, which was proven in 2018, they try to maniluplate and control the voting places, voting machines, voting zones. If a state had 51% for the GOP and 49% was for the Democratic nominee….the Electoral College gives ALL of that states vote to them to cast for the Electoral College..even though 49% of the state did NOT vote for that candidate! The Electoral College is MOB RULE!

    2. @Teresa S by definition its mob rule… the founding fathers knew that it wasn’t fair so they came up with the electoral college

  15. Ivanka received patents and trademarks from China for American built voting machines. Why ?? Georgia is a great example of Ivanka voting machines not working in minority communities.

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