Staff Major Gen. Trevor Cadieu on the military’s role in vaccine distribution 1

Staff Major Gen. Trevor Cadieu on the military’s role in vaccine distribution


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  1. This guy wears a uniform but is no Canadian soldier. Most of our average military men and women are pissed at what is happening to our charter of rights and freedoms.

    1. He’s likely an actor. All of this crap is fear-mongering, however, things like this don’t go unpunished.

  2. “Hey, we are just going to setup the military all over the country. Primarily cities. You know, for vaccine distribution.” Could just be coincidence they are all in place when the legislation goes into effect to seize Canadian guns and/or civil protest due to heavy lockdowns? THIS IS THE MILITARY, folks. They will conceal true intentions with perceived intentions.

  3. What the hell does the Canadian military have to do with vaccine distribution? Was it ever involved in the distribution of any other vaccine ever? No? Then why this time?

  4. The military will be used to hold you down for the jab. But don’t worry, there will be equal representation in soldiers. We even have some two-spirit transgender soldiers in wheelchairs geared up and ready to go! Exciting!

  5. So forced vaccination. That’s what Canada has come down to.. forced vaccination for a disease with a 98% survival rate. Welcome to the people’s republic of Canada. A new and improved dictatorship of the highest order..

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